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Anti Fairy Pact

By joining the Anti Fairy Pact

  • You are anti fascist

  • You are now a member of the Anti Fairy Pact

  • You are a defender.

You can join in three ways

  • Join by going to the AFP Forums and start a new topic about joining. Application Template is Linkhere.

  • Telegramming me

  • Posting this dispatch on your OWN region if you're the founder or an RO officer

This might not be updated, for the full updated list look here
LinkMembers of the Anti Fairy Pact

Current members

Former members:

  • Elsund

  • The seven gates of salem

  • Planet lucia

  • Tiyana

  • Yhinda

  • Shire dwellers

  • Copper-black cross

  • Staregger

  • Mushunito

  • Anderlusia

  • Aarothiaa

  • League of skeptics

  • Vigo ii

  • Dphq

  • Upper citerria

  • Francist

  • Vireia

  • New bagghar

  • Byni

  • Inner ovantis

  • Alps commune federation

  • The celtic dragon

  • Qanzlia

  • Who cares bro 4

  • The Yeetusa

  • Lavette