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WA Votes, Vol 3

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Convention on Animal Testing"" (December 28, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#479)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The target resolution was an attempt to place ethical restrictions on the use of animal test subjects. Based on the proposed repeal and our previous arguments during the voting period of the resolution, we find that the targeted resolution allows for the suffering of test animals through the exploitation of various loopholes. These loopholes include allowing testing facilities to “humanely” kill animals rather than putting them up for adoption and testing facilities setting their own definitions of “ethical testing.”

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Don't Shoot Strangers Act" (December 27, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Don't Shoot Strangers Act is a well-intentioned proposal to promote world peace, though its definition of acts of hostility would hinder its effectiveness. Of concern is the listing of violating national borders as an act of hostility, without regard for intention and failing to account for nations that may not have exact knowledge of a previously unencountered nation's borders. Its listing of four specific acts of hostility also failed to take into account non-physical hostile actions towards a nation or a nation's citizens committed outside that nation's borders, such as some forms of espionage, or harming a nation's interests internationally.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Markanite" (December 22, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#293)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Markanite is a long-serving member of 10000 Islands, a commended region in itself. Currently the Chief Executive, and notably having been the longest-serving World Assembly Delegate of the region, Markanite has contributed significantly to the development of 10000 Islands and its place in the world. For an equally long time, Markanite has been a member of TITO, overseeing and participating in missions to restore lawful Delegates in large regions and protect founderless regions from external threats through refounding.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Ensuring Commercial Vessel Navigation" (December 21, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#478)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This is a clearly-written resolution with reasonable definitions and mandates that improves the safety of commercial maritime transport. It distributes responsibility to governments, by requiring them to provide and update nautical charts, and commercial vessels, by requiring them to carry nautical charts and instrumentation, and to submit pre-planned routes to governments for approval. Overall, by ensuring governments and commercial vessels are equipped with the necessary tools and information for navigation, the proposal contributes to safer sea travel.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Civilian Aircraft Accord"" (December 16, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): "Civilian Aircraft Accord" is an important resolution safeguarding protections for civilian aircraft. The interpretation of this resolution provided by the repeal proposal is unreasonable and made in bad faith. The arguments of the repeal are based on a single sub-clause of the resolution requiring member nations to provide "Assistance to any civilian aircraft that declares itself to be in distress within the communication range of that nation". The repeal ignores the fact that the same resolution ensures pilots are properly trained and would not make false distress calls, as well as the provisions of GA#334 that forbid military combatants from falsely utilising protected status as civilians. Furthermore, the repeal presumes nations would send aicraft to intercept a distressed aircraft, when that is entirely unreasonable as the most effective form of assistance is through air traffic control. The last clause of the repeals poses a more implausible scenario - that nations would send aircraft to hostile territory for this purpose, even though the nation that the aircraft is actually in would be more suitable to handle the distress call.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties"" (December 12, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Currently at vote in the Festering Assembly is the repeal of "Ban on Secret Treaties" and to be frank, the argument isn't that compelling. We are being asked to repeal a perfectly functional piece of legislation because of a "joke" within the text of the target resolution. Upon realizing that this was the only argument the repeal made, the staff of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs spent the night reviewing previously passed resolutions and found that a number of them include these jokes. One proposal calls the assembled ambassadors "drunks, stoners and weirdos" while another repeal includes a recipe for an Orange Julius. Including jokes in proposals has been a part of the institution since its inception.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools"" (December 8, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Currently under consideration by the General Assembly is the repeal of GA#475 Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools. Focusing on the possibility for intentional misinterpretation of the text of the resolution due to vague language, the lack of a requirement for the scientific information taught to students to have been verified by through peer review and requiring member states to fund the science programmes of private schools. The author makes a convincing argument. Though the Ministry believes that legislation supporting the advancement of the sciences is necessary, we believe that it should be written in such a way that doesn't mandate public funds be used to fund private schools and encourages the use of a peer review system. The Ministry hopes that with the repeal of GA#475 the General Assembly will pass a sufficient replacement that corrects these problems.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Liberate Aurelia"" (December 6, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#292)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Shortly after passing of 'Liberate Aurelia', the region was liberated by military forces and power was restored to natives. During a time of rebuilding, a password is very useful in ensuring there is no attempt to retake the region by hostile forces. As such, the liberation has served it's purpose and now can be safely removed to allow the natives to restore appropriate control over the region.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Duxburian Union" (December 2, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#291)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The matter before the World Assembly Security Council is the commendation of the Duxburian Union, better known to the international community as Vincent Drake. Throughout their career in NationStates, they have participated in over 6,000 defender operations. Counted among these are the liberations of The Monarchist Entente, St Abbadon, Japan, and Anontia. They also participated in the refounding of both their home region and Greece. The latter which had been under the oppressive rule of Yauna for almost a decade. The Duxburian Union is also credited with the development of Breeze++, a tool used by military organizations the world over. Despite the high quality of writing, potential issues arise in addressing their accolades and accomplishments in a consistent manner given the rest of the proposal.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties"" (November 29, 2019)
Result: failed, discarded due to rule violations
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): N/A

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Liberate Aurelia" (November 19, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#290)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The region known as Aurelia has been under the tyrannical control of the similarly-named Auralia for nearly a year. In this time, the invaders have been banjecting the natives, clearing World Factbook entries, suppressing RMB posts, and password-protecting the region to prevent the original inhabitants from reclaiming it. The primary cause for this liberation stems from the fact that the region of Auralia has expressed its desire to refound Aurelia, wiping out all of the region's history and culture permanently. Additionally, Auralia is founded by the individual known as Nephmir, who is known for various acts of attempted raiding and threats against a number of GCRs and UCRs, including 'war' with TWP. They, and their childish creations, should not be allowed victories.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Convention on Animal Testing" (November 15, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#477)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Convention on Animal Testing is well-meaning in its attempt to place ethical restrictions on the use of animal test subjects, however, the Ministry is unable to recommend support at this time. Upon close inspection, the proposal would seem to allow for undue pain and suffering caused by negligence. It should also be noted that the proposal requires that "all procedures" be documented and reported to the World Assembly Bioethics Board. Without a proper definition, the Ministry believes this to be an overreach and would include something as simple as shaving fur for future placement of testing devices. Further, it is concerning that the World Assembly Bioethics Board appears to acts as a judicial entity; while this is something that extant legislation has done in the past, we must question the necessity of the practice in regards to a subject such as animal testing.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Atlantic" (November 15, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#289)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The Atlantic is a region with a demonstrated history of unbridled imperialism in the NS R&D sphere. Throughout their history they have threatened and invaded close allies and friends of TNP including Europe, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, and The Rejected Realms. Numerous UCRs were also harmed by repeat invasions so much that they were reduced to bits and pieces of their former selves. This behavior in this context is unacceeptable, especially so when done to allies of TNP.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "The Amelioration of Maritime Conditions" (November 11, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The Amelioration Of Maritime Conditions has the laudable intent of monitoring and reducing the number of pollutants released by member nations into the hydrosphere, however, it fails in properly executing that goal. The Ministry has reviewed the proposal and has found that its scope is too narrow to have any meaningful effect, as it only requires the governments of member nations to record the pollutants they release into water supplies. The Ministry also believes that the pollutant reduction target is poorly set, as the "recorded international average" is a poor metric to use when setting international targets. The mandate of reducing the pollutants by this arbitrary value is also very difficult to enforce given that exactly recording 'any and all' pollutants is an unreasonable task. Further, a committee is perhaps a better option here, by handling the collection and distribution of the data and working specifically with member nations to reduce their pollution where possible.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc"" (November 7, 2019)
Result: passed, but discarded due to rule violations)

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Grays Harbor" (November 4, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#288)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Gray's Harbor has been a longtime member of the NS community who has shown extensive activity in a notable UCR, contributed multiple proposals and GA illegal proposal shenanigans, and is a seasoned RnDer. GH possesses the longest tenure of any other delegate in the new defunct The Heartland in which they helped saved them in 2003 by brokering a deal with Texas and Wysteria to protect The Heartland from ivading forces. GH has also passed three General Assembly proposals and established the "Illegal Proposals" thread in the WA forums which became a quickly growing repository of humorous and silly proposal attempts in the GA. Finally, GH has a history as a defender who participated in various notable events as well as designing and a world map for the regions he was involved in.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Protecting Borrower Rights" (November 3, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#476)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal aims to alter the way we deal with debt and the ability to repay for those who fall into debt. It achieves this by eliminating the harmful practices that deliberately target those who are in debt, such as criminalising the act of having debt so far as to punishing it via forced labor. While not infringing on member nation's ability to enforce the law, this proposal allows citizens the ability to repay their debts by keeping them out of jail and in the workforce or whatever method they may have to procure the required funds to repay their debts. This proposal also protects citizens ability to make investments with higher risk that would otherwise land someone in jail for making an investment that went negatively. This allows greater investment into small business and otherwise risky ventures that could ultimately benefit the greater community via their success.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools" (October 30, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#475)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The GA Proposal "Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools" aims to promote and provide for the furthering of the teaching of the natural sciences. While this goal is admirable, the proposal falls victim to vague language, incorrect definitions, and troublesome clauses that leave open the possibility of abuse. The definition of 'natural science' becomes an issue because the sciences that are listed refer to various physical and natural sciences instead of exclusively natural sciences as the definition would suggest. This defined science also has zero requirement to be peer reviewed or validated so as to maintain scientific uniformity across WA member nations. The proposal goes on to refer to the term 'Natural Science' only once before abandoning it after clause 2 for the more general term of 'science' for the remainder of the proposal. Furthermore, Clause 6 allows for religious influence over the aforementioned sciences which further undermines the purpose of this proposal by allowing flawed religious historical beliefs to influence the teaching and understand of natural science which is crucial for a functional, modern society.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Condemn The Black Hawks"" (October 26, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This is the third time that the Security Council has voted upon a repeal of the original condemn The Black Hawks resolution. Raider groups consider condemnations such as this to be a badge of honour, a recognition of the role they play as the villains within the context of military-based gameplay. The original resolution (SC #52) is both of historical significance and is a snapshot in time of The Black Hawk's early contribution to NationStates. It would be very difficult and unlikely that this resolution, if it were to be repealed, would be replaced by a more detailed resolution that covered that early history of The Black Hawks and their influence on the multiverse. Little has changed since the last repeal attempt of this resolution. The Black Hawks are deserving of both of their condemnations and continue to be a real threat to founderless regions.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Financial and Economic Education" (October 26, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#474)
Reason for vote: Seemed good to me.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Responsible Land Management" (October 23, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#473)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal aims to minimize environmentally harmful practices and effects that may lead to desertification. This is achieved through the establishment of a committee tasks with testing, reporting, and educating member nations so as how to most effectively deal with the various environmental hazards present in their local region(s). The proposal further target a few specific scenarios that narrow the scope of the resolution somewhat. While not ideal, this proposal is harmless in application and will work to provide a net gain in environmental awareness and quality to WA member nations.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc" (October 18, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#472)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal is intended to fill a gap that was highlighted in previous legislation attempts at addressing the rights those who are seeking surgery to alter their sexual identity. This issue boils down to legal guardians having full authority on the sterilization of their minors they are legally responsible for. This surgery, by nature, is totally irreversible and therefore requires a high level of scrutiny when making this very sensitive medical decision. As such, this proposal will aim to prevent dangerous and/or coerced surgery that the minor does not want or need. This will reduce possible abuse and give rights to those minors who would otherwise be helpless in this situation should it involve parental/guardian bad actors.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Preventing Desertification"" (September 30, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#471)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The target resolution was an attempt to address the damaging consequences of desertification with a call to action on member states to confront the phenomenon within their nation and a grant of authority to the WA Environmental Council to oversee such efforts. Based on the proposed repeal and our previous arguments found during the voting period of the original proposal, we find the measures urged by this proposal both weak and fair ineffective. Various aspects of desertification and the contributing factors therein are generally ignored and vaguely defined when addressed. The duties granted to the WAEC are fundamentally insufficient to address the alleged magnitude of the issue. This has unfortunately created a resolution that is fiscally unproductive and blocks stronger potential legislation on the subject. This proposed repeal is an ends of means for paving the way for new and improved legislation on this topic.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Mikeswill" (September 23, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The SC proposal at hand is written first and foremost by an author universally disliked by the decent regions and nations of the world for both their various self-aggradizaition and fascist nature. Furthermore, the nominee is being commended almost entirely for holding a regional delegacy for a long period of time, with little to no other notable features noted to their delegacy. Additionally, the proposal has received only the minimum of drafting needed in order to secure legality (with a previous version being illegal as submitted). Finally, the proposal asserts that "this Security Council has honoured nations for far lesser feats," a exceedingly false claim and slander against the names of those so commended by the Security Council.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Prohibit Private Prisons"" (September 23, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#470)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The target resolution is well-intentioned, but possesses many flaws that undermines its effectiveness, as outlined by this repeal. Firstly, the target's definition of "prison" was too narrow in scope, excluding facilities holding prisoners before their conviction and any non-permanent facilities, thus creating loopholes for private prisons to exist, and even incentives for private prison operators to delay trials, encourage arrests, and frustrate the justice process. Furthermore, the target resolution also created several loopholes in its definition of a "private prison", including allowing governments to lease prisons to private operators, and minority ownership and operation of prisons by private entities. We hope a replacement will better protect inmate rights and regulate private prisons.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Ban on Forced Sterilisation" (September 11, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Despite the good intentions of this resolution, it falls victim to several discrepancies that undermine its own effectiveness. Firstly, Clause 2.1 allows guardians of minors to legally consent to sterilisation on behalf of a minor, undermining the integrity and the spirit of the bill. In addition, several clauses are plagued by ambiguity that again undermines effectiveness. Clause 3.2 requires a state to "reasonably punish people who carry out illegal sterilisation" which does not specify what might count as reasonable punishment. Clause 4 "urges member states to provide reparations for victims of forced sterilisation." Again, this is too vague to be of any effective benefit and ultimately, no reparation is adequate to any sort of degree as there are no proven ways to give back to an individual the biological means to reproduce once sterilized. While this proposal is well-intentioned, it should in essence, be considered a draft for a much larger and more comprehensive bill on the topic of limiting forced sterilization.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Koem Kab" (September 1, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#287)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Koem Kab, as described is worthy of condemnation for their assorted actions in pursuit of their goals in playing the trading cards mini-game. Many of these actions are in direct opposition or strongly disapproved by the majority of the trading cards community. Among these actions is the deliberate hoarding of the cards of certain legendary nations in attempts to ensure that no one else can get any of them, and Legendary cards in general. Additionally, Koem Kab has deliberately inflated the price of many cards in order to artificially raise the value of their own collections and stealing the bank transfers of other card farmers. For future reference, it should be noted that gameplay within this card community is something to behold and acknowledged both in this and future proposals.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn North East Somerset" (August 25, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#286)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): North East Somerset, herein refered to as NES, is deserving of their condemnation for the various actions they have committed during their career and outlined by the proposed condemnation. These include directly assisting in the coups of The North Pacific, Lazarus, The Rejected Realms, and The East Pacific as well as their undermining of the Founderless Regions Alliance. Further condemnable acts include their involvement in regions which perpetuated unprovoked violence against various regions and their natives, namely Belgium. NES has built a career out of raiding, espionage, and destruction of governments specifically within the GCRs; as such they are very deserving of this condemnation.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn The New Inquisition" (August 19, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#285)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): TNP has a demonstrated history of opposing the condemnation of The New Inquisition, specifically during the most recent previous attempt at condemning TNI occurred in 2015 where effectively the same reasoning and text was used to justify the condemnation. While the proposal is fundamentally well drafted, TNP and TNI have developed strong relations and worked productively on many military operations since the acts of TNI mentioned in this proposal. This includes the 2015 defense of Stargate (historically a very close ally of TNP which TNI had no stake in), the invasion and refounding of Nazi Europe in which TNI and TNP are among those who jointly maintain the founder nation to this day, as well as the joint occupation of Scotland in 2014. Finally, the proposal appears to fail to mention various acts of the Founderless Regions Alliance committed that contributed to and eventually led to war between the two, and at the very least, placing sole blame on TNI is disingenuous. Generally addressing the recent dispatch that was released regarding the history of the events referred to in this proposal, it is disappointing that TNI did not lament the actions it took against TNP in the past, however it must also be acknowledged that it was not justifying them.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Reducing Food Waste" (August 18, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#469)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal attempts to address the wasting of food and how citizens of WA member nations can better handle their leftovers. The proposal addresses various aspect of this in requiring food producers to minimize waste, recycling compost into agriculture, and expanding the duties and abilities of the International Food Welfare Organization. A few concerns involved with this resolution include the lack of specific language that leaves a lot of the proposal up to interpretation and provides vague mandates. Furthermore, the proposal ignores the fact that food safety and standards do contribute to a large portion of food waste despite it being a net positive. In conclusion, this proposal generally promotes the sensible use of food and prevention of food waste that leaves openings to be expanded upon by more specific resolutions.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Treatment of the Deceased" (July 31, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Treatment of the Deceased, while well meaning, falls victim to its own poorly worded and vague clauses. This proposal requires the previous consent of the deceased to perform various actions in order to exempt them from 'grave molestation'. This becomes problematic if the death is sudden or the record of now deceased granting and denying these permissions is lost. The proposal also requires member nations to protect graves until the point of decay 'to the fullest possible extent from molestation' that could span well over a decade (at the very least), and would impose unreasonable requirements on member nations in order to comply. Finally, the proposal attempts to accommodate for religious and cultural beliefs but then requires the now deceased to have requested it and then prevents anything that violates Clause 1 and 4, thus defeating the whole point of this clause to begin with.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Kyrusia" (July 27, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposed condemnation of Kyrusia is fundamentally lacking. This is primarily due to the rushed drafting process which did not allow for the following issues to be properly dealt with. Primarily, this proposal seems to brush over and totally exclude a very large amount of relevant content to this condemnation. When asked, the author claimed that they wanted this proposal to be light-hearted, which is perfectly fine in theory, but ultimately harms the execution of this proposal for such a deserving target.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Preventing Unjust Warfare" (July 27, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposal, while well meaning, is hampered by various holes and unachievable standards. Namely, Clause 2.1.1 relies on 'undeniable and concrete evidence' which is not easily obtainable if possible at all, especially in situations where bad faith and third party actors are excepted to be involved but proof is not totally present. Additionally, clause 2.1.3 appears to be miswritten as it never fully clarifies that nondomestic forces engaging the local nonstate actor would be required to satisfy this however domestic forces engaging on a local nonstate actor would not need to satisfy this requirement as it would not be transnational. Furthermore, clause 2.3 becomes problematic as a nation's predictions may not reflect reality and the results of a transnational conflict can vary greatly between predicted result and actual result, especially in scenarios where a multitude of factors for this decision are unknown or only generally specified.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Auralia" (July 22, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Auralia, despite having contributed 19 resolutions to the World Assembly, possesses a messy history involving cheating and questionable GA character. A couple proposals they have been involved in have been discarded for various violations however the most significant of such occurred in early 2014. A nation by the name of 'Afrasiab' (now CTE) authored and submitted the proposal 'Commend Auralia'. This proposal wrote a glowing commendation of Auralia citing various contributions they had made to the General Assembly during their existence in the WA. However, 11 days after the author had posted the draft to the forums, the NS admin/moderation team discovered that Auralia and Afrasiab were not only the same person but were both in the WA at the same time. This discovery of WA multi-ing prompted the discard of the commendation as well as Auralia (and all nations owned by them) being banned from the World Assembly. When confronted, Auralia showed no remorse and couldn't even be bothered to care as they dismissed NS as being a nothing more than a political game and cited they had done nothing morally wrong. Auralia then claimed that they were going to retire from NS due to their apparent lack of credibility and cheating, which never did happen. Today, Auralia has since been unbanned and is back as an on and off member of the WA.

In the General Assembly, Auralia has been known to participate in creative compliance and non-compliance, both of which fundamentally undermine the authority and functions of the GA. This growing trend of people 'opting' out of legislation they didn't like was later addressed by legislation which made this type of 'compliance,' or lack there of, punishable. Upon evaluating the specific resolutions they choose not to acknowledge and reasoning behind them, one might conclude that rampant human rights abuse occurs in the nation of Auralia.

While this Ministry has no issue with them working to produce future legislation in the WA, it is unclear as to why Auralia should be commended by the same organization they nearly succeeded in defrauding a few years ago.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Protecting Personal Privacy" (July 22, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Protecting Personal Privacy, while well intending, gets caught up in its own over-worded clauses and ultra specific definitions. The proposal denies governments the ability to view the data unless specific situations occur, which could cause governments to take larger action than realistically needed in order to view items pertinent to national security and gross crimes before an investigation could be opened. The definition of 'user' is so specific that there is not an easily discernible definition to 'non-user' seeing that it is not defined. This error makes Clause 3, sections 2 and 4 difficult to enforce. Clause 3, section 4 also allows for people to remove evidence of their specific person ever interacting with an organization unless 'there is a clear and compelling safety or disciplinary reason to do otherwise such as loans or criminal records'. This becomes an issue because there is no way to determine if such information could be used in the future for criminal or civil proceedings without those proceedings taking place, thus putting these organizations in a state of limbo. Additionally, Clause 4 allows organizations to prohibit a person from using services if they do not consent to their data being collected, however does not address what happens if a user provides falsified data. Furthermore, Clause 5, section 1 seems unclear if the resolution wants member nations to grant private individuals the ability to go after organizations who do not follow the resolution or if the WA member nation itself must take action against organizations who do not follow the resolution.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Prohibit Private Prisons" (July 19, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#468)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Prohibit Private Prisons possesses problematic phrases that will hinder prisoner quality of life and member nations' ability to care for them. The definition of 'prison' is somewhat small in scope and appears to exclude short-term and non-permanent facilities, thus dropping those from the definition of 'private prisons.' This would make make the desired effect of the resolution more difficult to achieve. Furthermore, one should note that legislation (GAR #161 & GAR #194 to name a few) already exists to care for inmates which would greatly prevent these private prisons from abusing those inmates they possess. Finally, this proposal inadvertently bans non-profit prisons which have on countless occasions worked to advance inmate rights and create safer, more rehabilitation focused centers to directly benefit the lives of inmates. We hope for legislation that better protects inmates while not harming systems already in place.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy" (July 12, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#467)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal intends to extend rights to and legally define transgender and non-binary peoples. This will not only improve the quality of life for those communities but also compliment previous legislation regarding this same and similar topics. These rights, being well deserved, primarily focus around hormone therapy for the altering of ones sex characteristics to better reflect their gender identity. The proposal also attests to the scientifically proven facts involved with sex and gender characteristics and the various medical conditions involved.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Commend the Rejected Realms" (July 9, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Commend TRR is the sixth attempt by this author at submitting this proposal. While this proposal has improved somewhat over its earlier iterations, it is still lacking. Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of appropriate focus on TRR and their history. Of the solid arguments it possesses, it never goes into extensive detail and leaves the reader with little understanding. This is combined with awkward syntax and occasional subtle inaccuracies which cause it to appear as an unfinished draft at best. Furthermore, the author has seemed fairly reluctant to receive and apply criticism as well as perform edits and redrafts.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Common Territories" (June 14, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#284)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposed commendation of The Empire of Common Territories, herein referred to as TECT, is one based primarily on a legacy of significant contributions to RP they have made in the various RP communities they have participated in. These include an international arms smuggling manufacturing company, money laundering services investing and banking services, and blood thirsty, imperialist hitmen peacekeeping private military forces. Overall, TECT is a well respected player who deserved this commendation and acknowledgment of their RP content on both a regional and international level.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Prevention of Mutually assured destruction" (June 14, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Prevention of Mutually Assured Destruction, while well meaning, is flawed and somewhat useless in application. The definition of Mutually Assured Destruction is not one synonymous with what players would be familiar with in real life, which leads to a misleading title. Furthermore, the proposal takes no steps to prevent its own defined version of MAD, therefore not achieving what it fundamentally sets out to do. The only binding clause is one that arbitrarily bans 'response systems' to nuclear attacks while never actually defining or specifying what it is banning. Due to this lack of clarity, non-lethal or even productive systems could be banned due to faulty interpretation because of the very open worded clause. Finally, this proposal creates a committee that collects and reports uses of MAD to the WAJC, despite it not being illegal. This indicates that the author is simply using this proposal as a stepping stone to push more constraining legislation in the future.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II" (June 10, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#283)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposed condemnation of Durkadurkiranistan would be the second time this player is condemned. While they are deserving of being condemned for their various acts, namely against this very region, this proposed condemnation falls short in a few key places. The delivery and writing is uninspired and conveys its items more akin to that of a laundry list than a convincing condemnation. Furthermore, there are concerns that this proposal could be used to justify the repeal of the original condemnation at some point in the future. This concern is present due to the fact that this proposal does not and cannot fully outline the various actions Durka took against TNP and its interests. Despite communication with the author on some of these issues, they remain even if not taken advantage of by them.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "World Assembly Justice Accord" (June 7, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#466)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The World Assembly Justice Accord effectively creates an overarching court system directly facilitated by the greater World Assembly. This is accomplished by created the World Assembly Judiciary Committee which will exist to maintain and appoint officials to the various courts held within this system. The purpose of these courts is to prevent noncompliance and fight it where ever it may be used to violate the rights of parties within noncompliant WA member nations. This is very important as compliance is the very essence of the World Assembly. Without proper discipline issued to those who simply ignore passed resolutions, there is no reason for nations to follow any resolutions, thus defeating the point of the WA. In an ideal world in which everyone acts according to the law, this would not be an issue, however this appears to be no perfect world.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Pierconium" (June 6, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#282)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The Emeritus Augustus Pacificus of Pierconium, as he is known at present, is a nation that posseses a long, tumultuous history within various spheres of NationStates GamePlay (NSGP). Having been one of the original four founding members of 'the Empire', Pierconium's long-standing history of participating in and/or supporting various subversive activities that seek to undermine legitimate governments across NationStates is the subject that plagues the Security Council at this very moment. Despite the fact that his existence predates all records readily available, the practice of duality has enabled the continuance of Pierconium's unapologetic nature for his atrocious actions that span over the past decade. On two separate occasions the nominee has been the perpetrator of tyranny in the North Pacific; and as an influential member in Gatesville (a region known for its opposition to the World Assembly) it serves to reason that he'd be held partially responsible for the coup d'etat of Osiris in 2013, the overthrow of a legal East Pacifican government in 2008, the survival of the authoritarian Triumvirate of the West Pacific, and for the brutal purging of five thousand and five hundred natives between his reigns in both the Pacific and the North Pacific respectively.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Woonsocket" (June 2, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#281)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Woonsocket has a long history in 10000 Islands, a region also commended by the Security Council. In his time, he has served in numerous positions and through them contributed to NS as a whole. He has deployed over 400 times to defend regions and has participated in multiple operations to secure lawful delegacies in Game Created Regions. He has also spent an enormous amount of time recruiting for his region, enabling 10000 Islands to be the commended region that it is.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Right to Farm" (June 1, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal, while well meaning, fundamentally falls short in application and methodology. The proposal intends to create exceptions in nuisance laws for properly performing agricultural entities but fails to recognize the complexity and diversity of agriculture throughout the WA community as well as broadly asserting the inherent ability to own and maintain property despite nations' sovereignty to control those specific rights. Furthermore, this issue would be better handled on a property zoning basis where exceptions could be built in except where an entity violates the law similar to to 'accepted and standard agricultural practices.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors" (May 29, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The Land of Kings and Emperors has committed various actions in the past which make them worthy of condemnation. However, this Ministry believes that the proposal does not properly address the condemnable aspects of LKE and even goes so far so as to spread a potential falsehood within its text. In clause 12, this proposal states that an individual was scapegoated after being caught violating inter-regional standards on recruitment practices. There is no evidence of this ever occurring which brings significant concern to the legitimacy of any other claims that are not directly substantiated.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Liberate Politics Amino"" (May 8, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#280)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal is factually incorrect and misrepresents the current situation in the target region. Politics Amino is currently not under the control of raiders but is under the control of a defender. This proposal thus miscategorises a defender as a raider. While a repeal of the liberation is not a bad idea, the situation remains fluid. As such, it is important to ensure the contents of the proposal are factually accurate before decisions relating to the repeal are made. In this proposal a significant error has been made. Given all of the above, Politics Amino is currently in protective hands, and there is no reason to rush to change its liberated status.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Preventing Species Extinction" (May 4, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#465)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This comprehensive resolution seeks to expand on protections initially outlined in the recently repealed GAR#66 and enhances regulation to encompass the full scope of living species. The resolution also clarifies the objectives of the WA Endangered Species Committee to better track and adjust for natural fluctuations in species' populations, and to take a more proactive approach in general conservation through strengthened enforcement protocols. Greater onus is also placed on WA nations to ensure habitat protection for at-risk species to reduce encroachment through human development. Nations must also develop plans for species recovery from near-extinction events, update both conservation and recovery plans frequently to align with the most recent science, and make greater efforts to reduce species-threatening pollution within their borders. Finally, the resolution allows common-sense exemptions, with WAESC approval, for nations to waive regulations when species pose a threat to the wellbeing of citizens, and eradication represents a net positive for the overall, living environment.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Protection of Airspace" (April 30, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#464)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Protection of Airspace possesses many flaws, the majority of which stem from from the proposals definitions. "Aircraft" in the way that it is defined requires sapient beings to have total control over the vehicle at all times. This becomes problematic in UAVs/Drones and even auto pilot for manned vehicles as neither would be 'aircraft'. Furthermore, air-foil based flight at increasingly high altitudes is much more complex than a question of whether it is possible or not at any given altitude. This definition also makes the application of all clauses and definitions forthcoming subjective as nations will vary. Finally, this proposal only aims to supply an arbitrary amount of sovereignty that is most likely already present unless further legislation is given. It then further requires supplying information to the ITSC for international travel despite not having any additional mandates to accommodate for the aircrafts responsibilities and works abroad.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Endangered Species Protection"" (April 26, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#463)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The target, Endangered Species Protection, is well meaning but flawed as outlined by this proposed repeal. The target possesses vague definitions and is ambiguous on how far certain aspects it extends its protection to, which causes concern on what is protected and why is neglected in application. The resolution also does not prevent items such as harming organisms in a non-fatal manner, which allows for avenues for abuse. Furthermore, the repeal calls for restorative action to prevent species from remaining low once protected. Finally, replacement legislation must pass as soon as possible so as to protect those various organisms during this repeal.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Protecting Personal Data"" (April 19, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#462)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The target proposal possesses large flaws that harm its effectiveness and lead to unintended effects. This includes firms' incentive to not collect data so as to avoid the mandates, as well as not considering the possible legitimate reasons for minors having personal data stored without explicit consent. Furthermore, as outlined by the repeal, the target hampers the ability for civil courts to uncover all the evidence relevant to their respective cases and private entities from receiving court mandated action or compensation.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Darkesia" (April 16, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#279)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Darkesia is a long time player with an extensive history of condemnable acts. They began in the Pacific, serving under the New Pacific Order and advancing their agendas and influence where possible. Darkesia also participated in countless intelligence operations against other regions, namely The West Pacific. Futhermore, Darkesia participated and supported numerous coups in The North Pacific, The West Pacific, and The East Pacific. In conclusion, Darkesia has a history of espionage and undermining of sovereign governments, perpetuating their own agenda wherever they may see fit.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Fair Depository standards Act" (April 14, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This resolution suffers somewhat from a rush to submission that prevented the proper vetting of some of its mandates. A few of the ideas suggested are incomplete, with no instruction as to how to carry them out effectively. For example, the resolution recommends a fixed capital reserve requirement for financial institutions. The resolution does not, however, provide the established Depository Regulators Committee (DRC) the ability to develop regulations that would harmonize how capital reserves should be calculated. Since there is no existing body in the WA to create such a regulation, and since there are innumerable jurisdictions, this creates a disconnect. The DRC is the enforcement agency, but there is no organization created through the resolution to draft the regulations themselves. Similarly, the resolution allows institutions to appeal DRC decisions around non-compliance, but there currently exists no WA organization to handle such appeals. The resolution doesn't make clear to whom appeals would be made and provides no instruction for the development of such a body. There are a few other structural issues of this nature, and, some important investment areas and institution types that probably should have been included as part of the resolution weren't. In general, there is a sense that the Act is somewhat incomplete, and some of its mandates fail to address the more complex aspects of finance and investment.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Protecting Personal Data" (April 10, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#461)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposal, despite its well-meaning intentions, appears to create unnecessary requirements for member governments to collect and analyze data, especially for noncriminal cases in which warrants would never come into play. When it comes to criminal cases, the proposal seems to mandate warrants to severely limit the scope of what can actually be done regarding investigations made by member governments. Furthermore, the mandates made by the proposal seem to be overly ambiguous, allowing for member governments to evade requirements by citing loosely defined terms such as 'well being of users' or 'safety or disciplinary reason.' In summary, the proposal takes an approach that is too simple to capture some of the more complicated facets of data collection.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Drug Abuse Amelioration Act" (April 6, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This resolution suffers from a lack of clarity in its mandates, and a certain naivety about drugs and addiction, in general. The stated definition of drugs is incredibly broad, with no differentiation between the most harmful and the most benign. The resolution suggests decriminalizing first time possession of drugs in jurisdictions where they are illegal but makes no clear statement about quantities possessed. The concern is that an individual caught with a significant quantity of drugs, suitable for distribution, would also be absolved of criminal responsibility on a first offense, increasing the potential for illegal trafficking. Further, the resolution wrongly conflates first-time possession of drugs for recreational purposes and drugs being possessed as part of an individual's addiction. The reality is that many recreational drugs aren't addictive. No clear distinction is made between addictive and non-addictive drugs, or between addicted and non-addicted users caught in possession, yet mandatory rehabilitation is universally suggested as the alternative to criminal charges. Even in a case where a person is addicted to the drug they may possess, most research suggests that forced rehabilitation is an ineffective way to deal with the problem, with the vast majority of addicted persons relapsing or reoffending. Well intended as it may be, the proposal doesn't reflect a comprehensive understanding of the complex subject matter and could well do more harm than good.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Astronomical Data Repository" (April 1, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#460)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposal, Astronomical Data Repository, takes a no-nonsense approach to cosmic data collection in the WA. It has been crafted in such a way that protects the rights of sovereign nations while still accomplishing the task of creating a repository that will be able to effectively serve the WA community scientifically and educationally. The proposal also acknowledges and protects the disparity in tech-levels that can be found in the World Assembly by guaranteeing entities, both public and private, the ability to play on even ground in data aggregation and similar endeavors. In summary, this proposal will greatly benefit the scientific community and nurture interest in astronomy and similar sciences for much time to come.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Severisen" (March 21, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#278)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This commendation is generally well written and properly exemplifies the achievements and contributions of Severisen to the communities he has spent time with and the greater NS community. Amoung things not mentioned for whatever reason, Severisen has also been active in and contributed to The North Pacific during different times in his NS career. Furthermore, Severisen is widely acknowledged as being 'good people', and the ability to maintain that overall impression among a wide cross-section of one's peers, after nearly a decade-and-a-half, is a testament to the quality of their character. Seeing this long standing reputation and his previous contributions, Severisen is quite deserving of this commendation.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Civil Defence Siren" (March 15, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The Ministry of WA Affairs cannot decide if we should be dumbfounded or impressed. It is incredible that the collective fragility of CoCD's egos was able to produce such a profound, instantly back-firing garbage fire. Not only was there actual monetary investment in a campaign to support the proposal, but there was also an apparent lack of spellcheck. This concoction of utter incompetence has led to the most impressive aspect of this proposal, the record for the quickest discarded proposal in SC history. The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recognizes that the vote now no longer matters but recommends a vote against regardless. Furthermore, we award you zero points and may the Civil Defence Siren have mercy on your souls.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "The Cloning Conventions" (March 12, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This resolution attempts to deal with the cloning of organisms and the legal landscape surrounding that process. Unfortunately, there are several concerning issues that arise from its mandates. The proposal attempts to limit the cloning of prenatal sapient organisms without a direct consent from the organism which couldn't possibly be provided. Further, there is no allowance for a parent or legal guardian to give that consent on behalf of the organism, regardless of its viability. Given that these organisms lack the capacity for cognizance or feeling, due to low development, this prohibition places unnecessary limitations on medical research, and specifically in the creation of cloned organisms for the beneficial harvest of stem cells. This resolution, in clause 5, permits the cloning of organs or like unfeeling organisms from people. It does not include a requirement making that cloning contingent on consent. Insofar as the proposal permits people to have their genetic material harvested without their consent, it may be in violation of previously passed resolutions.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes"" (March 7, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This repeal focuses on the issue of the word "should", and how the interpretation of its application may affect compliance in member nations. The use of "should" allows some optionality in how member nation can print labels for the products covered by the proposal, which further allows nations to use the appropriate language that would most benefit certain communities. As such,the intent of GAR 459 was never to create overbearing regulation on member nations. In the event warning labels are printed in a language that would be ineffective and deliberately avoid the intended effects of this proposal, member nations would still be required to educate smokers and non-smokers alike on the dangers of tobacco and the greater safety of electronic cigarettes as an alternative. Barring the possible consequences of nations applying this resolution unfaithfully, this resolution will still benefit the majority of NS communities and ultimately achieve what it set out to do.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "defending the rights of sexual and gender minorities"" (March 3, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The targeted resolution, in application, is one of the most far reaching and beneficial pieces of civil rights legislation in recent WA history. While there are certainly holes to be filled and issues to still be addressed, a full repeal is not the way to achieve this. In knowing that the author had the best intention for those who have lacked civil rights in the past, this ministry hopes that extraneous legislation is introduced to patch the potential loopholes pointed out by the repeal.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Restricting Solitary Confinement" (February 27, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposal, while well meaning in its intent to address the complex problems that arise as a result of solitary confinement, ultimately does more harm to its cause than good. The proposal is extremely vague, using language that can be easily misinterpreted or creatively interpreted to be used in whatever fashion member nations see fit. The use of 'problems' with virtually no context in the definition of 'solitary confinement' exemplifies this issue. This use of the term also does not take into account the nuances of a situation requiring confinement; whether that be police custody for a temporary time of an individual who may be experiencing stress or anxiety or long term imprisonment and the various psychological effects that are becoming of such. Another example is the problematic use of 'reasonable' in the second clause. This allows law enforcement and any other party using solitary confinement, as defined in clause one, to use any justification they wish as long as it can be deemed 'reasonable' per their own authority. Finally, the third clause inherits the issues of the first two as it suffers from overly vague wording and the ability to be exploited by the lack of sensible application in the second clause.

Pallaith abstained from the World Assembly Resolution "Commend TNP"
Result: failed

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Condemn Antifa" (February 19, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): A bit of effort by the author might have made this a condemnation worth supporting, but the lack of detail and concrete examples of the alleged transgressions render it difficult to justify. Condemnations must make a clear case to support their allegations. If Antifa has crossed lines, then explain against whom, provide dates, and inform as to the impact on natives. Without that, support is impossible. Similarly, suggesting that a region is 'just as bad' as other regions qualifies as little more than a statement of opinion, and nothing close to grounds for WA condemnation.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes" (February 18, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#459)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal wants a healthier WA and seeks to place stringent regulations on the producers of tobacco products. These regulations include the placement of clear warnings on tobacco packaging, prohibition of advertising, and mandatory public education about the risks of use. There is some common-sense regulation placed on tobacco use by the public, like a prohibition of sale to minors. As an alternative to complete prohibition, the proposal requires that nations encourage tobacco users toward safer forms of nicotine ingestion, like electronic cigarettes, gum, patches, or mists, which don't rely on the dangerous inhalation of burning tobacco leaves. While not sweeping in scope of change, this proposal does represent a transition away from the cancer-causing harms of tobacco, and a movement towards less dangerous alternatives. This should both reduce health care costs for nations and contribute to greater life expectancy throughout the WA.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Command Responsibility" (February 14, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#458)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This well-crafted proposal seeks to ensure reciprocal protections for individuals both up and down the chain of military command. It is designed to both prevent war crimes from being committed, and to provide a disciplinary framework for those who violate the accepted rules of engagement. Given significant attention are the rights of military subordinates to legally decline orders that contravene established law, placing the onus on those issuing such orders. Similar protections are extended to military commanders, limiting their responsibility for any rogue, illegal actions of their charges in the field, provided those rogue individuals are held by their commanders, to account. Throughout existing WA legislation, actions defined as war crimes are surprisingly few and tend toward the most commonly understood and egregious acts. The mandatory education clause ensures widespread understanding of fair rules of engagement across the spectrum of the military and makes clear what actions would be contrary to those rules. The Ministry believes this framework will help to establish a prescient culture of fair conduct in combat, greatly decreasing the likelihood of illegalities.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "defending the rights of sexual and gender minorities" (February 8, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#457)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal is well-meaning in its goal of ending sexual and gender discrimination and ensuring marriage rights are fully and completely extended to the LGBTQ+ community, but close examination of the content reveals some critical flaws. Firstly, the Ministry believes that the Charter of Civil Rights (GAR#035) already prohibits discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity, making a large part of this proposal redundant. Clause 3 mandates member nations punish organizations for discriminatory practices but does not allow for an exemption for compelling practical purposes. Under the proposed legislation an organization that assists victimized women could be penalized for having a policy of hiring only biological women. Additionally, clause 5 specifically exempts religious institutions from the scope of the proposal. It is the belief of the Ministry that religious beliefs are insufficient grounds to excuse discriminatory practices.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Right to self-defense" (February 3, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This proposal is being resubmitted despite it having been previously repealed for cause. The author has made some minor amendments, but their attempt to shoehorn the fix into the old version, instead of rewriting from scratch has left a convoluted document that claims to fight government oppression but affords citizens no coherent means by which to do so. Many other problems can be cited, including an unnecessary grocery list of weapons and a defined threshold for their use that is highly subjective. Self defense is a very complex issue that requires case by case interpretation and evaluation far more intricate than a generic piece of legislation can address for every single WA nation. Rights to self-defense should develop organically through each nation's judiciary and be appropriate to their culture. Matters of government oppression are better handled in WA legislation that is more thoughtfully constructed than this.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Safeguarding Nuclear Materials"" (January 30, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): In citing our previous support of the target of this repeal, it should be noted that the target allows all WA nations to procure and trade nuclear weapons without WA interference. This is important as very real and powerful nuclear threats do exist outside of the WA sphere of influence and it is paramount that WA member nuclear programs are not subject to limitations that may prevent a response or act of aggression by a foreign power. Furthermore, the target resolution provides denuclearization services free of charge to nations who cannot defend or no longer wish to maintain their own nuclear program.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Freedom to Seek Medical Care II" (January 22, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#456)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): This is the second incarnation of this proposal. The first was submitted for vote roughly one year ago, and little has changed between that version and this. The Ministry cited a significant problem with version one (FTSMC), in that it created potential conflicts with standing legislation GAR#389, relating to the closure of national borders, and the prohibition of temporary emigration at times of quarantine during epidemics. Should the need arise to repeal and replace GAR#389 with a more comprehensive version, the passage of FTSMC would have rendered that legally impossible. The loss of that ability to declare quarantines, and close national borders, would present an unacceptable risk to the greater public health of the WA, writ large. While the Ministry, then, supported the premise of FTMSC, it could not support the proposal without a suggested, minor edit to language, alleviating that problem. In the current version, those recommendations have gone ignored, the troublesome language remains, as does the potential conflict. It appears the author simply sat on the proposal for a year, made minor amendments that did not address previous concerns, then added a "II" to the title in hopes that voters would forget. This shows a certain complacency, which is further highlighted by the garbled text that appeared in the previous version and remains uncorrected a year later.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Liberate Politics Amino" (January 19, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#277)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Politics Amino is a small, active region who became the unfortunate target of an aggressive raid and refound orchestrated by a joint force led by Osiris. A liberation becomes necessary as those known to the situation believe it is a trophy hunt without specific reasoning and Osiris has stated that there is no explicit justification for the operation taking place. It is the stance of The North Pacific to oppose the total destruction of innocent communities and the support of legislation aiming to fulfill that goal.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Debtor Voting Rights"" (January 19, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#455)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Foundationally, the target proposal remains sound. That it does not address every conceivable scenario where it may be skirted by nefarious governments does not preclude the possibility of future, enhancing proposals to address those vulnerabilities. The recent passage of GAR#450 (Don't Kill the Poor Act) addressing an oversight in GAR#38 (Convention Against Genocide) shows how scenarios not considered at the time of passage of a law can be later addressed, without a wholesale repeal and replace. Although the ideas outlined in this repeal and the ideas outlined in DVR are linked, they remain separate issues: One relating to debt and imprisonment. One relating to debt and voting rights. As a result, and provided any supplementary legislation enhancing DVR does not tread on precisely the same ground, the concerns raised in this proposal can be addressed without the repeal. While some may see DVR as incomplete, incomplete is not the same as defective. In what it sets out to do, DVR still makes it very clear that no nation shall bar member nations from invoking a person's debts as reason to deprive that person of the right to vote. Legislation relating to debt and incarceration can, and likely will, come later.

Pallaith voted against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Commend Imperium Anglorum"" (January 17, 2019)
Result: failed
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Like all SC proposals, this one should be given a fair assessment, and decisions should be made based on content rather than any assumption as to the author's motive. Similarly, that benefit of the doubt should be extended to the target as well. If we can't jump to the conclusion that the author has submitted this proposal with anything but reasonable intention, then we equally can't jump to the conclusion that IA has submitted past proposals with any less reasonable motives. We must assume that both are acting with what they feel is in the best interest of the Assembly, even though those ideas may be in opposition. Much of the author's case for repeal is in trying to convince us of the target's ill motive, and it is in the absence of benefit of doubt where the author's argument falls apart under the weight of unsubstantiated speculation. Accusations of ill motive are quite simply a matter of opinion, and don't carry the sort of weight necessary to justify repealing a commendation for a player who has made significant and laudable contributions to both their region and the World Assembly.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Debtor Voting Rights" (January 14, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#454)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): The proposal very simply and elegantly protects the voting rights of debtors. This is important as democratic member nations should not constrict the rights of citizens to elect representatives and/or the ability to vote upon other democratic processes based on their financial status or grievances.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Paffnia" (January 13, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#276)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): At first blush, the nomination seems to place greatest emphasis on Paffnia's regional accomplishments within 10,000 Islands, but more careful review reveals extensive international work as well, both diplomatically and militarily. A former WA Delegate and Foreign Affairs Minster for 10KI, Paffnia has forged numerous international relationships and has been recognized for ongoing good conduct abroad. Militarily, Paffnia has participated in some of the most significant defender campaigns in recent history, assisting some of the largest GCRs in the realm, and contributing to hundreds of smaller campaigns that have brought relief and stability to thousands of WA nations. Rounding out their contributions to the greater community is Paffnia's authorship of SC Resolution #93. Paffnia has received numerous accolades, awards, and military decorations domestically, and this worthy nominee is an ideal candidate for SC Commendation.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Jutsa" (January 10 2019)
Result: passed (SC#275)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): In addition to being regionally active in the East Pacific, Jutsa has been an ongoing contributor to the greater NS community. Jutsa has authored several of the daily issues that appear in regular gameplay and has also collaborated in the authorship of legislation for the WA. Additionally, Jutsa is a regular contributor to legislation development for other nations, providing leadership and expertise through consistent forum activity, along with post-factum documentation and archiving. This is often thankless work that benefits every member of the WA by providing a clear and well-organized window into the past. Jutsa is a deserving member of the community and an important contributor to that which keeps the WA functioning day-to-day.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Preventing Groundwater Contamination" (January 6, 2019)
Result: passed (GA#453)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Well-written and well researched, this proposal takes a holistic approach to the protection of subterranean freshwater supplies, rightfully treating aquifers as a universal resource, transcending national boundaries. Given the absence of technology to purify contaminated groundwater, the proposal calls for common-sense preventative measures. The mandates outlined are no more strident than they need to be yet leave little quarter for those who would pollute with impunity. The additional emphasis on conservation will ensure against depletion, guaranteeing a renewable supply of fresh water for the foreseeable future.

Pallaith voted for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Lyras" (January 1, 2019)
Result: passed (SC#274)
Reason for vote (adapted from TNP MoWA): Lyras is a well-known figure in the RP community, commanding great respect, and possessing a highly influential style that has drawn the loyalty and alignment of numerous nations. Lyras' military power is undeniable and has proven to be a stabilizing force in times of conflict and turmoil. As a superpower, this military might has been used overwhelmingly as an ultimate force towards good, and always with a beneficial, strategic endgame in mind. Lyras is expert in military armament, custom manufacture, and is always open to educating fellow RPers, and to bringing an unprecedented technical expertise to the realm of play. With a presence dating back nearly to antiquity, Lyras' place in the stratocracy is undeniable, and their leadership in shaping the post-Jolt landscape has contributed to the thriving RP community enjoyed today.