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2019 TSP Halloween Flag Contest

It's almost hard to be believe it's October again, already. But, the farther we get into fall, the closer we get to the holidays! To start these holidays is Halloween, and to celebrate Halloween, here is a fun little flag-designing contest for The South Pacific! All submissions will be due by Friday, the 25th of October. If you are interested in participating, telegram me. There can be a maximum of twelve contestants.
-You must telegram me if participating. If you do not, you will not be included in the poll, even if not all of the spots are filled.
-Your flag must be original.
-Your flag should incorporate some aspect of Halloween.
-Your flag should incorporate some aspect of The South Pacific.
-Your flag must be submitted by the 25th of October.
-When you submit your flag, you must provide me with a link to view it. I would also recommend using your flag as your nation flag, so voters see it better.
-No inappropriate messages or imagery, please!

A poll will be held for voters to vote on which contestant's flag is the best. The winner gets a mention in the WFE!