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NS Linguism Poll Results

With the conclusion of our poll, I would like to announce the results.

Sanjurika, Qvait, Morover, The Spirit of Louisistan, Morisland, West hun, North Kerovech, A brave little toaster, Eldikar, Garomia, Bigstickistan, Maratague islands, Fat Angel, Klovak, Maoist skunk farmers, Nazarra, St Scarlett, Empire of Iron, The Mike Roctafinserland, Dominion Remnants, Sverigesriket, Spaceania, Puczovska, BearStackof2015, Potus branada, North Prarie, ImperFeudal, New opole, Onionland and Cauliflowernia, Mannyton, Soviet tankistan, Tolediv, Stellar Colonies, People of Phoenix, Hofuoborgarsvaeoio, Sancta Romana Ecclesia, Shavara, Antarctic SARNZ, Abarri, Norwany, The Filippinas, Euricanis, Headpat Central, Romendon, Vorounovia, Darkesia, Heliy, Divina Patriae, The empire of balestria, Kyorgia, Ostbarring, Spotted ocelot, Vedrea, Ukraniumstan, Liberated American Provinces, Aelyria, Spotsyltopia, Nooooooooooooooo, Melondonia, Kortexia, Badivermeraed, Ancomnia, Hobsons bay, Haremm, Denieria, Mohacian, Inven, Nangka, The Fascist Waffle Empire, Southern edden ocesis, Legionnares, Sorentia, The concordian federation, Opressed North Continent, Guer Aike, Apophiss, Team Hartford Whalers, Ammotangandia, Crabbiness, Polandthria, Evpatoria, Opressed peoples, Arabian peninsula nations, Akhalia, Ingskalla, Arthropyria, Stantenople, Yankee union state, and Almerdonia.

XD 2, Greater Felter, Coromina industrial, Parrona, Nordic-British Union, Lambdaland, Na kanaka isles, Aressna, Legendary super saiyangin broly, Cardboard Lootbox, Shoalia, Retired Delegarth Elegarth, and Tethysius.

Luna State, Deerfenland, Toscana e ducati di firenze e siena, Nofapia, Grod Island, and Studly Spud.

7: El chupacabras

8: Artsotska

I'd like to thank all who participated. You are all wonderful people. This poll has been really interesting and discussing the lingual repertoire of our more... Linguistic users. Now, I can tell that I have used words pertaining to languages far too much, and it is time to stop. Anyway, thank you again for participating. While you're here, please stop by to check out my factbooks. The casual observer may notice how the 12+ voters were excluded. This is not because I have no sense of humor, but because there is a time and a place, and this poll is neither. Good day.


The Self-Reflection of Lerasi