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The Holy Bible of Godsinia

1 In the beginning, there was nothing but emptiness, no purpose in anything.

2 A word was heard in every corner of the empty void. "Let there be embassies".

3 The universe was formed, the stars, the planets, every living organism was created with the knowledge of a higher being known as Godsinia.

4 On Earth, the first humans were created, Xernon and Andusre.

5 They would live each day dedicated to pray in front of embassies and preach his almighty Godsinian name to the humans created later when Godsinia got bored.

6 They founded the holy land known as Thaecia, also said to be the home of Godsinia.

7 A servant of Godsinia, Zoopolis, refused to accept this hierchry and order of life that Godsinia had bestowed upon the humans.

8 Zoopolis attempted to harm Thaecia by cheating his way into the holy order of representation.

9 Godsinia, furious over this betrayal and attempt to ruin the holy land's reputation, banished Zoopolis.

10 Zoopolis suffers in the 9th circle of the Rejected Realms, but through his supporters, he gains power to tempt every good Thaecian into commiting sin.

1 Alongside the creation of Thaecia, Godsinia put rules in place for the humans.

2 Questioning Godsinia is a sin and will result in banishment to the 1st layer of the Rejected Realm after the sinner has died.

3 Working against Godsinia is a sin that will result in an afterlife spent in the 2nd layer of the Rejected Realm.

4 Mocking Godsinia and the religion and its followers will be met with a punishment in the 3rd layer of the Rejected Realm.

5 Lying about Godsinia to paint him or the religion or its followers in a bad light will result in the sinner being sent to the 5th layer.

6 Those who are not baptized in Godsinian bath water are doomed to the 6th layer.

7 Being Cerdenia or following his teaching is a sin and will result in sinners being sent to the 7th layer for misguidance and Cerdenia to the 9th layer.

8 The 8th layer is reserved for people creating an imbalance in Thaecia.

9 In the 9th layer, Godsinia sends the false prophets and Gods, the ones who created division by spreading false teachings will suffer in the 9th layer forever.

10 Godsinia deems more things as sins and sends those sinners to the 4th layer when he sees fit

The Emperor of Korsinia