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Gameplay Magazine

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Introducing a NationStates gameplay magazine focused on social stories told through the lens of GP culture, celebrity, and style.



Issue 1
January 10, 2019

In this first issue of the magazine, we sit down with two NationStates personalities working on UCR projects. Cormactopia Prime, is the current delegate of Pacifica and is up for a WA commendation. Then, The Grim Reaper is the founder of Greater Azhukali, a roleplay themed region. Both UCRs are looking for new players so check them out!

Next we looked at art and culture, first by examining the Synthwave avatar\pfp trend on NS Discords started by NationStates moderator and Roleplay mentor, Kyrusia. Then we looked at the redesign and rebranding of The East Pacific focusing on the lotus and its symbolism and history.


Arts and Culture: Let the Synthwave Take Over
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Featured Personality: Cormac
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Arts and Culture: A Lotus Blooms
Forum | Dispatch

Featured Personality: The Grim Reaper
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Special thanks to Kyrusia, The Grim Reaper, Tim, August and Salvarity for their aesthetics\editorial support.