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Sonindian Official Declaration of War On The New Pacific Order

♆ ψ Official Declaration of War On The New Pacific Order ψ ♆

Official Legal Declaration of War


After the advocation of the current Prime Minister & Head of SAAF as of December 5th, 2018, Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar, and the support of Head of Parliament as of now Aranwar, the Republic of Sonindia, and it's armies, declares war on The New Pacific Order & the Pacific. A region so great, and so dedicated to democracy, liberty, and peace, cannot stand by while the New Pacific Order terrorizes the world. The Declaration has been issued in order to show disapproval and horror at the actions of the NPO through their consistent actions made in cold blood against both allies, and enemies. These include, but are not restricted to attempting, and even succeeding in coups on Lazarus, The North Pacific, and others. This declaration of war will stay in effect until it is determined by the Republic that the Government of the Pacific is no longer lead by the Francoist Government and the Imperial bloodline. The Republic has passed this Declaration through the Parliament with a 75% Majority, and the Approval of the Prime Minister, and then the Commander of the SAAF (currently the same nation). This means several things for the region, and the New Pacific Order, the least of which is the Sonindian Condemnation of the government of the Pacific, as well as current Emperor Aleisyr, and the rising heir to the throne East Durthang. This also means certain actions taken by the SAAF, and certain situational alliances. Henceforth until the Declaration of Peace:
  • The regional military, the SAAF, will partake in offensive maneuvers against the NPO in order to liberate the region from the raider government which seized control in 2003.

  • Sonindia will Officially Ally itself with the Anti-Pacific Coalition, or APC.

  • As in the tradition of Defenders, the region will not take any rewards should victory be secured. A native will be restored to the Delegacy, and a democracy established.

  • The region Officially declares a State of War, meaning contact with the Government of The Pacific of any kind will not be tolerated, and result in a banjection.

  • The region Officially condemns the Pacific, Aleisyr, and East Durthang, as well as disapproval, though not condemnation of Xoriet, Jar Wattinree, Myrth, and Japanese Schoolgirls.


Defender operations will not cease during the time period that Sonindia is at war, and thus, may be pulled away from full force attacks towards the NPO. Regions that must be defended will still be restored and defended. We acknowledge the Black Hawks also are a part of the APC, as well as several defender and raider organizations, but we further recognize The New Pacific Order as a greater evil, and thus reluctantly resort to cooperation with them. As Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar put it: "Raiders raid for the thrill, and defenders defend for the weak, but both keep a certain degree of civility and respectfulness (most of the time). The NPO is a toxic piece of [expletive]. Nothing civil in trying to coup your allies at all." While we do not recognize raiders as any force for good, we do recognize the necessity of many armies to take down this massive GCR, as only UCRs are taking up arms, such as Europeia. For these reasons, as well as the urgent need to liberate the natives of The Pacific, we declare war on the New Pacific Order. We wish to restore the balance of the world, and shall never let evil take the upper hand. For defenders shall not just stop at defending. NEVER! We fight for what is right, not what fits us in any category. Such is the purpose of the SAAF, to fight for what is right! Hail the Trident, Bless the Defense of the Helpless.

With this statement, the Republic of Sonindia Officially Declares War on The New Pacific Order, the Pacific

Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar, SAAF Commander, Prime Minister
Kesi Xina Minzu, Founder
Aranwar, Head of Parliament

Ultior, Signs
Greatest Cofrienolls, Signs
The Amber Empire, Signs
Sonindia, Signs
Grand Termina, Signs
Topoliani, Signs

For more information on the situation, see:

Comrades of the Anti-Pac Coalition:

In times of war, we must arm ourselves against false propaganda. We must brace ourselves against hostility. We must be prepared for assaults of all kinds. These are staples of war. Most of all, we must hold true to ourselves and our character.

However, we must also be conscientious to all. Though the New Pacific Order has committed great crimes against regional sovereignty and self-determination, as described here and here, we cannot allow ourselves to be dragged down to their level. The good people of The Pacific will be treated with respect, for they are not the aggressors here. Their own government has deceived them with lies, as they have done to the rest of the world. Truth and justice, not falsehoods and personal attacks, shall be our weapons in this war!

What is acceptable behavior when under attack by the NPO on the Regional Message Board:

1) Reporting to the Moderators if rulebreaking occurs (ban evasion, repeated spam, persistent harassment of people on the RMB).
2) Asking nations to stop disrupting conversations on the Regional Message Board, both our own and theirs.
3) Uplifting remarks aimed at our fellow APC comrades rather than mockery against those who spied on, invaded, and scorned our regions.
4) Above all, remember that players from UCRs and GCRs deserve to be treated with respect.

What is acceptable behavior in any chat room during war:

1) Lighthearted jokes.
2) Tasteful APC propaganda.
3) Commentary on what has been posted most recently in an attack on us, and expressing humor over it.
4) Restrained and respectful commentary on regions that have been affected by the New Pacific Order--all of them, even UCRs, not just the select GCRs that the NPO cozies up to.

What is not acceptable behavior when dealing with the Regional Message Board attacks:

1) Trolling and making a mockery of any region.
2) Treating the governments of any region with disrespect.
3) Quoting the spam in a malicious manner which can get you warned by the Moderators.
4) Disregard for your fellow NationStates players who have questions. Instead, direct them to an APC official if they want to know more about the situation.

Finally, this conduct guide applies to all APC agents! Contrary to popular belief, leaders of organizations have a responsibility to behave maturely, and should not be exempt from expectations for respect and etiquette!

Inspired by the fine work of Xoriet.
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New Year's Eve Jump

My fellow leaders and nations of the world, all within the sound of my voice,

The writing is on the wall: we are entering the beginning of what will likely be a long, drawn-out war against the New Pacific Order. For over a decade, the authoritarian regime has walled itself off in The Pacific, and has, from its mighty fortress, made indiscriminate war on all regions of the world. Neither user-created nor game-created regions have been spared their hand in their conquest for game-wide domination, and it is through their manipulation, lies and deceit that they have successfully set their would-be enemies against each other. From its inception to the current day, the New Pacific Order has made itself a threat to the sovereignty of all regions of the world.

A Determined Empire

The New Pacific Order declares itself an empire - and not in jest. Shortly after conquering their current home, they set their sights on The North Pacific, infiltrating its ranks and eventually capturing it. But, with the combined effort of many players, an extremely risky plan, and - frankly - a miracle, The North Pacific was spectacularly liberated from the clutches of the New Pacific Order. Indeed, if the attempt had failed, it could not have been tried a second time - and had the plan been leaked, the Order would have swept away all resistance. Imagine, for a second, what our history might have looked like if The North Pacific had not managed to free itself.

But The North Pacific is not the only region which the Order has attempted to conquer. Almost from the first moment it was called into existence by the words of the almighty admin, Lazarus has been in a fatal dance with influences from the Order. Just a few years ago, the Order was bold enough to enter Lazarus by force, unseat its previous government, and instate the New Lazarus Order. Again, it seems that Almighty Violet saw fit that Lazarus should remain free of the Order's grasp, and miraculously, through an accidental click, the New Lazarus Order was dissolved over night.

And again, within the past year, the Order made an attempt to subdue Lazarus. This time, it pulled the strings of government within Lazarus, inciting the Lazarus Civil war, nearly bringing an operative of the Order into power over the region. But as we have recently learned, good fortune, divine intervention, or the will of Violet miraculously thwarted their plans, as a personal conflict incited the now-current delegate to intervene and coup the region before the transfer of power took place.

World Division

But we cannot forever rely on unseen powers, luck, or the will of Max to keep our regions free from the influence of the Order. So long as they control the Pacific, they have a platform for recruitment, support, propaganda, and war. We must stand united against them, or else they will persist in their imperial ambitions.

With the ideology of Francoism the Order have openly declared the citizens of user created regions traitors and enemies of the game-created regions, stirring up enmity between the two groups where there initially was none. It appears the modus operandi of the Order through its entire existence is one of stirring up divisions among groups. Whether it be Francoism, or espionage, or public relations, the Order has made a concerted effort to keep others from uniting. Indeed, the greatest enemy of the Order is any order which exists outside itself.

As one who was personally involved in the Lazarus civil war, I saw firsthand how the Order could turn brothers into enemies, destroy communities, and exploit manufactured conflict for personal gain. Without them, Funkadelia would not have suspected his government was plotting a coup, nor would his government have thought he was intending to do away with the Celestial Union. But they fed the two parts of the government lies, split the region in half, and caused world powers to draw lines as they determined which side to support. When LWU took power as a result of these actions, the Emperor declared Lazarus a warzone and drummed up the supposed userite threat - all while knowing these events were caused by his operatives. Shockingly, we saw the world nearly rally behind the voice of the Emperor as he swore vengeance and justice for the cause of Feederites as his operative within the LWU nearly came to power over the region. Had this happened, the Order would have captured Lazarus - and the world would have cheered.

It is clear that the New Pacific Order will stop at nothing in its conquest for world domination. They will lie. They will manipulate. They will divide. They will invade. They will pretend to be an ally. And they will destroy entire communities for power and praise. We can no longer tolerate them sitting in their ivory tower from which they wage war on us. If the native population of the Pacific cannot rise up and form new leadership, we must set aside our differences, we must fight for our mutual sovereignty, and we must remove the threat of the New Pacific Order from its post of power and domination atop the Pacific!

The Start of a New Year

I call upon all the regions of the world, all the citizens of the world, to join together in toppling the Order in the Pacific from its high post. In particular I invite all willing parties to join me in sending the Order a clear message that we will not tolerate their continued abuse of our communities and regions.

On the Major update of New Year's Eve, we will gather together for a monumental event. We will assemble the largest updater force in the history of NationStates, and we will give the New Pacific Order the biggest wake-up call we can muster. Whether we take the region is irrelevant; this will be our symbol of defiance; this will be the shot heard around the world. We will show the world we are committed to whatever lengthy fight is necessary to put an end to tyranny.

I believe in miracles, and I believe 2019 will be different! We will not cease our war against the Order of the Pacific until there exists a government within the Pacific that respects sovereignty!

This is just the beginning! Join me on New Year's Eve to change the world! Praise be to Violet! May sovereignty abound in your nations and regions! And may the New Pacific Order meet its end to the rallying cry...

NPO Delenda EST!!!

Thank you, and please upvote!

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Big Brother is watching Gameplay

The Same Old Pacific Order, Part 2: A Summary of Events So Far

A remarkable deluge of leaks related to subversive activity has left the New Pacific Order reeling and may change the course of gameplay.

By Cormac Skollvaldr

FRANCOGRAD - A flood of leaks has exposed numerous subversive activities by the New Pacific Order (NPO) and NPO members, putting the highest officials of the NPO on their heels. This massive failure of the NPO's operational security followed The Black Hawks' recent intervention in the region St Abbaddon, a "protectorate" of the NPO, which, according to The Black Hawks and their allies, ultimately aimed to restore full native sovereignty over the region. Following that intervention, which failed due to the return of St Abbaddon Delegate Kitsco just minutes before the region would have updated, the NPO declared war against The Black Hawks. What followed, however, was an informational war against the NPO waged by individuals through leaks of the NPO's subversive activities. This breach of the NPO's operational security has exposed NPO efforts to conceal the identity of an individual blacklisted from most major gameplay regions, infiltration and subversion against fellow GCRs by high level or formerly high level NPO members, and a coordinated NPO subversion operation against the Celestial Union of Lazarus that included Emperor Aleisyr himself.

First came the revelation that Emperor Aleisyr, Consul Pergamon, and Senator Feux, as well as NPO member A mean old man (AMOM), knew that King Bradley was an alternate persona of the blacklisted individual Saint Block. It has been revealed that the NPO became aware of Saint Block's identity approximately one month before his identity was independently discovered and exposed via an off-site administrative investigation without the NPO's assistance. The NPO nonetheless concealed Saint Block's identity, and instead sought to use Saint Block's alternate persona as an intelligence asset. Even after he was exposed, Feux and AMOM attempted to recruit Saint Block and his region, Amestris, to support NPO efforts against The Black Hawks in St Abbaddon. Remarkably, this effort by the NPO to conceal Saint Block's alternate persona and to use him as an intelligence and military asset was exposed by Saint Block himself.

Next came revelations, again exposed by Saint Block, that Feux and AMOM had infiltrated Lazarus, Osiris, and the Rahl family under the alternate personas known as Adytus and Wrektopia. They were aided in this infiltration by Stujenske ("Kowassati"), who once again briefly became Delegate of Lazarus, and a personal friend of AMOM ("Weast Jurmany"). During this prolonged infiltration, Feux and his associates were placed in positions of extraordinary power and access in both Lazarus and Osiris, as well as being trusted by the Rahl family, which has included prominent members of Osiris, the West Pacific, and The East Pacific, among other regions. Since being exposed, AMOM has subsequently boasted that at one point the infiltrators were the only Guardians of Osiris, responsible for assisting the Pharaoh in overseeing gameside regional security. While infiltrating Osiris, Feux, acting as Adytus, engaged in a conversation with Neo Kervoskia about subversion against the South Pacific that would later reach the South Pacific and poison relations between the two regions.

Later, in Lazarus, Feux, having already made a name for himself there for quite some time as Adytus, attempted to seize the Delegacy during the "LazAnarchy" phase after the Wolfist Lazarus regime fell. Feux's attempt to seize Lazarus' Delegacy as Adytus was being undertaken even while the NPO was supposedly cooperating with the peacekeeping effort to support Imkiville help her establish a Council of Natives to govern the region through the constitutional convention. Although the NPO denies knowing of Feux's alternate persona until April of 2018, it has been revealed that by the time peacekeeping planning was underway, the NPO was aware of Feux's identity as Adytus. The NPO nonetheless declined to reveal Feux's alternate persona to Imki or the other peacekeepers even while he continued his attempt to take the Delegacy of Lazarus. Feux was even briefly on the peacekeeping server under his main persona, and was considered for a position on the Council of Natives, without the NPO ever disclosing his Adytus persona.

The NPO's denial of knowledge in regard to the alternate personas of their members has been undermined by new revelations of Task Force Lazarus, an NPO effort to manipulate and subvert the Celestial Union of Lazarus in 2017. That effort was led by Consul Pergamon, with the oversight of Emperor Aleisyr himself and, later, former Emperor Pierconium. Task Force Lazarus was revealed by dozens of pages worth of logs exclusively obtained by The Miniluv Messenger from an anonymous third party. The revelation of Task Force Lazarus contradicts an official statement made by the NPO, in which the NPO asserts that individuals within the NPO were responsible for subversive activities in Lazarus without the official approval of the NPO. This contradiction calls into question the current denials that the NPO was aware of its members' alternate personas, as well as past attempts to invoke plausible deniability to excuse the transgressions of high level NPO officials who were said to be acting as individuals.

Following the St Abbaddon conflict and the revelation of these leaks, the NPO finds itself at war with The Black Hawks, the Republic of Europeia, and Hartfelden, and finds itself on the brink of potential war with the Osiris Fraternal Order. It's impossible to predict at the time of this writing how the revelation of Task Force Lazarus may further impact this already volatile interregional conflict. The Miniluv Messenger will endeavor to bring you more as this combustible situation unfolds.

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Penned by Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar, Edited by Aranwar, Posted by Kesi Xina Minzu