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November 2019

Going Forward

Hello! My name's Andusre and I'm a co-founder of Thaecia. Currently serving as the Prime Minister, and having stated my intention not to run for the Prime Ministry again, I now look to the future beyond November. It's an exciting time for me as I transition out of the Executive branch and explore other ways of helping our region. I hope that you will support my next campaign.

However, you may be thinking What in the name of Godsinia does this guy have to offer? What has he done since January? It's a valid question, one which I'd like to answer in as much detail as I can.

Over my soon-to-be 8 months of serving as the Prime Minister, regional population peaked at 350. We declined after reaching this peak due to the summer slump, contracting to around 240 nations. This is regrettable, but my administration - through a great deal of co-operation and at times even spending money - have managed to push our region back to around 300 nations. We still have one month left, too! We aim to see further population increases going forward.

We held two constitutional conventions, resulting in the currently-used Third Constitution of Thaecia. The First Convention was restricted to only government officials, but, noting that many citizens still had amendments to propose, it was decided that the Second Convention should be open to everyone.

Aside from the grind of regional government, my administration has also helped stimulate cultural growth here in Thaecia. A regional games' weekend was arranged during Summer, which involved discord bot games, minecraft servers, and various other fun activities. But what is a region if it does not have its own memes? We have developed a vast and diverse selection of regional memes, and I can't believe I'm writing this unironically in a campaign factbook. To name just a few: Marvinton get in the van, hitting debaters on the head with a newspaper, Josh's IQ, I could go on.

Over the months, I've also contributed to Congress' affairs. Examples include the Thaecian Electoral Commissioner Act, a bill which I authored. It founded what is one of the most important posts in Thaecia, a post absolutely critical for Thaecian democracy. I also wrote the Adjustment and Fixation of Thaecian Election Dates (AFTED), a now-out-of-date bill which secured and fixed the dates of our elections. This is likely going to be amended soon, as it was written when we still used NS Polls for elections.

Now, you might be asking yourself Alright, he's done stuff for the region, but why is he pointing all this out? Without a statement telling me what he's running for, why should I care what he's done?

Well, dear reader, I'm happy to announce here that in November I will be running for the House of Commons under the TPU. I've enjoyed my time in the Executive branch very much, but alas, I feel it is time for me - a legislator at heart - to return home, to The Legislature.

Alright, but what do you actually want to do in the House? What do you want to see passed?

For one, it would be quite nice to see the House running again. But I have several things I'd like to see the incoming House do:

  • To pass a Seasonal Net Migration Report Act, which requires the Home Affairs Ministry to produce a monthly report detailing some statistics on regional population changes.

  • I am not opposed to a referendum on bicameralism vs unicameralism, though I stick to my conviction that Bicameralism is Best.

  • To pass an amendment to close the constitutional loophole which paralysed the House recently.

  • Where possible and appropriate, to see the re-introduction of RP legislation like the The Resolution on the Viscosity of Yogurt and other Dairy Products (HB 2)

  • To hold myself and other MPs to higher standards of civility and campaigning. The vulgar word beginning with the letter 'p' describing the skin around the male reproductive organ has been used by one particular member of the public to describe an MP, and I find this kind of campaigning and conduct completely unacceptable.

I am open to new policy suggestions, too. If you have an idea you want me to consider, send me a telegram or discord DM!

Friends, the story of Thaecia is one which rarely fails to make its residents' hearts swell with joy and pride. As a founder, these emotions are amplified tenfold whenever this region's success is brought up. Thaecia is incredibly valuable to me, and to everyone else who we've had the pleasure of meeting over the past 8 months. It really is just time for me to move on from the Executive Branch. I'm tired, I'm down, I need a break from that branch. It's really, really tough. But I'm not too tired to withdraw completely from our government. I still have our hopes and our policies and our ambitions for the future to cling to, and with that inspiration I seek your approval for my election to the House of Commons. I hope you'll join me in this new adventure.

Many thanks,

Soon-to-be Former Prime Minister,
House Of Commons Candidate Andusre.


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