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I am AM (OOC)

Seriously, just look at how short I look.

I am AM. At least that is what you all know me as. I live in Pokhara, which is the second largest city in Nepal (which is totally a real country and not a state of India or China...and it's not called "Nipple" either :P ). If you want to know more about Nepal in the quickest way, Linkhere is a very good video for that by Geography Now.

My last name is Pun (yeah have fun with puny jokes about about this :P ). I share my surname (it's more like a clan name actually) with Linkthe current vice president of Nepal, Linka Ramon Magsaysay Award (considered by many to be the Nobel Prize of Asia) winner, Linka World War 2 Victoria Cross recipient and Linkthe guy who fought 12 to 30 Taliban with a tripod. Poon Hill (3,210 m), a major trekking destination, takes its name from us; not the other way around. We Puns are Magars, a Tibeto-Burman group that happens to be one of the 125 ethnicity found in Nepal.

Technically I am a First Year IT student, but right now, I am still a month away from classes. At the moment, I am 18 years old (fun fact: "Athara" means 18 as well :P ) and in Real Life, a very shy guy actually. Because of my constant rants and hyper activity, one might think I am a chatterbox, but no. I think that might also be since I am a real 5'6'' midget :(

I cannot believe it's been three years since I arrived in the Western Isles. I joined NationStates during the holidays after passing my 10th Grade. The year was hell, we had Linkthat earthquake and 12 hours of school. Sometimes, we were required to show up even at Saturdays (by the way, weekends in Nepal are on Saturdays) such that we could finish our thick textbooks. That was also the year when our entire class was detained at the Indo-Nepal border on suspicion of being Chinese spies (I have shared that story many times on RMB...our entire class was full of idiots with selfie sticks). 2015 was one memorable year for me.

The first region I joined was Europeia. I actually was there for like two or three months. But I was confused. Everything was done on off-site forums and threads and there were things like "citizenship" and whatnot. Then I decided to move elsewhere and found TWI. Let me be honest, the map did it for me. There might be other regions with sexy maps but TWI's map was unique and always seemed half-filled. The other thing that kept me here was that the RMB was crazy active. I was actually a small landlocked country in middle of Argus when I first came here. However, I was quite inactive back then due to extra classes and I even ceased to exist after two or three months.

Then a month or two later, I showed up again. This time I choose South Mesder above Miklania. Three years went as I remained in that place and took part in the various RPs that we have here. A few months back, I decided that Central Argus suited me better and I moved there (and I will be glad to hand over the maps of that island in South Mesder to whoever takes my place). Despite being a three year veteran in TWI, I am still a naive idiot most of the time.