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The Black Yahlia

Written by Laver Island
Edited by Diamonds from Cardverse

It was a rainy night the RMB had mostly gone to sleep. Detective Laver was called to investigate another murder. He got up and took his coat, putting it on as he ran towards his car with a doughnut in his mouth.
"What in the goddamn," said Laver when he arrived at the scene, Police Commissioner Regnum stood there and looked at him.
"They got another one… ."

Laver couldn't believe what had happened to the victim. Dead and in pieces right in front of his eyes, his left leg was ripped off and his torso full of offbeat bullet holes. An amateur shooter, Laver thought to himself. The corpse laid on the middle of the road. Laver walked a bit closer to get a better view.
He let his doughnut get wet and soggy as he inspected the crime scene. A pool of blood lay splattered on the left side of the corpse, getting washed away by the rain. "This is the work of a car," Laver informed the Police Commissioner. "Someone was desperate and struggling to kill the victim, so they ran him over."

Regnum was in doubt for a second, but it all began to make sense to him. The lousy shots were seen in the torso. The cut-off leg and splattered blood all made sense now.
Cadet officer Scarlett, alongside the once retired Police Master Maarten, walked up to Regnum to get informed of the current situation. Laver walked closer to the corpse to inspect a torn sheet of what appeared to be paper laying under the left side of the body. "What do we know about the victim?" asked Laver as he looked over to the other three officers.

"Yeah well, we know he's a regular visitor of local bars to use their wifi to finish his essays, spotted once or twice hanging out with the Maple Club owner," responded Regnum as he walked closer to the detective.
Laver lifted a torn V.I.P invitation to the Maple Syrup Club, "It checks out; someone might've tried to prevent him from getting to the club," said Laver as he walked over to Regnum to hand him the torn invitation.

"It might be a case of jealousy," interrupted the young Cadet. "Why would an average kiwi get V.I.P invitations unless more was at play? He was seen with the owner a few times, no?"
Laver threw his soggy doughnut and pulled up another one from his coat, taking a bite "Excuse me, who are you again? If you weren't made aware of it already, this is my case, so let the professionals handle it, alright?"
Maarten walked in and looked a bit disappointed at Laver "She's new, give her a break, plus, she's supposed to be your partner for training purposes."
"Wha? You're kidding me I'm not about to have a newbie with me. This is a dangerous job for Christ's sake," Laver was rather annoyed at Maarten's announcement.
"That's why you're perfect for it. She might be of Cadet ranking as of now, but she's taking the detective route as you did. She's doing quite well so far, so take her with you to the Maple Club."
Regnum's words echoed inside of Laver's head knowing he can not argue with higher-ranking officers, he grabbed the young Cadet's arm and walked over to his car with the cadet right behind him.

Laver hit the brakes of his car to slow down before he parked it. A bright red sign flashed, and they arrived at Maple Syrup Club.
Scarlett opened the door to her side of the car and she got out, "This is kinda exciting, don't you fink?"
"Fink?" laughed Laver as he began to walk to the main entrance of the club with Scarlett right up his heels.

The loud music shook the whole building, the pair walked further in and inspected the club. Bright red lights were flashing and people were all over the place; dancing, sitting, drinking. But their short inspection was interrupted by a loud voice filling their notices. "Hey you two! I have to check some I.D."
Laver looked at the bouncer with a grin on his face. "I didn't know you got hired here, Riv!"
The bouncer instantly recognised the detective. "No way! Laver! What brings you here?" asked Riv before he turned his attention to Scarlett.
"We're here to investigate, this is my new partner I'm supposed to train. Name's Scarlett," answered Laver as he went over to the bartender to order a drink.
"Hiya!" came from the excited Cadet.
Riv waved to greet her back and then turned his attention to Laver, "So how can I help?" Laver pointed at the V.I.P door as he finished his drink.

The door opened and Riv walked in with the duo, "Huh? what is this? Why am I looking at two strangers Mr Riv?"
The voice sounded raspy following with coughs, the man had smoked what smelled like weed. Laver looked around and was able to identify the people. In the middle he saw PoLiet, the club owner. Sitting to the left was Potus the biggest drug dealer around. He and his stash were untouchable because of the lack of evidence. To the right sat Orient. A unique trouble maker of her kind, but her influences in the underground world made her invincible to law enforcement.

"We found a dead kiwi who has been seen with the club owner a few times. We found a V.I.P invitation right next to him. Can you please inform us of anything you know?" asked the young Cadet with a determined voice, followed by PoLiet's laugh that soon turned into sobbing.
"They killed my Yahlia, my Black Yahlia."
Laver looked at PoLiet confused and asked, "Black Yahlia?"
"Yes, he would love me in all kinds of ways. He always preferred it to be dark when he did love me, thus we nicknamed him the Black Yahlia."

The duo looked at each other and Potus got up, "The Maple club has had a few incidents with a fella called White Stars. Nobody knows why he is attacking the club but he may have killed the kiwi. I mean, he was a V.I.P. guest."
Scarlett wrote it all down and asked where the suspected person could be found. Orient was quick to inform them, "He supposedly hangs out at the Eurocord. It’s run-down bar with not much activity, but it is known for its visitors."
Laver thanked the three V.I.P.s, grabbed Scarlett's arm, and walked out to his car with Riv escorting them. Laver paid Riv a tip before he got in the car with his partner.

"You don't have to pull and drag me around all the time," said Scarlett, rather annoyed at the lack of trust Laver has in her.
“Look, alright I get it. You're excited to be out on your first case and solving a murder, but you don't realise how dangerous it can be. Those three we just talked to were the biggest names of the underground world. They could've had us killed and we'd never be brought to justice. I don't like the idea of training newbies, but I'll be damned if you got killed on your first case." Laver slammed down the accelerator before Scarlett could get a word in.

The duo arrived at Eurocord and got out of the car. "This place isn't exactly the best bar in town," said Scarlett as she looked over at Laver.
“Nope. It's a run-down sh*thole full of Lakeland looking people."
"Lakeland? What's that?" said Scarlett as she walked in with Laver.
The bar was quiet with very few faces. Laver immediately noticed a familiar face. "I think I know what White Stars is supposed to mean." Scarlett looked at him in confusion but instantly noticed Laver's finger pointing towards an Australian flag.

The Yahlia of Laver Island