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TSP tropes: Volume 1

Here you will find a list with comments on tropes and common occurrences that one may find during a stay in TSP. I may publish more when I learn more. That being said, here is my first edition of TSP tropes!

#1: Hugs and floofy foxes.
You only need to spend 5 minutes in the TSP RMB to see this one! The foxes of the region enjoy hugging everyone and each other. Floof is frequently mentioned in the affectionate exchanges, and I believe it to be super soft fur that also holds defensive merit. Of all the tropes, this one is the easiest to spot!

#2: The undying love between The Solar System Scope and Si-topia.
Almost as common as number 1 and only halted by time zone differences and certain tropes listed below, the affection between these 2 goes beyond trope number 1 and captures the imagination of many residents. As to why it became a thing, go check out a factbook on TSP lore that may have been published by someone else.

#3: Murdering The Solar System Scope.
Don't ask me why this is a thing... Anyway, it occurs relatively frequently and nations newer to the region are more likely to be the instigators. That's not to say that the long standing residents stay out of it, of course.

#4: Wiping the memory of The Solar System Scope and/or Si-topia
This one usually occurs to make 1 forget about the other due to their relationship. Again, this is relatively common and can probably be observed within a week. Once again, newer nations often instigate it but older residents don't always stay out of it. I for one am slightly sick of seeing this particular trope...

#5: Auphelia's might
Less frequent than the previous 4, but by far the most entertaining! Occasionally, the resident goddess of TSP will grace the RMB with her presence and destroy someone in a highly creative and gruesome way. Keep an eye out for this: it is great fun to watch, unless of course you are the subject of the torment, in which case...well...good luck!

That concludes the first edition of TSP tropes! I'll add more when I find more!