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WADP Card Reward Announcement (Draft)

WA Development Program

TL;DR: Win the most valuable NS trading cards in the game!
~ Be entered to win Legendary NS trading cards in daily drawings for Keepers of the North and for becoming monthly champions.
~ Win a Legendary NS trading card for becoming a monthly champion.

Participation in The North Pacific (TNP) WA Development Program (WADP) allows nations to win trophies, but with the introduction of NS trading cards, participants now have another valuable prize they can obtain: Legendary ranked NS trading cards! TNP's regional nation has amassed a collection of Legendary cards that includes nearly every one of the 184 possible Legendary card that exist, and as a participant in the WADP, it's never been easier for you to get one for yourself.

Every single day, one nation will be randomly pulled from the list of Keepers of the North. If your name is the one pulled, one of the Legendary cards in The Northern Light's deck will be randomly selected and gifted to you! Winners will be recorded and tracked in a dispatch as with our trophy winners. This is by far the easiest way to obtain Legendary cards in the game. By endorsing at least roughly a dozen people, something that takes less than a minute, you automatically have a chance to win one of the most valuable cards in the game without taking any additional effort. Frequent card collectors know that if you answer 5 issues a day, each issue has only a 15% chance of producing a new pack, and of those packs, there is only a 0.7% chance of one of the cards being a Legendary. This translates to a 0.5% chance of obtaining a Legendary card every day, and a 15% chance every month. Obviously this assumes you answer all your issues every day.

Becoming a Keeper of the North provides you with a passive way to increase your odds of getting a Legendary card. At their peak the Keepers of the North have numbered 600, meaning that becoming a Keeper provides you with around a 0.2% chance of winning a Legendary card every day, or a 5% chance every month. With the lottery system, your odds of getting a Legendary card increase by 25%! And considering that you only had to endorse a few nations one time, that's a pretty easy way to increase the odds.

If that's too random and passive for you, there's another way to win Legendary cards. If you are the month's Click-to-Endorse Champion, Rising Star Champion, or Clout Champion, you will be gifted a Legendary card! Your participation in WADP can have immediate or long-term payoffs in the form of Legendary cards, all for clicking a few buttons! It's the least we could do to thank you for doing your part to help strengthen our region through joining the World Assembly, becoming Keepers of the north, exchanging WA endorsements, and voting on WA resolutions. Keep up the good work, good luck, and happy trading!

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