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The Miniluv Messenger - The Same Old Pacific Order, Part 2: A Summary of Events So Far

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The Same Old Pacific Order, Part 2: A Summary of Events So Far

A remarkable deluge of leaks related to subversive activity has left the New Pacific Order reeling and may change the course of gameplay.

By Cormac Skollvaldr

FRANCOGRAD - A flood of leaks has exposed numerous subversive activities by the New Pacific Order (NPO) and NPO members, putting the highest officials of the NPO on their heels. This massive failure of the NPO's operational security followed The Black Hawks' recent intervention in the region St Abbaddon, a "protectorate" of the NPO, which, according to The Black Hawks and their allies, ultimately aimed to restore full native sovereignty over the region. Following that intervention, which failed due to the return of St Abbaddon Delegate Kitsco just minutes before the region would have updated, the NPO declared war against The Black Hawks. What followed, however, was an informational war against the NPO waged by individuals through leaks of the NPO's subversive activities. This breach of the NPO's operational security has exposed NPO efforts to conceal the identity of an individual blacklisted from most major gameplay regions, infiltration and subversion against fellow GCRs by high level or formerly high level NPO members, and a coordinated NPO subversion operation against the Celestial Union of Lazarus that included Emperor Aleisyr himself.

First came the revelation that Emperor Aleisyr, Consul Pergamon, and Senator Feux, as well as NPO member A mean old man (AMOM), knew that King Bradley was an alternate persona of the blacklisted individual Saint Block. It has been revealed that the NPO became aware of Saint Block's identity approximately one month before his identity was independently discovered and exposed via an off-site administrative investigation without the NPO's assistance. The NPO nonetheless concealed Saint Block's identity, and instead sought to use Saint Block's alternate persona as an intelligence asset. Even after he was exposed, Feux and AMOM attempted to recruit Saint Block and his region, Amestris, to support NPO efforts against The Black Hawks in St Abbaddon. Remarkably, this effort by the NPO to conceal Saint Block's alternate persona and to use him as an intelligence and military asset was exposed by Saint Block himself.

Next came revelations, again exposed by Saint Block, that Feux and AMOM had infiltrated Lazarus, Osiris, and the Rahl family under the alternate personas known as Adytus and Wrektopia. They were aided in this infiltration by Stujenske ("Kowassati"), who once again briefly became Delegate of Lazarus, and a personal friend of AMOM ("Weast Jurmany"). During this prolonged infiltration, Feux and his associates were placed in positions of extraordinary power and access in both Lazarus and Osiris, as well as being trusted by the Rahl family, which has included prominent members of Osiris, the West Pacific, and The East Pacific, among other regions. Since being exposed, AMOM has subsequently boasted that at one point the infiltrators were the only Guardians of Osiris, responsible for assisting the Pharaoh in overseeing gameside regional security. While infiltrating Osiris, Feux, acting as Adytus, engaged in a conversation with Neo Kervoskia about subversion against the South Pacific that would later reach the South Pacific and poison relations between the two regions.

Later, in Lazarus, Feux, having already made a name for himself there for quite some time as Adytus, attempted to seize the Delegacy during the "LazAnarchy" phase after the Wolfist Lazarus regime fell. Feux's attempt to seize Lazarus' Delegacy as Adytus was being undertaken even while the NPO was supposedly cooperating with the peacekeeping effort to support Imkiville help her establish a Council of Natives to govern the region through the constitutional convention. Although the NPO denies knowing of Feux's alternate persona until April of 2018, it has been revealed that by the time peacekeeping planning was underway, the NPO was aware of Feux's identity as Adytus. The NPO nonetheless declined to reveal Feux's alternate persona to Imki or the other peacekeepers even while he continued his attempt to take the Delegacy of Lazarus. Feux was even briefly on the peacekeeping server under his main persona, and was considered for a position on the Council of Natives, without the NPO ever disclosing his Adytus persona.

The NPO's denial of knowledge in regard to the alternate personas of their members has been undermined by new revelations of Task Force Lazarus, an NPO effort to manipulate and subvert the Celestial Union of Lazarus in 2017. That effort was led by Consul Pergamon, with the oversight of Emperor Aleisyr himself and, later, former Emperor Pierconium. Task Force Lazarus was revealed by dozens of pages worth of logs exclusively obtained by The Miniluv Messenger from an anonymous third party. The revelation of Task Force Lazarus contradicts an official statement made by the NPO, in which the NPO asserts that individuals within the NPO were responsible for subversive activities in Lazarus without the official approval of the NPO. This contradiction calls into question the current denials that the NPO was aware of its members' alternate personas, as well as past attempts to invoke plausible deniability to excuse the transgressions of high level NPO officials who were said to be acting as individuals.

Following the St Abbaddon conflict and the revelation of these leaks, the NPO finds itself at war with The Black Hawks, the Republic of Europeia, and Hartfelden, and finds itself on the brink of potential war with the Osiris Fraternal Order. It's impossible to predict at the time of this writing how the revelation of Task Force Lazarus may further impact this already volatile interregional conflict. The Miniluv Messenger will endeavor to bring you more as this combustible situation unfolds.