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Crystalsummer Stories, and History

The Crystalsummer NS Library holds all the great tales, and works of Crystalsummer! Some of those tales are great, and some arenít great! This dispatch talks about some of the legacies Crystal leaves behind in Nationstates. You also be able to visit those puppet nations stored here once we are fully complete. Enjoy the stories below.

WA Delegate of South Pacific

Crystalsummerís only Delegate seat time is the WA Delegate of South Pacific as the nation Mysterious Wonder. He was WA Delegate of South Pacific from (December 8, 2018 to April 23, 2019). As WA Delegate Crystal achieved the following,

1. Brought South Pacific back to the international stage by working with region such as The South Pacific, 10000 Islands, and many more regions.
2. He brought in an active population, and partnered with Holly United, and many more who currently still serve in the government today.
3. Designed a discord to improve communications, development of Ministries, Embassy Policy, and changed the landscape of SP.

Crystalsummer will not be remembered for all of the good things he did in South Pacific, but he worked long hours to restore the region he loved very much. Crystalsummer left office because he couldnít handle the responsibilities anymore, and trying to juggle to many characters. While he is no longer active there, he says he hopes someday he can return. Most people compare Crystalsummer as the modern day Richard Nixon. His Delegacy wont be remembered like others. He hopes someday he can return to a WA Delegate position. He hasnít said when he would do so.

The East Pacific, and the Bitter Divorce

Crystalsummer was a very big part in The East Pacific. He put in a lot of hours, and worked with many delegates including Fedele, Mex, and his favorite one Queen Yuno. Yuno took Crystalsummer in, and gave him a huge opportunity to prove his worth to TEP. He would carve the Ministryís of Foreign Affairs, and Immigration in his own vision that is still used today. He was big on the Citizenship Commission, and served as an RO. Below are the positions he achieved as Wonder Woman I,

1. Arbiter (January 1, 2019-April 23, 2019)
2. WA Delegate of the South Pacific (December 9, 2018-April 23, 2019)
3. Queen of Salem (September 9, 2018-April 23, 2019)
4. TEP Discord Moderator (October 14, 2018-April 23, 2019)
5. Former Minister of Immigration: (September 26, 2017-January 22, 2018)
6. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs: (June 7, 2018-October 13, 2018)
7. Former Magister:( September 3, 2017- December 7, 2018)
8. Former Chief Minister of Regional Affairs: (October 18, 2018- December 30, 2018)

Crystalsummer tried to leave The East Pacific quietly after he decided he was no longer able to maintain all of his nations. Tim Stark made it more difficult for him so he left the public eye for awhile. Heís not stated when he will return to the public eye.

Secretary General, and a Bloody ITDA

On the night of December 7, 2016 The Noble Thatcherites resigned as Secretary General of the ITDA. He picked Crystalsummer to head the position. His tenure would be a wicked experience. While trying to adjust to the position, his inexperience didnít help him when the job needed him the most. The only real achievement he did was make a discord for the organization. There would be a split causing The Union Democratic States to leave, and destroy the organization. Crystalsummer resigned on March 10, 2017. He handed the office to Heaveria where he would serve until the merger with AIR.

Crystalsummer only claims foundership on 2 regions. The Free Nations Region, and Cyland. FNR is his home region, and he used to run it with an iron fist. FNR has had many ups and downs, but he rarely can still be found making that occasional government appearance, but he now lets the government run the region. As for Cyland, Crystal still hasnít completed the project or rebuild. He refounded the region to restore its great history. For now the rest is to be seen.

On April 27, 2019, Crystalsummer announced he would officially get a second chance at being the Secretary General. The International Atlantic Treaty Association, or IATA opened its doors in April. Since then he has worked tirelessly with setting up alliances, working on treaties, and running the day to day operation. He would eventually take over The Midnight Order HQ.

The Democratic Repubic Crystalsummerís Work in TDR

1. Consul of The Democratic Republic (December 2, 2018-January 31, 2019)

2. Speaker of The Democratic Republic Senate (May 2, 2019-May 5, 2019) (January 14, 2020- February 27, 2020)

3. Associate Justice (May 5, 2019-December 23, 2019) (February 27, 2020-)

4.Minister of State ( December 23, 2019- February 27, 2020)