by The Radio Minister of Dreadton. . 91 reads.

Economic Sanctions On Rogue Nations and Refugees from the Humanitarian Crisis (RP)

After consulting industry leaders, economic scientist, and other stakeholders; the Nation of Dreadton announces that the following economic and custom sanctions will go into effect 7 days from this announcement.

All goods from nations that are in active non-compliance with World Assembly resolutions will be turned away at the border.

Goods produced by Dreadton, are barred from being exported to nations on the Rogue list.

All goods must have their nation of origin listed on all customs documentation to ensure that any goods entering Dreadton are not bounced from other nations.

We expect this to impact our economy for at least a 6 month period until businesses have time to adjust their supply chains.

The government of Dreadton has also determined that there is a humanitarian crisis in the rogue nations, as the human rights ensured by the World Assembly are being actively ignored. To that effect, we are opening refugee status residency applications to the citizens of the rogue nations. The government of Dreadton instructs our diplomatic staff, military, and other agencies to support and identify refugees fleeing their oppressive governments.

Finally, to the rogue nations. Be advised that any citizen of your nation who leaves your country to seek refuge from your oppression is under the protection of our nation. We will defend them from any attempts to capture and from extradition back to your oppressive regimes, including the use of military forces.

The Radio Minister of Dreadton