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International Visitors
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Christina Birch | 09.08.2019

The Great Dining Hall of Helligby Manor Where Dinner Was Served

Yesterday saw the largest state visit in our country’s history as delegations from all over came to visit Lyra Haugen.

The event, managed almost entirely by Lady Charlotte Monty, began with our guests arriving outside the manor, excitedly chattering about events in their own countries and in ours. The following countries were present and we’d like to give a warm Skarlagen thank you to all of them for attending the event and experiencing our culture:
The Champions League
Chile and Venezuela
Kalifer and Baska
Laver Island
The New Nordic Union
Pilipinas and Malaya
Potus branada
Regnum Italiae
South St Maarten
The United Kingdom
Vatican City

After entering and getting to know one another with drinks and dancing and games the period for visiting Astrid and her baby began, with each country being invited in for a fifteen minute session allowing for questions and conversation but not photography. Despite the rules against photography in the room with the baby, photographers and journalists were invited to join the rest of the celebrations, promoting our country across the world!

The evening was rounded out with a full three course meal with plenty of options for our different guests, offering a selection of Skarlagen, British and Norwegian foods, much to the delight of the delegations from the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. Everyone seemed quite satisfied when they had finished.

After more drinking and dancing the event was finished and our guests said their goodbyes and departed, some staying to explore the beautiful city of Helligby and some returning home immediately.

With Mrs and Mr Haugen now safely back at home with their daughter in Rubin we bring this exciting story to an end, and look forward to more exiting stories from the family in the future.


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By RoastedToast - 2 Mins Ago

That’s a lot of countries! We’re world famous!

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By Troy - 5 Mins Ago

Bloody foreigners 😡

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By RealHotGuy - 8 Mins Ago

Click on my profile to see sexy 😍pics! Yes this is real! And guess what... I’m single 😏😏😏

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By AccountofDOOM - 10 Mins Ago

This is why I must DESTROY THE FILTHY EARTH PIGS!!!! I am Zim.

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