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MAKE CK GREAT AGAIN [First Campaign Speech, 9/9/19]

My Promise

Unlike PMs of the past, I promise to remain committed to my duties and to go above and beyond the expectations set forth for me. I promise to continue a steady stream of Stamps and manual recruiting, to revamp the current government, and appoint minister's who are actually Capable of doing their jobs.

Recruiting Plan
  • using my 13,000 stamp plan, CK will constantly have a steady stream of TGs going out even if the API is down and people are not recruiting.

  • My first act as PM will sign into law the Office of Public Management and Devlopment which will be in charge of Manual recruitment, exit telegrams, and retention.

  • Finally, I will have our MoFA begin a series of papers on great facets of CK that could draw more experienced players in.

Military and Defense
  • For quite some time CK has contributed too little to the Joint Military of the Augustin Alliance known as the JTF.

  • Not only would my government work to increase the number of Updaters and pilers we contribute but we would also work with JTF leadership to generate a greater understanding between the JTF and our citizens.

  • Finally, I will work on building influence in the region to prevent another terrorist attack like the one that occurred only this past July.

A moment of silence for those lost please

Closing remarks
While I hold these two issues very dear, there are many more that I hope to address if I am elected to the position of PM. I have speeches outlining some of these other issues leading up to the election. Now, remember, head out to the polls and VOTE! SO WE CAN MAKE CK GREAT AGAIN!!!