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I thought bladder control issues just ran in my family until I tried...

I want to make sure you're aware of something. All World Assembly nations are subject to an endorsement cap by law:

10 endorsements for nations not endorsing the delegate
350 endorsements for nations that are endorsing the delegate

Why the big difference? Endorsing the delegate improves our region's security and gives our region more voting power in the World Assembly.

To help strengthen our region and boost your endorsement cap by 3,500%, here's what you need to do: Go to my Nation page (Fedele), scroll to the bottom, and click the button to endorse me. I'm pretty sure I've already endorsed you but, if I haven't, I'll endorse you right back.

Thanks for helping make our region stronger. Let me know if you would like to get involved in the regional government, too. Committed members of the region quickly find themselves climbing the ranks.

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