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TSP July 2019 Round 1 Delegate Debate Transcript

[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Welcome, everyone! This is the Delegate debate for the July 2019 elections, featuring your hosts, myself and Omega!
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Introducing your candidates....
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: [nation]Qvait[/nation]!
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: [nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]!
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: [nation]Roavin[/nation]!
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: And [nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]!
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: Welcome everyone. As always we will ask a series of questions, a majority of which will be directed to the field at large.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Each candidate has 4 minutes to answer a question directed to them, and 2 for questions for everyone. After the candidate offers their answer, however, any candidate can offer their counterpoint. The hosts will decide when it is time to move on.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Your first question, candidates: [b]TSP has not been the best with integration in the past. How will you work to better our integration system?[/b]
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: @AstroVulpes, you go first.
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Well, I'll continue giving the welcoming messages I've been giving for all these years, and assisting with any questions these ask. I will try and cooperate with MoRA and the Welcoming Committee to help any also come to the forum.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Alright.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: @Somyrion / Aumeltopia, you next.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Somy, you have a minute left to answer.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: 30 seconds
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Well - I've seen this issue from both sides, both in the ministries/forumside and from the RMB perspective. From the RMB, there's a feeling that there's nothing "in it for us" for getting involved elsewhere. I will continue to promote getting involved in the Assembly and the Ministries, and one thing I'm thinking of doing is using Coco to set a reminder for myself to post a RMB message about applying to become a legislator every week or so :stuck_out_tongue: But also, I think we need to help people gameside get involved gameside, not just on the forums. So that means making easily readable and accessible dispatches for MoRA. As MoMA, one of the biggest (in my opinion, the most important) thing I accomplished was to found the SPSF Reserve force (now the Tidal Force), and that's a style of activity I'd like to expand in spirit elsewhere.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Ook, not so well-written :P
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: It’s fine!
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: @TheJayCoop (Qvait), you seem eager to answer! You next!
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: I agree with them. These messages are important to help give orientation to new and incoming nations and allow for greater participation. I also want to look further at SWAN and expand involvement in the World Assembly. Another area of improvement is participation on the forum, whether it be politicking, roleplaying, or spamming. I know from personal experience as a roleplayer that there is a lot of room for improvement on the last part.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: And finally, @Roavin.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Roavin, you have a minute left.
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: On my phone, so answers are short. New nations are overwhelmed with a ton of recruitment spam and most simply CTE again. With my proposed Second Day initiative, I want to reach out to nations that survive the initial onslaught and log in for a second day of NS (these nations can be found with code I already have written), and have a personal dialogue with them about ways to get involved beyond the issue game.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Cool.
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: I'd expand further but... phone typing sucks :P
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: It does :P
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Roavin - Would you give out your second-day code to the delegate/LC if you were not elected?
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: @Roavin?
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: @Somyrion / Aumeltopia ofc
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: Answer as you finish please. Every campaign seems to want to invoke the name of Seraph in their campaign. When I sat down with him he mentioned how the delegate can be a figure to unite the gameside government and serve as a representative of them and he was looking for a candidate he believed would do that. So how do each of you plan to, as Seraph put it, "be a leader for the gameside?"
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: And you now get 4 minutes to answer all questions.
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: I don't have anything special to say or offer. In my 16 months as PM, I made it a point to always be reachable and approachable at any time and I would do the same as Delegate (and make sure everybody knows that). Better answer subject to when I'm at a computer :P
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Being present and post actively is a basic way to earn the trust of the citizens. Actively engaging in the conversations there boosts your reputation but also ensures that people are going to be more comfortable around you, and not see you as a faceless power-holder. Furthermore, cooperating with the LC, especially during a deadlock and helping with offenses needing moderation action helps build a secure environment. Assisting with dispatches and other gameside methods of communication to update the populous with forumside developments also might trigger an interest in the forum or the very least keep them knowledgeable of what is happening beyond the site.
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: Seraph has been a great delegate for our region and, to the credit of the Local Council, has become part of TSP mythology. I want keep the gameside a fun and engaging place for everyone and maintain its less-than-serious attitude. Granted, we should rally behind the rights and freedoms of marsupials everywhere.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Well, I've served in the LC for two terms now, and I am right now an LC member. I read the RMB avidly and make sure not to miss a single post. Being a leader of the gameside is something I'm already acutely familiar with. Although we talk about "gameside" as if it's one thing, there are really many parts to it. There's the RMB, which itself contains groups of light-roleplayers and more serious discussers, and there are also the hundreds of nations that just answer issues and endorse people. While endorsing through the entire region (and sending unendorsement TGs :P) I've gotten responses from so many different people who don't appear on the RMB or on the forum, but are present and happy to talk anyways. And some of them I've actually had nice (if usually short) conversations with. And that's what, I think, being a leader of the gameside is about. Being a leader of "discordside" often just means being around and being involved in both the important and the trivial conversations that go on... gameside is no different. To be a leader of the gameside, you just have to know your stuff, have an open inbox, and reach out to everyone who you represent. I believe I check all of those boxes. :)
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Sorry i wasn’t very fast! In some rain.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Your next question: The Cabinet recently released a statement condemning the ‘marsupial’ purges, among others, in the East Pacific. I know this isn’t really the Delegate’s job description, but if you were Delegate and a conflict with TEP or any region, really, arose, how would you work with the CRS to handle it and protect the region?
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: Unless there were an actual non negligible attack on our region (very unlikely) this wouldn't affect the day to day of the Delegate.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: It's not really the delegate's purview unless the conflict is a direct threat to our own Coalition and the integrity of our gameside foundations. I would step out of the way and let the Cabinet do their work.
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: I would trust their advice and strategic diplomacy to resolve the conflict in a way that causes the least friction while simultaneously showing that we are steadfast in our democratic values.
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: I have been the most vocal on this issue. In my capacity as a legislator, I put out a press release approving of the statement made by the Cabinet on the issue of the East Pacific purging marsupials. Of course, I do not want a conflict with the East Pacific, but we must use our platform to take a strong stand and speak out when there is oppression and discrimination.
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: (The CRS's, that is)
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: Here's our first audience question: TSP hosts nations from all over the world in a multitude of timezones. Can you guarantee  your availability and accessibility in this role, specifically during a critical update should it be required?
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: I can be around for both updates, most of the time, since I tend to be logged in from waking up to going to sleep.
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: Living in Pacific Time, I'm available for the most part from about 10 am to 2 am the next day. I am online during these updates.
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: In 99% of cases I can be online at any game update when necessary. In most cases I can be on at any other time too (even 4am if I reaaaally have to) if I know a few hours beforehand.
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Although, I might need prior notice for the major update, since it can be quite early...
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: ^ yup. 6am for us.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: As I said on the forum, I can make pretty much all major updates and minor updates on weekends for the most part. My timezone lines up well with when the largest number of people in TSP are online, which helps with accessibility.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Alright, this next question is for @AstroVulpes specifically.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: You’ve been pretty vocal in your dislike of your fellow candidate, Somyrion, mostly stemming from his anti-RMB  ‘floofing’ RP approach.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: If you were Delegate, you would need to work with Somy and the rest of the LC. How could you maintain a professional relationship with Somy while getting things done?
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Astro, you have one minute to answer.
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Well, I don't personally dislike him... It's just that I see his techniques as... ineffective. He chose to convene with the LC alone, instead of consulting the actual populace about the change... That caused several days of chaos that could have been avoided...
Anyway, I'm capable of putting aside personal... grudges, and not interfering with the LC's duties, only intervening when absolutely necessary.
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: Alright twenty minutes to go! A big part of the role of delegate is security. How would you help to explain to newer nations, who haven't yet seen a coup, why security of the region is so important?
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: There is no short and sweet answer to this question, but I've explained regional Security to many nations young and old during my (literally award winning) tenure as Defender, so I know a thing or two about it. It's important to gauge what the other nation already knows, what's important to them, and what misconceptions they may have. Citing relatable examples of when it went wrong or went right are always helpful.
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: If a coup goes down, the fun stops--the culture of the region changes. We can't let our guard down one bit. I've been a part of this region since 2014 and seen it grow into the fun place that it is today. I don't want that to change and the fact is that many others don't want it either. That's why we must endorse our delegate and everyone in a public capacity to make sure that someone and his/her cronies can't just come in and take over in one fell swoop.
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: TSP has seen a lot of coups in its turbulent past. What is a coup, you ask? Well, it is when somebody takes power without being authorised or democratically elected, and that means that they can disregard our Charter, which means our safe and comfortable home can be torn apart and your friends ejected. So, making sure that those rightfully elected can continue ruling fairly, we need to make sure they're endorsed and that we can defuse any attack, whether from inside or outside the region.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: If I'm not mistaken we have a dispatch as part of SWAN that explains at least part of that. It's a chain of effects that doesn't require someone understanding all the nitty-gritty of influence mechanics to understand. More endorsements = more influence = harder for someone to take over. During my time as Minister of Military Affairs and also in handling the 2017 coup in Lazarus, I encountered a lot of new people to train and explain the basics to. It takes a string of discord messages or about three telegrams often to get across the basics, but I've had a bunch of experience assessing how much people want to know to do what they want to do ("why am I endorsing this person?" or "what do you mean, update?") and there's a different level for each. I probably still have the copy-pastes for explaining update somewhere :P
We also have the most progressive involvement of the gameside in our democratic processes of any feeder region, and we can point to that as a reason for why the Coalition must be preserved.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Alright, your next question;
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: The gameside populace is hard to win over if you’re a forumsider, and the pace is hard to keep up with. How will you maintain a constant presence on the RMB as Delegate, while making yourself as likable as possible?
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Be who I am...? I think I've succeeded in that, more or less...
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Let’s not be calling people names, reactions or otherwise, please.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: First off: The pace is not hard to keep up at all with if you check in on it as often as you check in on discord. The RMB often goes far slower than discord does (though it's steadier, with fewer spurts of conversation). People who are on discord all the time shouldn't be complaining about the RMB going quickly  :P
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Fair point :P
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: In the last few months, I've made a considerable effort to be a part of the RMB. Since joining the region in 2014, I dedicated almost all of my time on the forumside RP. However, the culture of the region changed somehow and I had realised that in the last few months. I can grow and expand by participating both on the gameside and the forumside. I've actually found the RMB to be a fun place that is faster paced than the forum. I'm not gonna give up RP on the forum, but I can definitely go all in on what the RMB is today.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: As a Local Councillor, right at the beginning of the term I set up an "LC Records" spreadsheet, with some code that we can run to get all the new messages from the RMB and mark them as "covered" (i.e. read by a LCer) or not. That's really spurred me on to "cover" as much of the RMB as possible, and the spreadsheet (which shows post author, time of post, link, etc.) keeps me on top of where the RMB is much better than just the little red notification button on the sidebar, which sometimes gets accidentally checked off if you look at the region page. I'd like to continue to use the spreadsheet, or make myself a copy, going into the delegate position. I've been reading every single RMB post for about a month now, and there's no reason I'd stop that if delegate.
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: First, regarding the pace: It has gotten much better than it was for quite some time. Consider that such a rapid pace as we had isn't just unwieldy for forum-siders, but also for new nations trying to get involved, asking questions, and such. The pace we have now is much, much better for both the classical forum-sider and for the new nation to get started in.
Second, It was important to me as Prime Minister to also keep up with gameside; I only didn't do that during my third term at a time when the RMB was very unwieldy. Right now, the pace is much more manageable and I've been lurking and contributing again for quite some time (as anybody with "like" notifications enabled can confirm). So, the presence there is not an issue, so long as things don't devolve into the floofing madness we had before (and I'd be in a much better position to stop that, unlike last time).
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: And on the likable portion: At the beginning of my LC tenure, I felt I had to be a sort of serious force while we were instating the new RP rules. But as people have settled down, I've actually had lots of fun occasionally doing a couple posts of RP with Auphelia or defending Alice Parker's raccoon pets. :P I like to think one of my strengths is being humorous and light-hearted whenever possible :p
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Sigh, everyone makes such long-winded posts... How do you manage...
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: I have to give credit where credit is due. The Local Council has played a great role in making the RMB a better and funner place. Kudos to @Somyrion / Aumeltopia.
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: This next one is verbatim from an audience member: Everyone loves talking about how they wish to imitate the great work Erinor has done as delegate, that said, even Seraph isn't infallible, in fact, before the poll as to who the populace wanted as the next delegate, Erinor didn't even appear to think his reign was that significant at all, probably due to his humble nature. Still, there must still be some areas in which improvement can be made from his reign, so in what specific areas or in what specific ways do you plan to act or work differently than Seraph has in his current term?
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Well... For one, being somewhat more active. The TSP vote in WA resolutions was often unused, so that's something that can change. To be honest, I cannot think many things he has not done that I'd like to see be done.
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: Forumside participation is an area that the South Pacific has a lot of room to improve. I remember a few years that there were times when the forum felt dead and I don't ever want to go back to that. I'd like to create a working group of RPers and politicians in order to present the gameside the fun opportunities that exist on the forumside.
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Ook, this is a hard one. :P Maybe one thing would be poking a little more at the RMB and LC to get involved in being part of the local policy discussion and the lively promotion of activities instead of stepping back and only appearing on the RMB to say hi (though I completely understand why Seraph didn't feel "into" doing this especially a couple months ago). I think getting the delegate into the LC discussion channels (discord group DM and telegrams) would be a good idea, especially.
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: Erinor's greatest strength, in the position as Delegate and as a friend, is being somebody with a very good listening ear. I don't see a reason to change any of that, rather my idea is to go beyond that with some specific things that I've outlined in my campaign - coup tuesdays, second-day initiative, WA involvement, and helping the LC get the RMB's more unwieldy elements under even better control than they already have in recent months.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Alright, the next question:
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Erinor has been a great Delegate, but we’ve had a lot more in our history too.
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: What Delegate, besides Erinor, do you seek to emulate in your term?
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: Tsunamy, greater-than-life delegate figure
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: If you don't seek to emulate one, who is your favorite past TSP delegate?
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Well... I don't have much of a choice given that I only have first-hand knowledge of two others. Tsunamy is hard not to choose, for his willingness to work with everyone and compromise, maintain strong security, and just be such a model of the spirit of the Coalition. :P
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: I can only really remember Tsunamy as a person that was really an exemplary example, but not quite as much gameside participation as would be craved...
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: Tsu is great, but I'll go with the answer Tsu would give: Fudgetopia - not for the longevity, but for all the other reasons she will be remembered as one of the, if not the, greatest Delegate this region has been graced with. I had written a dispatch in 2016 about her:
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: Our final question: if you could sum up why people should vote for you in one word, what would that one word be?
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: One word?
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Approachability.
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: SOON ™
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: Fun
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Biscuits!
[nation]Roavin[/nation]: Real answer: Ideas
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Enthusiasm.
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: and protect the marsupials
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: That’s the debate, everyone!
[nation]North Prarie[/nation]: Thanks to our audience for participating and watching, and especially to the candidates, for putting your ideas on the regional stage!
[nation]Aumeltopia[/nation]: Thanks for having me! :)
[nation]united_federated_states_of_omega[/nation]: Thank you all for participating, and to all TSP legislators voting should begin very soon so be on the lookout.
[nation]The Solar System Scope[/nation]: Thank you sincerely for letting us have this opportunity.
[nation]Qvait[/nation]: Thank you, we must protect the marsupials.