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World Trade Association

The World Trade Association (formerly, South Eastern Trade Association) is a trade bloc founded in May 2019 by Khomney and Emaha, and South Asians. Though first for nations in the southeastern corner of the world, all three member nations have shown interest in expanding to all nations of the world. Currently, admission and exclusion are by the Council of Three, the founders of WTA. It was formerly by majority.


The WTA is primarily a trade and travel organization with most of it's regulatory strength in this areas. The WTA is not so far-reaching to the point where it controls external tariffs, however member states are generally obligated and encouraged to have significantly lower internal tariffs and visa free travel, making Marinia and the nations nearby borderless.

Military obligations

The WTA has no strict defence obligations, however the nations involved co-operate militarily and have fairly good relations. It is possible that WTA will involve into a military organization at some point or the member states will form a seperate military association.