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Weekly Newspaper-12.06.2019

Edition 2
Issue VI

•The Wolf Clan denies to break any treaties regarding OSN.

•Revolt going on in The United Federations against the Founder.

•Abydos region claims to turn into a defender region.

•New Supreme Chancellor elected in Aukumnia.

TWC denies to invade OSN Territory

In reply to our previous issue, one of the TWC officer said,"the wolf clan did not break the armistice. The region was refounded, not "captured" "taken" or any other more action packed wording. That is all. Novus Lucidium actually broke their treaty with us as they prefer to deal with fascist regions like kaiserreich and its puppet state OSN."

In response Novus Lucidum Founder,Odinburgh, said, "Untrue. The evidence showing direct proof was published a few weeks ago. It's not true we had any previous dealings with Kaisèrreich. As for OSN they were an ally long before Novus Lucidum existed and before becoming an ally to The Wolf Clan when all of my region members were in The Radiant which was in control of another fascist that was it's founder. "

Odinburgh further stated that they left twice to start up a new region and here they were in a new region again since late last year.

"This misconception that we are fascist is false and will continue to fight this fake narrative of me and my region.our friends in the OSN are not fascists. Novus Lucidum is firmly against fascism." said Odinburgh.

At last the nation claimed, in a dispatch, to bring out an official Condemnation against TWC.

We will try to cover more on this article, in the next issue.

Revolt in The United Federations

The residents of The United Federation have united against their Founder, accusing him of dictator.

Last week, the protesters urged the public to withdraw their endorsement from the founder and in return, endorse one of their recognised candidates.

We tried to gather the backstory from Dabberwocky, one of the residents of the region,he said, "There is this YouTuber called SpikeViper. He has a NS account, which is Vooperia. In one video, he asked his subscribers to create an NS account and join his region, The United Federations. This caused a spike in the region's population. SpikeViper also has a discord account and a discord server, which is called SpookVooper."

As per reports, Vooperia and TUF (The United Federations) were doing well for the first few months. Vooperia had become the WA delegate for the region. Vooperia had also elected some ROs to govern the region. However, Vooperia wasn't active on NS. This caused some nations to question whether Vooperia was fit to be the delegate and representative of TUF to the world.

Further, Dabberwocky said, "However, a month ago, Vooperia did something that enraged the nations on the NS TUF Discord Server (which was separate from SpookVooper). Spike (Vooperia) "disowned" the server and announced all lore in the server unofficial. This affected many, but not all members of TUF. However, as many admins and ROs were in the server, they decided to make a new region, separate from TUF. The new region named Urana Firma (UF), quickly grew as many people from TUF transferred found in the factbook. I suggested to make an SC proposal to condemn Vooperia, but after many tries with Wunderlightia, we gave up. So, we tried to make Marxist Germany the WA Delegate of TUF. Marxist Germany and I have also started to TG the nations whom have endorsed Vooperia, to convince them to withdraw their endorsement. I also created the factbook above for the same purpose. This worked fairly well. as Vooperia lost about 20 endorsements in two days. While Vooperia has yet to lose WA Delegate status, he will soon."

Abydos Turns Defender

In a startling twist of policy, the region of Abydos, long hailed as one of the most politically dynamic regions on NationStates, has suddenly turned Defender. This new development comes on the heels of a series of radical changes out of the region.

Qon the regions 5th Grand Luxarch and highest in command announced today in a new decree "The Defense Guild of Abydos shall act only as Defender for all joint operations abroad. When acting independently, Abydos shall be regarded as an Independent Defender. This shall mean that our primary purpose abroad is to defend a region against militaries seeking to raid the region, take temporary control over a region to repair damage and changes caused by raiders in the past, and work with and coordinate defense operations with other like-minded defender organizations."

This news as surprising, given the regions history of generally supporting raiderism and its history with regions such as The Wolf Clan.

As Abydos turns over a new lead militarily, the region has also experienced a host of other chances. The return of the regions first High Priest Requiemis after a three month politically motivated Exodus that left the region understaffed and low on activity. With the return of Requiemis, Grand Luxarch Qon appointed him as High Oracle of the regions Oracles Guild.

The Second Grand Luxarch, Hydoria also returned to Abydos today, marking the first time he has resided in Abydos since his resignation and eventual death back in October 2018.

With all of these changes Abydos has a long way to roar back to life. The Abydos Conclave still remains under-staffed, and a host of other Guilds remain vacant. Grand Luxarch Qon has his work cut out for him but transforming the foreign policy of Abydos is a step in the right direction. Seeking defender allies will be his next step.

New Supreme Chancellor in Aukumnia
Source:Aukumnia Times

On the first of this month, a new Supreme Chancellor was elected, shaking Aukumnian politics at its core. This new Supreme Chancellor was built on the basis of the departure of Retiva, the former Chairman of The Imperial Front and one of the leading political figures of the region. He departed the region due to real-life concerns, but he still desired to see the political success of his movement continue beyond his presence. Thus, he promoted Prozera, one of the Imperial Councillors of his party, to the position of Chairman, and exited the server. Prozera swiftly took charge of the party and registered for the Supreme Chancellor elections, which were due to begin within the hour. The election was now a rush to see if Prozera could hold the same political popularity that Retiva once did and hold his own within this heated election.
The election lasted forty-eight hours and saw a turnout of forty-two voters, the highest in Aukumnian history. The results were released, and, to the surprise of much of the region, Prozera won with a six vote lead. Red (Gil Lodihr), the Chairman of the Aukumnian Freedom Party came in second place, and Actobere, an independent candidate, and Eagle (North Havenlock), the Aurelian Reformist Party's fielded choice, both tied for third with four votes. Prozera had served once before as the leader of the Imperium, but he failed to do anything substantial, now only time would tell if this term would be any different for him.

Immediately after the election ended, Prozera took his oath and put into place the first actions of his administration. He began with a restructuring of the Cabinet, which sought to streamline some of the processes and stamp out many of the overlapping duties which existed between Ministries. He completely abolished the Ministry of the Interior, and split its duties among the Ministry of Justice, a former Ministry, and the Ministry of Recruitment and Ministry of Culture, both new.

To the surprise of many, the often-partisan Prozera appointed a Cabinet which had one person from each party and an independent, effectively leaving only one position filled by a member of his own party. From here, he began by throwing his Cabinet into action. He made sure that each of them created some sort of bodies under their Ministry and appointed offices below them to handle tasks that they could not, and he ensured that each Minister had a plan for the actions they would take in the coming term.

Prozera implemented a new system which no prior Supreme Chancellor had ever thought of: Executive Reports. He promised to release an Executive Report at the end of each week, detailing the actions taken by his Cabinet that week and the plans for the following week. After forty-eight hours in the office, he released his first Executive Report, detailing the actions taken by his rather active Cabinet within a Weekly Bulletin which he sent out.

Last new weekly bulletin detailed all of the news from the prior week, but it also contained the much-anticipated Report. The report detailed a rather active Cabinet. Not a single Cabinet members had accomplished nothing and all of them had rather ambitious plans for the coming weeks. From here, there are two possibilities: either Prozera will go on to lead the most active Cabinet in Aukumnian history, or his ambition will turn to null as he runs out of steam. Only time will tell which comes to fruition.

Condemnation against Land of Kings and Emperors

Last week an attempt was made by Consular to condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors, o oldest and closest allies of many regions like Europeia. The proposal received significant support from many individuals as well as small regions, along with the initial support of a select few large regions such as The South Pacific and Osiris. However, support for the condemnation soon collapsed following the discovery that Consular had fabricated evidence against the LKE. This was uncovered by none other than Europeia's own Chief of State, Kuramia. Attempts have been made to condemn Consular in return, though most have been struck down as being 'tit for tat' motions.

Battle For The Puck

In an exciting game, the Predators and the Sabres beat tooth to tooth- in one of the most (arguably) exiting matches of the season. The Pretadors beat the Sabres eight to five. The game was at a stalemate at first, with the Sabres holding thier ground. However, the Predators brilliant plays, outsmarted the Sabres. They almost lost however, so focused on the offensive that their defence was weak. The Predators nontheless prevailed.

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