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Lily's Photo Shoot

Lily's Day Out!

A very proper Lily posing in her new monocle. As long as you keep it on the chain, she can't swallow it.

Yee haw! Lily spurred herself into action, only taking two hours and a large container full of mayonnaise to disentangle herself from the rope a mere seconds after this photograph was taken.

Lily, soon after being rescued from the rope and still disoriented from the container of mayonnaise that hit her on the head.

This dapper little darling stunned onlookers after it was discovered she had a flash bomb hidden under her hat. Police investigations are ongoing and several lawsuits are underway.

The Princess and the Frog meets Aladdin, as Lily shows a whole new world of cultural appropriation and fends of internet message board trolls.

Lily heading home after a long day. She also had a flash bomb under this hat, despite our attempts to confiscate it along with the welding equipment and cocaine/baking powder.