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The North Pacific World Assembly Symposium: Discussing the Future of the WA

The North Pacific is pleased to announce the first (but hopefully not the last) World Assembly Symposium! This is the perfect event for WA authors, spectators, and voters to learn more about the World Assembly and to engage with other players in a shared quest for knowledge. The symposium will be held from Friday April 26 through Sunday April 29. The theme for the first symposium is the Future of the WA.

The Symposium is open to all. To participate, simply join the Discord server here:

The Symposium will feature prominent speakers from across the multiverse, including WA greats like Imperium Anglorum, Wallenburg, Tinfect, and Ransium, and prominent gameplayers like Kuriko, Xoriet, and Lord Dominator! If you wish to be a speaker at any of the symposium panels, contact a member of the staff and they will set you up.

The schedule of topics is as follows (please note the order and days of the topics are subject to change):

Friday April 26

Crafting C&C
What makes a “good” commendation or condemnation? Tricks and tips from the experts, and an overview of how the art has been perfected since the old days.

Saturday April 27

Condemnations: Badge of Honor or Mark of Shame?
Discussion of the age-old debate: is there any point to condemnations? Do they actually leave a meaningful mark on their targets, or are they just “badges of honor” defeating their purpose? Is this something we should be concerned about, given the friendly intentional condemnations that are so commonplace?

March of the Lemmings
WA experts and veterans tackle the “lemming effect.” Assuming it exists (and most of us do), can it be steered in the “right” direction, or can it be thwarted with two equal and opposing forces?

Campaign Costs
An overview of the modern WA campaign, how it has changed since the old days, and what it means for the future as it becomes increasing “pay to play.” Does it play into the lemming effect, or is it increasingly static and noise as players tune it out?

R&R for R/D, or RIP?
What’s the future of raiding and defending? A look back to compare with what we have now, and what we’re likely to see in the future. Are there any useful lessons there or have those ships sailed and left us in a completely different ocean?

Raiding the WA
More and more people are wondering, why not use raids to influence the WA by knocking out delegates approving resolutions in queue, or using raids to inflate approvals? Is this insane or brilliant? Is a line being crossed as GP inserts itself into sacred territory? Is it actually effective?

“Offensive” Liberations: Righteous Cause, or Cause of Trouble?
The debate of the current era. Is it right to use liberations offensively, to destroy regions instead of the protect them? Is it just to fight Nazis, or has Pandora’s box been opened? And what of their increasingly commonplace use as a kind of “enhanced” condemnation? In a world with offensive liberations, do we still need condemnations?

Sunday April 28

Separation of WA and State
Delegates are important to regions, in most cases their leader, particularly in GCRs and founderless regions. But they require a connection to the WA, despite the fact that so few nations are actually part of it. Is there a way for them to be separated, or are they inseparable?

World Disassembly
As long as there has been a WA, there have been those who wish there wasn’t. Is the WA doomed as an idea, or are there changes or practices we can employ to make it better? Just what is it about the WA that drives some people crazy?

Model WA
Before the WA, there was the UN. What it was like from the few who remember, and why it was better/worse than the WA.

Putting the RP in WA
Is there a place for the WA in RP communities? What about RP in WA? The SC has become the GP chamber of the WA, but it wasn’t always that way. Tracing the WA’s evolution and the segmentation of RP in its culture, and how it’s developed in the GA.

Security Counsel
Endorsements do more than give your delegate extra votes. Examining the effect robust WA participation has on a region’s security. Some regions believe in extensive cross endorsement to thwart potential invasions or coups, others utilize strict endorsement caps. How do the two methods work, and what about regions who actually take that “elections every 12 hours” stuff seriously?

Examining the untapped potential in foreign affairs by better utilizing the WA. Should more regions get involved to create another bargaining chip and form of cooperation with other regions? Can WA voting be a treaty promise? Does trading WA favors undermine regional sovereignty?

Voting Blocs or Blocking Voters?
Everyone knows about WALL. But are there new kids on the block to challenge it? Evaluating the role of voting blocs in the modern WA, evaluating WALL (as objectively as possible) and considering its potential rivals like ILC and SIEGE. Are they the bane of the WA, or actually a good idea? Do they even work?

“Super” Delegates
This crazy game lets delegates with lots of endorsements have lots of extra votes. Lots of people don’t like this. Is there a better way, or is this crazy mechanism the whole point? Did the big regions earn their pile of votes, or are they just coasting? Along with the differing opinions, people have different solutions. An examination of those proposals.

In addition, TNP's Northern Broadcast Service will be hosting a show at the symposium on Sunday. Be there to listen live and ask questions of the participants in the show!

We look forward to seeing you at the World Assembly Symposium!!!

The King of the North of Pallaith