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Anti-Pacific Coalition: Guide to Wartime Conduct

Comrades of the Anti-Pac Coalition:

In times of war, we must arm ourselves against false propaganda. We must brace ourselves against hostility. We must be prepared for assaults of all kinds. These are staples of war. Most of all, we must hold true to ourselves and our character.

However, we must also be conscientious to all. Though the New Pacific Order has committed great crimes against regional sovereignty and self-determination, as described here and here, we cannot allow ourselves to be dragged down to their level. The good people of The Pacific will be treated with respect, for they are not the aggressors here. Their own government has deceived them with lies, as they have done to the rest of the world. Truth and justice, not falsehoods and personal attacks, shall be our weapons in this war!

What is acceptable behavior when under attack by the NPO on the Regional Message Board:

1) Reporting to the Moderators if rulebreaking occurs (ban evasion, repeated spam, persistent harassment of people on the RMB).
2) Asking nations to stop disrupting conversations on the Regional Message Board, both our own and theirs.
3) Uplifting remarks aimed at our fellow APC comrades rather than mockery against those who spied on, invaded, and scorned our regions.
4) Above all, remember that players from UCRs and GCRs deserve to be treated with respect.

What is acceptable behavior in any chat room during war:

1) Lighthearted jokes.
2) Tasteful APC propaganda.
3) Commentary on what has been posted most recently in an attack on us, and expressing humor over it.
4) Restrained and respectful commentary on regions that have been affected by the New Pacific Order--all of them, even UCRs, not just the select GCRs that the NPO cozies up to.

What is not acceptable behavior when dealing with the Regional Message Board attacks:

1) Trolling and making a mockery of any region.
2) Treating the governments of any region with disrespect.
3) Quoting the spam in a malicious manner which can get you warned by the Moderators.
4) Disregard for your fellow NationStates players who have questions. Instead, direct them to an APC official if they want to know more about the situation.

Finally, this conduct guide applies to all APC agents! Contrary to popular belief, leaders of organizations have a responsibility to behave maturely, and should not be exempt from expectations for respect and etiquette!

Inspired by the fine work of Xoriet.