by The Meowvelous Purrfect Valkyrie of Valentine Z. . 596 reads.

Have a great and wonderful day to you all!

Hello there! ^^ The guy behind Valentine Z talking, of course! SoÖ if you are reading this, I would just like to wish you to have a great day ahead of you! And of course, just remember the fact that you are worth it, and do not let anyone get you down!

It is indeed easier said than done for people to get over their problems, and hey, I can relate as well, as someone who has obstacles now and then in his life; I know it is difficult to just get over it with the power of words, so if you have that sort of problem, please do seek professional help.

However, while the positive thoughts may not be a solution to every single problem, they are indeed complementary. Professional help will be needed if it gets serious, but at the same time, do reflect and give yourself some thoughts of yourself along the way. It will certainly help you feel better. A couple of things:

  • The fact that you have indeed made it this far in this life, shows how strong you truly are. You have survived a lot of things, and you can tell yourself that you can do it!

  • You are worth it. Donít let anyone tell you otherwise that you are useless. Donít let someone or some task judge your self-worth, for it can only grow from here!

  • You are beautiful just the way you are Ė both inside and outside. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Donít let some standards judge you Ė your character, your personality, your appearance, they are fine just the way they are for the most people.

If your attitude and character have been rather negative recently (in just any way really, I don't specify and judge), for the most parts, couple it with seeking professional help and remember that it is never too late to change. To be a person, is to realise yourself and change for the better. Anyone can change for the better, including yourself. Thereís always room for improvement, and itís never too late. Everyone has actions that they are not proud of, but that's the magic of it: If you are not proud of some things you have done, then you have grew as a person. That's a win.

You are very, very worth it. All of you have something going on in your life. A goal, whether be it long-term, or short-term. Tell yourself that you can do it, and you will pick yourself up and do it despite the odds. You donít fail just because you did something wrong; take it as a learning point, and grow as a person from that point on. You can do it.

You are not alone. No one survives alone. There are people out there willing to help you in times of needs, a sunlight to pierce through the dark clouds and storms.

And with that said, I want you to have the best day that you will ever have. If the life is treating you well, congratulations on that! Enjoy it as best as possible. If the life has been a rather bumpy one, know that there is a smooth road ahead of you, and you are almost there.

Keep going, my friend. You are worth every second of your life.

- Valentine