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The Miniluv Messenger - Highly Irregular: Viziers Responsible for Security of The East Pacific Dismissed

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Highly Irregular: Viziers Responsible for Security of The East Pacific Dismissed

Removal of Viziers' Border Control power by Delegate Fedele appears to violate regional law.

By Cormac Skollvaldr

A comparison of TEP's WFE as it appeared on October 3 versus October 5.
1 INFINITE LOOP - In the early hours of the morning on Saturday, Delegate Fedele of The East Pacific inexplicably dismissed all gameside Regional Officers with the exception of Minister of Foreign Affairs Marrabuk, whose gameside office was renamed "Keeper of the Flame." This dismissal included Viziers Aelitia, Bachtendekuppen, and Todd McCloud, who are tasked by the Concordat of The East Pacific, the region's constitution, with safeguarding regional security.

The Delegate's dismissal of TEP's Viziers appears to violate the LinkEndorsement Caps Act, a 2017 law that provides for the enforcement of TEP's endorsement caps. Section 5.4 of the Endorsement Caps Act entitles Viziers to Border Control power unless they refuse a legitimate order to carry out an ejection or banishment for violation of the region's endorsement caps. Unless all three Viziers have refused such an order, the Delegate's dismissal of the Viziers would appear to be illegal. Section 5.1 of the Endorsement Caps Act also requires the Delegate to display the numerical value of the region's endorsement caps, but all mentions of endorsement caps were removed along with instructions to endorse the Delegate and Viziers when Fedele updated the region's World Factbook Entry on Saturday morning.

This unpredictable turn of events comes as TEP is in the midst of a Delegate election in which the Delegate's close political ally and fellow Rahl family member Davelands, the presiding officer of TEP's legislature, is currently trailing Marrabuk with six days remaining in the vote. The election has featured controversial incidents, including election-related charges filed by Badger, another Rahl family member who only recently became actively involved in TEP, against candidate Libertanny, charges which appear to no longer be visible to the public. There has also been a contentious Linkline of questioning in which Davelands has been grilled about his past actions toward Delegate Halo of the West Pacific in relation to SC#266: Commend Xoriet, a commendation of a former TEP Delegate. Fedele has interjected himself into this controversy, drawing rebukes from regional heavyweights A Slanted Black Stripe and Bachtendekuppen. Finally, an Linkelection complaint has been filed by Bachtendekuppen against Davelands for potentially illicit electioneering by telegram. If the Delegate's dismissal of Regional Officers is related to the election controversies, it raises questions as to why Marrabuk, the candidate currently leading Davelands in the election, is the only remaining Regional Officer and has been granted Border Control.

"Idk what it's about but it's highly irregular," said a senior official of a region formally allied to TEP who spoke to the Miniluv Messenger on the condition of anonymity. The official also referenced questionable behavior by Fedele throughout his term, which the Miniluv Messenger previously reported in June. That incident centered around a controversy in which Aleister, a close associate of Fedele through their shared raider region Lone Wolves United, was questioned regarding his fitness to serve in TEP's legislature given his 2018 coup d'etat against the Sinker region Lazarus. That line of questioning also provoked Fedele's intervention, prompting him to call the legislature a "brood of vipers" -- which in turn led Bachtendekuppen to strongly condemn his harsh words.

Throughout his term, Fedele has also engaged in the mass ejection of certain non-WA nations from TEP, which at one point reduced TEP's population so severely that the regional population was lower than the populations of two Sinker regions. Other controversies have included aggressive behavior toward other citizens of TEP, which has driven some of them from the region, and changes to TEP law that have seemed to aid Fedele in consolidating power for himself and his associates. Recent developments have raised fresh questions among some of TEP's allies and other foreign observers as to whether Fedele will perpetrate a coup d'etat against TEP rather than peacefully leaving office, especially if the Delegate election doesn't conclude on his preferred terms.

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