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Vote For GA resolution On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
This proposal wants a healthier WA and seeks to place stringent regulations on the producers of tobacco products. These regulations include the placement of clear warnings on tobacco packaging, prohibition of advertising, and mandatory public education about the risks of use. There is some common-sense regulation placed on tobacco use by the public, like a prohibition of sale to minors. As an alternative to complete prohibition, the proposal requires that nations encourage tobacco users toward safer forms of nicotine ingestion, like electronic cigarettes, gum, patches, or mists, which don't rely on the dangerous inhalation of burning tobacco leaves. While not sweeping in scope of change, this proposal does represent a transition away from the cancer-causing harms of tobacco, and a movement towards less dangerous alternatives. This should both reduce health care costs for nations and contribute to greater life expectancy throughout the WA.

For these reasons, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

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