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Sopo Wants YOU to Fight Francoism!

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"ERN is good fun and being involved with it is great for Euro!" - Former Grand Admiral and Current Minister of Culture Rachael

"The ERN is the chillest military in NS!" - Mate Cretannia

"The ERN has been one of my favorite parts of activity in Europeia. I learned a lot and built networking and coordination skills in a fun setting." - Midshipman Costello

"Having a blast while helping Europeia further our interest." - Mate Vlaska


War is on the horizon. President Ambrella has launched a Declaration of War against the New Pacific Order due to their repeated attempts to subvert GCR's and our allies. Their ideology of Francoism advocates for the marginalization of UCR communities like Europeia and is the inverse of our democratic values. We cannot allow their blatant violations of GCR sovereignty to blow by. A full-on military and diplomatic conflict with the government of the New Pacific Order has, thus, commenced.

This is a historic conflict. The last time Europeia declared war was in 2009. You have an opportunity to be a part of HISTORY!

The Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) needs all of the help it can get. A strong military will be vital for our victory in this conflict. I implore everyone to join the ERN and play a critical role in seeing out victory against the New Pacific Order. As the pile in St Abbaddon showed, numbers will be everything in this conflict!

There are two branches to our military: Active Duty and Reserves. I implore you to join one of these naval branches and play your part in this war! Please learn how to apply for Europeian citizenship here so you can get involved in our regional military.

Contact Grand Admiral Writinglegend through telegram with any questions.

The Active Duty does most of the grunt work for the Europeian Republican Navy. Without the service of our sailors in the Active Duty, we would not be able to run tag operations or be a viable threat during the NationStates update periods. Every sailor that joins the Active Duty is viewed as a potential Grand Admiral, and there are a numerous amount of leadership possibilities awaiting your service, such as personal training and development to triggering seminars every month!

As a member of the Active Duty, you will enable yourself to participate in the most prolific and valuable international operations, while gaining higher knowledge regarding military gameplay and our Independent values. In addition, you will be able to meet other fellow gameplayers abroad, establishing a strong network for further foreign and military policy experience. Furthermore, you will learn to be a part of a team with your fellow Europeians. The Active Duty has a strong culture of respect and friendly competition. Through your participation, you are entering such a positive atmosphere that will prove beneficial to your NationStates experience.

There are two requirements. First, you need to have a World Assembly nation you are willing to use. Second, you must be able to attend NationStates update times at 5 AM and 5 PM GMT (12 AM and 12 PM EST). If being a member of the Active Duty interest you, apply in the Office of Naval Recruitment:

Citizenship is required.

A strong reserve squadron is a critical foreign policy tool for our republic, and is an essential aspect of our military operations. Numbers are a powerful part of military gameplay, and a greater number of participants will go a long way to increasing our military and diplomatic value abroad. When we participate in an operation that is crucial for our foreign policy, bringing a high tally of reserve forces is a must. We become more valuable, flexible, and influential by doing so.

Furthermore, our Active Duty soldiers are the best in the game at taking regions, but their work in holding our targets is incapacitated without the assistance of a robust and timely reserve squadron. The Reserve Squadron plays a crucial role in maintaining the success of the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) abroad. Assisting in delegacy transfers, participating in high-profile operations, and securing Europeian holds are several ways in which the Reserve Squadron betters our military power.

The only requirement is a WA Nation available to move when necessary. If being a member of the Reserve Squadron interests you, apply in the Office of Naval Recruitment: