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Two Weeks - 26/8 - 9/9 | It's hornet fortnight?

Gday and welcome back to Two Weeks. We’ve had a bit more activity in recent days, which is reassuring to see. Also, someone did stir up drama in the League, and it was the classic suspect - we’ll get to that later.

Anyway, I would like to say gday to the new and/or returning nations: Mokov, Soutara, Hadzanye (Bhikk v4) and Aizcona (our borderline SoRP-for-life).

Also, before I begin there’s a few things I want to plug.

I’ve bunched the threads together again. I'll expand next fortnight again if necessary. As always, you can find the threads via the NS forums or by clicking here:

On TWItter, the Alteran Republics starts strong by unveiling a missle system and then having their head of Defence seek to revitalise the helicopter production industry. Alteran Foreign Minister equivelant congratulates Cantonos on opening their healthcare to foreign investment (I can already see where this is going). Altera, which already has a social credit score system, revealed that they had been monitoring the courtesy of AI users that have been speaking to their AI thingos whilst the Almorean President just wants to kill all the hornets (more on that later). Intriuging alliance between Noronica, Athara Magarat, the Alteran Republics, Razzgriz and Thuzbekistan is announced whilst Hadzanye seems to want to join in too. Preliminary talks about that start whilst we get “one does not simply” meme translate into the TWI RP domain. Personal favourite of mine is how it got 420k retweets but perhaps what was even better was “1337k” (1.3m) likes. Athara Magarat becomes the nation to face possible defeat served to them by hornets (and people thought the emus were going to get to Ainslie). Controversial Ainslie-supporter/Hang backs Hadzanye joining what appears to be counter-MSTO whilst also proposing that all the hornets get transported over to an uninhabited island. Another “Hang (feminine Hangma in this context)” (leader of Magarati sub division) points out the populism that the guy is trying to kick up before another Hang drops by to destroy both of them before urging people to pray.

Controversial Hang then suggests some of his colleagues are getting paid off before what appears as the civilised Hangma points out the floor in what everyone else is saying. Random Athara Magarati freelance writer reacts to a bunch of people being killed by hornets whilst a biology student announces to the world her intentions to immigrate partially because of this inter-hang hate. Alteran tech-giant unveils a new USB tech thing whilst a Scantarbian business tries to convince the Isles they’re ethically sourcing palm oil. Art director seems to be trying to do a tourism advert whilst a game director drops by to hype up a new game. The King of Havalland reveals himself to be a pro gamer whilst the game director highlights that his request would be unfulfilled due to Germany style anti-nazi artwork laws.

And thus, the dominance of Alteran tweets on the thread had been thwarted by angry subdivisional leaders and random people who appear to have a bigger part to play in the nation than expected.

In the news this past fortnight we have Journalist Charlie Dodo from Cantonos writing about major reforms to the healthcare system in the nation whilst the King of Mokov died. A mudslide in Brulafi uncovers the dead whilst an exploision happened in an apartment building in Haasar. Bunch of people protest at the former King’s funeral in Mokov, which gets the successor pretty angry. The ascension (kind of life coronation I think?) provides an opportunity for democratic reforms to weep over Mokov and then a bunch of protesters get jailed. In Ainslie, the foreign minister turned PM finally announces her replacement and the replacement of her replacement whilst the Ahnslen media then rave on about cricket for a bit.

The League had a bit of buzz (I’m so sorry, I had to) this past fortnight because of the ongoing hornet war that isn’t a war. Alchemy is brought up, people laughed and Athara Magaratis questioned their decisions. Brulafi delegate then inquires a bit more, before revealing subtle anti-monarchist tendencies in an act of what was likely impromptu nationbuilding.

Hyper-leftie monarchists laugh a bit before pointing out how the Athara Magaratis are being absolutely DESTROYED by hornets. They offer up their Government and a bunch of NGOs before stating that these hornets are sick and need help. Havallandish delegate then goes “well hey, that’s what we call chemistry - problem solved?”. Athara Magarati delegate points out that the Yak Maruwas who could be killed off are a relatively small portion of the total population. Almorean delegate reveals he was a DnD player before wanting to eradicate the entire population of Yak Maruwa hornets. Brulafi delegate points out the ecological impacts of a mass extermination of a widespread species found in a nation. Corindi delegate also points out how humans don’t exactly have the best track record in ecosystem management.

Random guy off the street strolls in, essentially takes the mic of an authorised Ahnslen aide and offers his NGO’s help. Cantonosian delegate attempts to mediate the complex IC-OOC-Realism issue surrounding being inactive from the league for a little bit before being incredibly indecisive about the issue of these hornets.

Almorean delegate, egged on by his aide, gets up and doubles down on his opinion of killing all the hornets before the Keveraites back him. Athara Magarati delegate then wants to hold a vote whilst nothing formal was presented to the league. After being shut down by the Ahnslen, the Magarati then points out their terrible track record with resolutions. Scantarbian delegate then tries to understand whether his disbelief is well-founded surrounding hornets that Shidei has referred to as “Mary Sue insects”. Athara Magarati delegate then just rehashes everything they could do to fix it yet they’ve hardly made any progress whilst the delegate from Scantarbia who has a PhD admits he’s not got a lot of idea about what’s going on here.

Athara Magarati delegate then reticently compares hornets to zombies before going through all the natural remedies that the Yak Maruwa possesses that have already been likely surpassed by conventional medicine. Havallandish delegate then half backs the extermination efforts before the Cantonosian highlights how pointless all this discussion really has been. Scantarbian delegate then provides a handy IC way of dodging a solid godmod moment by uncovering a research article that somehow found its way into a library half way across the Isles.

Athara Magarati then kinda states that all the lad’s research is invalid due to one fungus. The alchemists of Havalland then announce their intent to research these hornets. Corindi delegate then highlights once again how crazy this situation. And then the new Ahnslen delegate walks in in a trope-riddled manner acting like an oblivious idiot before disrupting the serious discussion taking place.

Hornets. Out of everything I have written about this region I’d never pick hornets to be by far the leading subject manner over an entire fortnight. Well, I suppose that’s TWI for you. That’s all for this fortnight. I’ll see you in two weeks.

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