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Fight the New Pacific Order! Join us New Year's Eve and change NationStates!

New Year's Eve Jump

My fellow leaders and nations of the world, all within the sound of my voice,

The writing is on the wall: we are entering the beginning of what will likely be a long, drawn-out war against the New Pacific Order. For over a decade, the authoritarian regime has walled itself off in The Pacific, and has, from its mighty fortress, made indiscriminate war on all regions of the world. Neither user-created nor game-created regions have been spared their hand in their conquest for game-wide domination, and it is through their manipulation, lies and deceit that they have successfully set their would-be enemies against each other. From its inception to the current day, the New Pacific Order has made itself a threat to the sovereignty of all regions of the world.

A Determined Empire

The New Pacific Order declares itself an empire - and not in jest. Shortly after conquering their current home, they set their sights on The North Pacific, infiltrating its ranks and eventually capturing it. But, with the combined effort of many players, an extremely risky plan, and - frankly - a miracle, The North Pacific was spectacularly liberated from the clutches of the New Pacific Order. Indeed, if the attempt had failed, it could not have been tried a second time - and had the plan been leaked, the Order would have swept away all resistance. Imagine, for a second, what our history might have looked like if The North Pacific had not managed to free itself.

But The North Pacific is not the only region which the Order has attempted to conquer. Almost from the first moment it was called into existence by the words of the almighty admin, Lazarus has been in a fatal dance with influences from the Order. Just a few years ago, the Order was bold enough to enter Lazarus by force, unseat its previous government, and instate the New Lazarus Order. Again, it seems that Almighty Violet saw fit that Lazarus should remain free of the Order's grasp, and miraculously, through an accidental click, the New Lazarus Order was dissolved over night.

And again, within the past year, the Order made an attempt to subdue Lazarus. This time, it pulled the strings of government within Lazarus, inciting the Lazarus Civil war, nearly bringing an operative of the Order into power over the region. But as we have recently learned, good fortune, divine intervention, or the will of Violet miraculously thwarted their plans, as a personal conflict incited the now-current delegate to intervene and coup the region before the transfer of power took place.

World Division

But we cannot forever rely on unseen powers, luck, or the will of Max to keep our regions free from the influence of the Order. So long as they control the Pacific, they have a platform for recruitment, support, propaganda, and war. We must stand united against them, or else they will persist in their imperial ambitions.

With the ideology of Francoism the Order have openly declared the citizens of user created regions traitors and enemies of the game-created regions, stirring up enmity between the two groups where there initially was none. It appears the modus operandi of the Order through its entire existence is one of stirring up divisions among groups. Whether it be Francoism, or espionage, or public relations, the Order has made a concerted effort to keep others from uniting. Indeed, the greatest enemy of the Order is any order which exists outside itself.

As one who was personally involved in the Lazarus civil war, I saw firsthand how the Order could turn brothers into enemies, destroy communities, and exploit manufactured conflict for personal gain. Without them, Funkadelia would not have suspected his government was plotting a coup, nor would his government have thought he was intending to do away with the Celestial Union. But they fed the two parts of the government lies, split the region in half, and caused world powers to draw lines as they determined which side to support. When LWU took power as a result of these actions, the Emperor declared Lazarus a warzone and drummed up the supposed userite threat - all while knowing these events were caused by his operatives. Shockingly, we saw the world nearly rally behind the voice of the Emperor as he swore vengeance and justice for the cause of Feederites as his operative within the LWU nearly came to power over the region. Had this happened, the Order would have captured Lazarus - and the world would have cheered.

It is clear that the New Pacific Order will stop at nothing in its conquest for world domination. They will lie. They will manipulate. They will divide. They will invade. They will pretend to be an ally. And they will destroy entire communities for power and praise. We can no longer tolerate them sitting in their ivory tower from which they wage war on us. If the native population of the Pacific cannot rise up and form new leadership, we must set aside our differences, we must fight for our mutual sovereignty, and we must remove the threat of the New Pacific Order from its post of power and domination atop the Pacific!

The Start of a New Year

I call upon all the regions of the world, all the citizens of the world, to join together in toppling the Order in the Pacific from its high post. In particular I invite all willing parties to join me in sending the Order a clear message that we will not tolerate their continued abuse of our communities and regions.

On the Major update of New Year's Eve, we will gather together for a monumental event. We will assemble the largest updater force in the history of NationStates, and we will give the New Pacific Order the biggest wake-up call we can muster. Whether we take the region is irrelevant; this will be our symbol of defiance; this will be the shot heard around the world. We will show the world we are committed to whatever lengthy fight is necessary to put an end to tyranny.

I believe in miracles, and I believe 2019 will be different! We will not cease our war against the Order of the Pacific until there exists a government within the Pacific that respects sovereignty!

This is just the beginning! Join me on New Year's Eve to change the world! Praise be to Violet! May sovereignty abound in your nations and regions! And may the New Pacific Order meet its end to the rallying cry...

NPO Delenda EST!!!

Thank you, and please upvote!

The Republic of Galiantus III