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The Miniluv Messenger - The Same Old Pacific Order, Part 1: Task Force Lazarus Exposed

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The Same Old Pacific Order, Part 1: Task Force Lazarus Exposed

Newly uncovered logs prove subversion against the Celestial Union of Lazarus was coordinated at the highest levels of the New Pacific Order.

By Cormac Skollvaldr

FRANCOGRAD - Discord logs exclusively obtained by the Miniluv Messenger show that a campaign of manipulation and subversion against the Celestial Union of Lazarus was approved and coordinated at the highest levels of the New Pacific Order (NPO). This new information contradicts an official statement by the NPO at the time, which had offered up Consul Pergamon and then-NPO foreign affairs official United Arkadia as scapegoats with a rogue agenda that was not approved by the NPO. These logs paint a far different picture, revealing the existence of an organized group called Task Force Lazarus, which aimed to internally manipulate and subvert the Celestial Union of Lazarus. Task Force Lazarus was created on June 27, 2017 by Consul Pergamon, and continued through then-Lazarene Delegate Funkaelia's establishment of the Undead Dominion of Lazarus. The task force eventually included among its participants former Emperor Pierconium, the author of the aforementioned statement, and Emperor Aleisyr himself, among other subordinate NPO officials. Numerous casual mentions are made of referencing posts in the Senate, highlighting the entire Senate's awareness of the task force. This new information casts doubt on current and previous attempts by the Emperor and Senate of the NPO to credibly invoke plausible deniability and distance the NPO's highest levels of leadership from actions undertaken by their subordinates.

Pergamon changed the channel name: Task Group Lazarus 06/27/2017
Pergamon: Everything concerning Lazarus goes in here now
Pergamon: I am sick of having 2 windows popping up simultaneously all the time now
Pergamon changed the channel name: Task Force Lazarus 06/27/2017

Pergamon added Aleisyr to the group.
Nakari: karenus there are other ways to do that with fenda tools ^_^
Nakari: hi hail pacifica comrade aleisyr(edited)
Ark: Hail o/(edited)
Karenus: Heya, Ale o/
Aleisyr: o/
Pergamon: Just because Ale is in here you do not need to remain silent. Go back to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Ark: So now we are digging in. Svez is heading the effort to get public opinion on our side via anti-LWU propaganda.
Ark: And as far as I know, no one outside of this chat is aware of just how involved the NPO is. Svez and I have been maintaining that we are there as individuals representing Lazarus, not the Pacific. Though, the resistance is generally in agreement that if Funk coups, they will ask for our military support.
Aleisyr: Is any of that propaganda complete?
Ark: I believe the first batch of articles are being edited and possibly released tonight. @Svezjacael would know more, though.
Aleisyr: @Svezjacael
Ark: We have a couple people working on recruiting voters, but as I said, that's an uphill battle. We also have a Guardian, Harmoneia, who as at least nominally on our side. If/when Funkadelia coups, she's pretty much our main line of defense.
Aleisyr: Alright.
Ark: Not going to lie, it's all a massive fustercluck.
Svezjacael: In, sorry. What's up?
Aleisyr: I think it would've worked better to be less openly involved in that thread.
Ark: Probably. I forgot that Sygian has a hate-on for me for no reason.
Aleisyr: Svez: any of that propagande complete yet?
Nakari: + cormac will look for any excuse, and now that there's engagement he won't stop.
Ark: Indeed.
Svezjacael: Mine's still being writ, but I can ask about the others.
Aleisyr: Check the Sanctum.
Svezjacael: o/
Ark: Update: We pissed off funk so much he unmasked me as an archbishop.
Ark: I consider this a win, ironically.(edited)
Aleisyr: Yay? lol
Ark: The plan is basically to be such a thorn in his side that he decides couping is the only remaining option.
Ark: So in that sense, it's a win :stuck_out_tongue:
Ark: We've gotten under his skin.
Aleisyr: Good.

Ark: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=418902&p=32168103#p32168103
Pergamon: Who is responsible for this?
Ark: That would be Ike.
Pergamon: Yeah, it was not written too well. His efforts are appreciated but we have to be more careful
Pergamon: and acting with more forethought
Pergamon: any post could f*** us at this rate
Pergamon: Ike is not connected to us however
Pergamon: but you are
Pergamon: ALL NPOers
Pergamon: should from now on
Pergamon: not post anymore
Pergamon: unless they have (not mine) but ALEISYRS consent
Ark: Understood

Pergamon added Moldavi to the group.
Ark: Because if they have the perception that we are a mutiny, instead of concerned natives, they won't help.
Pergamon: Upon suggestion from the Emperor I added Ivan Moldavi to this Task Force.
Aleisyr: Perhaps we should back off entirely and let them fight each other.
Pergamon: o/
Ark: Good.
Ark: @Aleisyr I've been keeping the NPO out of the discussions as much as possible. The only thing anyone really wants from us at this point is pilers if funk Coups.
Karenus: Any idea what are our allies in the GCR SA saying about Lazarus and/or our involvement on it?
Aleisyr: Displeased, presumably.
Ark: Well
Ark: Since our involvement is virtually unknown aside from Perg's forum posts
Ark: Our allies are probably just waiting to see this play out.

The logs of Task Force Lazarus show an effort by NPO operatives -- including United Arkadia, Svezjacael, and Karenus -- to internally manipulate and subvert the Celestial Union of Lazarus for the NPO's aims. This campaign of manipulation and subversion began with NPO operatives taking opposite sides of a disagreement over the XYZ Treaty, in an effort to goad Funkadelia and other Lazarenes who were also involved in Lone Wolves United to repeal that treaty. The goal was to provide the NPO with diplomatic ammunition against Funkadelia, Lamb Stone, and Evil Wolf, among others, whom they regarded as their enemies in Lazarus. According to Consul Pergamon, the aim was to bring defenders attached to the XYZ Treaty to their side, and to diplomatically isolate the Celestial Union of Lazarus headed by Funkadelia.

Over time, the subversion campaign grew bolder, attempting to coax Funkadelia into a coup d'etat against the Celestial Union by enlisting the support of various Lazarenes, as well as Nakari of the Grey Wardens. The task force discussed recruiting Roavin, former First Warden of the Grey Wardens and former Prime Minister of the South Pacific, to their cause. The logs reveal that Consul Pergamon took an extremely direct role in subversion of the Celestial Union, even writing at least one post by his operatives himself, and was keen to prevent Lazarus from shedding the defender alignment earlier imposed upon it by NPO operatives during the People's Republic of Lazarus era. Ultimately, Funkadelia was prodded into action, establishing the Undead Dominion of Lazarus, to which these NPO operatives and those they enlisted for support vigorously objected.

Svezjacael: I've already got the logs about XYZ Covered Ark.
Pergamon: If we are going to pull this off, then as the three nasty revolutionaries we are
Ark: Thanks Svez.
Pergamon: Neat.
Ark: Heh
Pergamon: Situation:
Pergamon: Svez got the job to annoy everyone about XYZ and really get them to their reserves with his questions and critizism
Pergamon: Ark got the job to Protect the treaty as long as possible, until they either kick him so they can proceed or they violate it. If they do both, we have $$$$$
Pergamon: Svez additionally provides me with ammo I can lateron use.
Pergamon: If Ark finds ammo during his job, he can provide it as well.
Pergamon: The Ammo will be required to stuff it up their butt lateron and to make Pergamon destroy their diplo and isolate the region if required.
Pergamon: I will start with diplomatic pressure, if they do not give up on their goals, I will start to smear campaign and isolate Lazarus slowly, during this time you will receive new jobs from me, regarding mobilization and the placements of gap closers we can absolutely trust.
Pergamon: The last stage, eventually is a war. If we can win beforehand, it is perfect.
Pergamon: A fight is not in our interest, keep this in mind, we are not preparing to fight. It is our last resort
Pergamon: and shows us that we 3 failed by any other means.
Pergamon: I hope this mission briefing is sufficient for now, if you have additional questions let me know.
Pergamon: You have absolute leeway during your assigned jobs right now, if I feel I require to step in, I will do however.
Ark: Acknowledged, Consul. We will not fail you. o/
Ark: (Does this count as my first Praetorian infiltration? :P)
Pergamon: (this s*** was long overdo if you ask me, you have been actually somewhat PG before)
Ark: Heh
Ark: Good to hear
Svezjacael: :P
Svezjacael: It already was

Pergamon: Any Replies to svez post?
Pergamon: The one he posted on my behalf
Pergamon: @Ark
Pergamon: This is important to know
Ark: Checking
Ark: Nope, no replies as of yet.
Pergamon: I thought so because they cannot reply to it without f***ing themselves
Pergamon: they just want to vote that s*** through
Pergamon: stir more opposition, you need to make people aware
Ark: Will do.
Pergamon: in doubt socialize more with native lazarenes to reconsider
Pergamon: LWU people are lost
Pergamon: You need to become a man of the people there
Ark: o>
Pergamon: And keep in mind, you can be as forward against LWU as you want
Pergamon: If they kick you
Pergamon: we have $$$$
Ark: Heh
Pergamon: Your duty is to protect this treaty
Pergamon: if you make the treaty bend to the LWU free ticket to raiding
Pergamon: we lost a significant battle there too
Pergamon: Because I will tell you what happens if this s*** passes completely now:
Pergamon: Laz will join the Imperialist Indie Sphere, possibly even gaining better ties with TWP, which are rather more allies of interests than friends of us.
Pergamon: Laz army will be consistent of LWU raiders and raider orgs that LWU is familiar with
Pergamon: they will promote this "fake" rise in activity
Pergamon: to convice the people that their choice was right
Pergamon: You will then see Laz being part of multiple occupations and tags to the benefit of various raider orgs LWU wants to increase relations with.
Pergamon: Also Laz as part of LWU's own raids.
Pergamon: Lazarus as raiderist bitch
Ark: Mhm.
Pergamon: I do not wish to see Lazarus as part of a Raider Update.
Ark: Likewise.

Pergamon: I will try to assemble an invasion force in the meantime. Just in case. Also the region itself needs to be prepared
Pergamon: we need a bunch of active people tarting up in laz, like there is no tomorrow
Pergamon: they MUST be ultimately loyal to the NPO
Ark: I'm doing what I can to gather like-minded allies here.
Pergamon: If ARK does the FA
Pergamon: Svez can help me internally to find Tart-Agents that could become "siege towers"
Pergamon: "Siege Tower": Tarted up Agent, to have a gap closer to reach the Delegacy ingame
Ark: Perhaps I should apply to be in a position with a high endo cap. Vice Del or Guardian
Pergamon: That would be of benefit.
Pergamon: But I doubt LWU will let you.
Pergamon: Unless Funk and LWU really trust you
Pergamon: If you would become like me Ark, and you pull the backstab of the userites, then I will do my best than you do not witness defeat as I did under Feux.
Ark: They don't think I'm malevolent, at least.
Pergamon: Hahahahaha. They didn't learn anything and they never will, we always trick them again
Pergamon: just like Cormac said.
Ark: :stuck_out_tongue:
Pergamon: We will never co-exist with the Userite.
Pergamon: Us or them.
Pergamon: Always.
Pergamon: Our fight, is the more interesting than R/D IMO :stuck_out_tongue:
Ark: It's funny how correct he is sometimes. Despite making himself look like a nutjob :stuck_out_tongue:
Pergamon: F/U - is better than R/D
Ark: ^
Pergamon: And F/U is also a hidden message to all Userites trying to impose their s*** on us natives :wink:
Pergamon: Can you see it?
Ark: :^)

Pergamon: Keep questioning any step they do. Be their greatest critiziser.
Ark: Will do. I would like to credit Amerion too, for the record. He's been working hard at helping people see te truth without kicking The LWU hornet nest.
Pergamon: Great job. Maybe work on slowly and subtilely dragging Amerion to the dark side of the force our spirit, merit and values.(edited)
Ark: Heh.
Ark: Will do. He's expressed interest in the Pacific in the past.
Pergamon: Altino (Rahl). Kawaii (TWP). Vapid/Gibraltarica (TBH).
Pergamon: ^^^^^^^
Pergamon: they go for the voting
Pergamon: I want you
Pergamon: to sham on cosmo
Pergamon: to be as hateful as possible towards the userite
Pergamon: I want you to push
Pergamon: to exclude ANYONE from voting
[Pergamon: with no residency of at least 6 MONTHS
Pergamon: __
Pergamon: Also
Pergamon: I need a report on how the voting blocks currently look like
Pergamon added Nakari to the group.
Pergamon: We have temporary support.
Pergamon: There is no need to worry. I might have worked or not worked with Nakari in the past. We can except full professionality and discretion.
Pergamon: Thank you for your time.
Pergamon: Oh one more thing: Her dealings in here should never see daylight. I will punish anyone leaking so gravely that he will never have any place in the NPO again.

Pergamon: ___
Pergamon: Any Updates?
Ark: Sorry, was AFK for a while, I'll provide updates as soon as I have any.
Ark: I may be able to get the Defender of the Realm on our side (Vice Del)
Ark: The LWUserites are still flooding in to support funk, though. >_>
Pergamon: Who is the Vice Del at this moment?
Ark: Doperland.
Ark: He's about as Laz native as it gets. Doesn't even really know who the main players in GP are.

Ark: So funk is attempting for consolidate LWU power in Lazarus, and while we are slowing it down, we don't have the manpower or votes to halt it entirely. A group of people, myself included, has formed into a "Lazarus Underground" basically for the purpose of creating a voting bloc strong enough to refute LWU influence.
Ark: Funk and Lamb are getting all their allies to come in and get citizenship so that they will have a monopoly on the vote.
Ark: Tensions are starting to boil over into the public eye ever so slightly.
Svezjacael: Okay, and propaganda master can help how?
Ark: When Delegate elections come around, burn Funkadelia's reputation and credit to the ground.
Ark: In the meantime, any propaganda or rhetoric that undermines LWU members in laz is good.
Svezjacael: Alrighty.
Ark: Any suggestions, @Nakari?
Nakari: i'm currently helping with proving voter importation
Ark: Much appreciated.
Svezjacael: Well, we can't risk importing our own allies due to a conflict and such. But... I have a propaganda idea. Who has Funk imported?
Ark: Check the citizenship applications. I believe any TWP/LWU members are his imports.
Svezjacael: Alrighty.
Svezjacael: I'll be checking soon.
Ark: Imki refused to tell me why she voted to recall harmoneia, which is enough for me to believe she's in Funk's pocket.
Svezjacael: Haven't we already assumed Imki as a LWU supporter?
Ark: Yes, but I also have a personal rapport with her that I was hoping to press.
Ark: Didn't pan out, so she's definitely on the other side.
Svezjacael: Alrighty.
Svezjacael: Hmm... feed me more ideas.
Svezjacael: Everything you got.
Ark: As far as things to use as anti-Funk propaganda: Making Lazarus go "independent" (they are well aware of the stigma attached to the word "independent" in NS, as it usually just means closet raider), Lamb applying as a Guardian, at the same time as LWU members are attempting to recall the oldest defender guardian, Harmoneia.
Ark: The aforementioned voter importation
Svezjacael: Hmm..... any more? I'm thinking I'll need a lot to drum up on.
Ark: People I think may have been imported: Altino, Rigel, Vapid, Chron, Kawaii, but you should wait until Nakari has solid evidence to use that
Svezjacael: Alrighty. Waiting on you for a good thing then Nak.
Ark: Plus otherwise inactive members who are also LWU, like Imki, and formerly Lamb, being brought in to vote.
Svezjacael: Hm... troubling.
Svezjacael: But let's see.
Svezjacael: I have a lot of propaganda.
Ark: It's all troubling, Svez. :stuck_out_tongue:
Ark: We are meant to be the protectors of GCR Sovereignty, after all.(edited)
Svezjacael: Its golden propaganda though.
I will burn Lazarus's LWU friends to the ground, but nobody will know who gave me the match.
Ark: Good.
Ark: Anything you can do.
Ark: We are the Emperor's Fists here :stuck_out_tongue:

Ark: Thugs are really starting to boil over now. Public arguments, accusations of corruption. A line is being drawn between raiders and true Lazarenes. Hopefully we end up with the advantage.
Ark: There are two major opposition groups to Funkadelia right now, both are Laz native. I've set some things in motion, and now they are slowly combining forces. We've got several plans to destroy the LWU regime going on at once, so at least one of them will have to work.
Pergamon: perfect.
Pergamon: Keep provoking if Funk is going to coup and shows his true face we won
Pergamon: even if Amerion would win, chance is high that he would coup.
Ark: We are at the point where Funkadelia will be unable to escape this unharmed, even if things fall apart in the coming days.

Ark: So the most powerful WAs in Laz are:
Evil Wolf (Killer Kitty)
Lamb (Scum)(edited)
Ark: Harm and Wintermoot are solidly on the resistance side
Ark: Doperland can be counted as being on our side though he's less aggressively anti-funk
Ark: Oh, Amerion is a Guardian as well. He's obviously on our side.
Karenus: Cool. I saw he joined our Discord server.
Pergamon: I am talking to him right now.
Ark: He did, also asked me for Moldavi's discord.

Svezjacael: just woke up, sorry if I missed much, reading Senate room now
Karenus: Would we still be the heroes? Or filthy opportunists?
Ark: We'd need proof that they were going to coup
Ark: If that happened, Fendas might come in to support.
Ark: But realistically, anything The NPO does here is going to be viewed several different ways :stuck_out_tongue:(edited)
Karenus: Indeed
Nakari: defenderdom will be split. i think you'd be most likely to have support from tgw + spsf, rather than the older guard of defenders.
Karenus: That's what I'm thinking
Karenus: I think I could sell our fish to TSP
Svezjacael: I'd wager that'll depend on the way you want to sell it. I know Rovain, a Lazarene, is a prominent person in the Lib Serv. If it came down to mobilizing on Lazarus, we could easily work to push Rovain to get the other higher ups to "defend his own region" and just leave the fact that Pacifica is doing any movement out of it. We could appear as a 'contracted force' so our name isn't the tarnished one if people want to (and they will) throw s*** about it, but if all is successful we have worked from the shadows to further our aims, which is what Pacifica does best.
Pergamon: Roavin is no Lazarene, lol.
Pergamon: He is TSP native.
Svezjacael: He makes ties to Lazarus though, and with the right push I'm certain he would be able to see the way we're thinking.
Svezjacael: He's been one of the actively opposed to an independent Lazarus, so if I feed some of my propaganda out there, and we work on pushing him to see the 'value' in securing Lazarus from LWU, he'll work to ensure it has Defender support.
Nakari: the liberation server would have nothing to do with this unless funkedelia did actually coup. too many older anti-npo defenders there. you'd need to work on the most likely - tgw and spsf.
Nakari: i agree that roavin could be swayed, absolutely, and the large organisations tgw + spsf. with other older militaries, there is little chance of defender help unless funkadelia makes the first move
Karenus: So act first will have to be a last option kind of thing
Svezjacael: Yes, but pushing Funk to act should still be our end goal. If we can get Funk to transparently, or opaquely, redirect power to only him and his court, then we have our opening. As long as we can take the evidence where it needs to go, we can contact whoever we need and it'll be the nail in Funk's coffin.
Karenus: I agree
Karenus: But I'm sure he's aware of our general strategy
Karenus: Or make it, his current position
Karenus: So I'm just thinking of the alternatives
Svezjacael: Of course. But if we use the Lazarene Underground to make enough of a wound in Funk's side, and if they do start their own cross pile, we'll be able to make Funk start his actions.
Svezjacael: Cross pile, by the way, in a way of their 'solidarity' by endo tarting each other to signify their solidarity to region and governance. Not bringing in foreigners.
Ark: "But I'm sure he's aware of our general strategy"
Ark: If he were it wouldn't be working. :stuck_out_tongue:
Karenus: General, as opposed to the details
Karenus: Which is, forcing his hand
Svezjacael: Even if he's aware of it, it may be the Oracle of his own demise and he will find he has no way to avoid the inevitable.
Karenus: Or maybe I'm overestimating him, who knows :P
Ark: I don't think he's aware of how organized we are.
Svezjacael: That's the option I'm going with. In my mind, Funk thinks he has an internal problem, with only his own external help as a direct issue. He knows defenderdom is watching, and I think he knows TITO has a breath of air in Lazarene Affairs, but I don't think he suspects, at least yet, Pacifica is involved. But the more they use Ark's demotion from Archbishop, and the more the Convenor backs them, the more he may put pieces together.
Svezjacael: Hence why I've remained silent and try to say out of the talk.
Ark: That's why I told Ike that we need to move away from my martyrdom :stuck_out_tongue:
Svezjacael: Exactly. And why I've personally tried to move towards more subterfuge and secrecy. The more I act openly, the more I trace here. The more I act behind doors and say 'my positions, whatever they are, will not effect my duty to Lazarus as Convenor', the less string I leave on the ground.
Ark: Yeah. Though everyone is actually so caught up in their agenda I don't think they've stopped to consider that NPO is here for anything other than potential pilers.
Ark: Obviously Ivan's message hinted at more.
Svezjacael: That's true. As long as they don't know how long we've been here, we will succeed no matter what.
Ark: But right now the resistance does not have NPO in the front of its mind.
Ark: Is my point
Ark: And neither does funk
Svezjacael: And that's the way it should be. If Funk coups, we will see his delegacy burn to the ground like a true phoenix, but nobody will know who started the cycle of rebirth.
Ark: The only reason they even say a word about the Pacific is to attack me personally, tbh
Ark: Yes.
Aleisyr: We should've stayed out of that thread, :(
Ark: And we are at the point that Funk is no longer ruling with the consent of the governed. His reputation is permanently scarred regardless of what happens.
Ark: And yeah, you're not wrong there.
Ark: As you know, I take responsibility for any and all bad moves that have been made here.

The Task Force Lazarus logs also reveal the deep divide that already existed between the NPO and its allies in the GCR Sovereignty Accords -- Balder, Osiris, and the West Pacific. Consul Pergamon used quotation marks to describe those regions as "allies," implying they were not true allies, and made clear his belief that the GCR Sovereignty Accords were forcing the NPO to "side Invader." Emperor Aleisyr made clear that direct military intervention by the NPO in Lazarus would see the NPO expelled from the GCR Sovereignty Accords. The task force briefly discussed the costs and benefits of being expelled from the GCR Sovereignty Accords, noting that such could lead to improved relations with the South Pacific. Pergamon described the West Pacific as "rather more allies of interests than friends of us," and there are numerous occasions in the task force discussions in which prominent members of TWP and Osiris were lumped in with people referred to as "userites" and accused of vote stacking for Lone Wolves United in Lazarus.

Perhaps one of the most explosive revelations in these logs is the revelation of a coordinated NPO operation to infiltrate and spy on the Rahl family. The task force logs show that Karenus was retroactively assigned to infiltrate and spy on the Rahls, a family that Pergamon describes as the NPO's "prime rivals in the current state of the game." Although Karenus was at the time only present in the Rahl family server as a Rahl family friend, he was advised to "use Yuno or someone else" to get adopted in order to further infiltrate. Pergamon emphasized the importance of using an alternate persona not connected to the NPO if Karenus were to be adopted into the Rahl family, to avoid "the NPO being connected to Empire 2.0." At the time, the Rahl family included the Pharaoh of Osiris and the Delegate of the West Pacific, as well as many prominent members of those regions and The East Pacific. This espionage operation against the Rahl family and the Delegates of Osiris and the West Pacific adds further fuel to the fire brought on by recent revelations that Senator Feux and A mean old man (AMOM) infiltrated the Rahl family, as well as Osiris and Lazarus, under the pseudonyms Adytus and Wrektopia. The existence of the Karenus espionage operation against the Rahl family, clearly approved by Consul Pergamon, calls into question NPO denials regarding the Adytus and Wrektopia infiltrations, and makes clear the NPO's intense interest in infiltrating and spying on the Rahl family to indirectly spy on their then-allies in Osiris and the West Pacific.

Ark: Our allies are probably just waiting to see this play out.
Karenus: I don't know about that
Karenus: I'd think anyone with half a brain would have figured out we're at least watching it closely
Nakari: they may not know for sure you and svez are involved but i expect they're assuming you are
Karenus: Yup
Aleisyr: They sort of know.
Ark: I don't doubt that they will be displeased, if we intervene.
Karenus: I'd think people are at least assuming or considering the chance we'll act
Pergamon: Well it's about if we want to get Laz back on our side or let it just drift down into an LWU colony
Ark: They definitely know I'm involved. Since I've become a martyr for the group
Pergamon: Witch are filthy Userites
Aleisyr: I asked if they were involved. They'll know if we get involved. lol
Karenus: I certainly don't want LWU controlling Laz
Pergamon: Me neither!
Pergamon: They are Userite.
Pergamon: Our "allies" are fond of this only because of spherical gains.
Karenus: The question now is, is it worth it sacrificing what we achieved thus far? And how will it affect our relations?
Karenus: It's more about weighting the consequences than go or no
Ark: Depends.
Ark: If we pile with defenders this time around.
Ark: And we win
Aleisyr: The GCR SA would no longer include us.
Ark: We would get some positive feedback from TSP, though.
Pergamon: Sorry to say, but the GCR SA f***ing us hard and forcing us to side Invader.
Pergamon: And I told this the whole day.

Ark: Some people are suspecting Empire involvement here.
Svezjacael: If we keep the rift open in Lazarus like a wound, it will infect and he must either amputate or fall to disease. We will either rot Funk's (governing) body, or make him server enough to be made the biggest fool in NS.
Pergamon: cut it
Ark: Now obviously, we know it's not us
Pergamon: the Empire is dead.
Karenus: Oh actually
Ark: And kare can tell why it's not dead.
Karenus: The Rahl family chat has been talking about it
Pergamon: @Svezjacael you and ark have been doing a great job provoking them, keep going.
Karenus: Mostly calling Ike and Unibot idiots
Ark: It may not be "Empire" but it's sure as s*** playing a similar role.
Pergamon: @Karenus are you spying Rahl?
Svezjacael: Will do.
Karenus: Kind of
Pergamon: GREAT job
Pergamon: they are one of our prime rivals in the current state of the game
Karenus: Started as vague interest
Ark: I was talking to Kate about it earlier
Ark: *Kare
Ark: Figured now was the best time to bring it up :stuck_out_tongue:
Karenus: I'm family friend for now. Have been for a while
Pergamon: however it is to be noted that the "Empire" is dead, only it's prime players are becoming more active again, interestingly enough, they can be found in RAHL.
Karenus: Sorry I didn't mention before
Pergamon: You should have had.
Karenus: I didn't think much of it at first
Ark: Can't change the past, gotta look toward the opportunities that this opens.
Karenus: But they're involved in a lot of conspiracies.
Pergamon: You are a great soldier Kare but an absolute gameplay dyslexicist(edited)
Pergamon: lol
Karenus: At least that's what I suspect
Ark: They are.
Ark: I'm pretty damn sure of it now.
Pergamon: Yes they are.
Pergamon: lol.
Ark: Kare, if you can use Yuno or someone else to get into Rahl, we would have an upper hand here.
Pergamon: Just spy Rahl
Pergamon: no massive involvement
Pergamon: it would cause too much of a mess
Karenus: My best shot was Dali, but he's not an option anymore
Pergamon: What happened?
Ark: Dali retired from Rahl.
Karenus: Dali retired
Pergamon: Interesting
Pergamon: Thank you for this update.
Ark: Retirement basically means you don't get in on the good stuff anymore
Karenus: He's probably not in the loop anymore. Neenee is making sure of it
Karenus: Also
Pergamon: Dude I thought you were LoA
Karenus: There's a link with all members in Rahl
Pergamon: but you did your homework.
Pergamon: Ah?
Ark: I think being adopted would be a not bad thing, tbh
Karenus: A couple are unlisted
Ark: Ah yes
Karenus: Like, no mention of their in game nations
Ark: PM it to Perg privately though
Pergamon: Do not get adopted with your main Persona
Karenus: Will do when I get to my PC
Pergamon: I do not want the NPO being connected to the Empire 2.0
Ark: I can link it to him if you want.
Karenus: Sure
Pergamon: I hope you understand the merit of not being adopted as NPOer
Karenus: Ark, you can link the convo with Dali too
Ark: Will do
Pergamon: use a different persona for being adopted.
Pergamon: to spy
Karenus: Since we're coming clear, might as well show all the cards in the hand
Karenus: @Pergamon I can request they keep my name unlisted too
Karenus: If I do join
Ark: Indeed.
Karenus: It's an option

In the interest of full disclosure, The Miniluv Messenger notes that there was some discussion of the author of this article by Task Force Lazarus. A partial example of such conversation is included below.

Pergamon: Never underestimate Cormac.
Pergamon: The only advantage we have is that the world doesn't listen to him and thinks he is as f***ing bonkers like some prophet on a soapbox shouting: "THE END! THE END IS COMMING! I SAW IT!"(edited)
Ark: Lmao
Pergamon: Don't laugh.
Pergamon: NEVER underestimate
Pergamon: Cormac.
Pergamon: K?
Ark: I never underestimate anyone, tbh. Least of all a serial couper.
Pergamon: Sorry for being so stern in regards of Cormac
Pergamon: But rather be no fun and save
Pergamon: than sorry

The Miniluv Messenger takes no editorial position on the wisdom or lack thereof in underestimating the author of this article, but notes that the existence of this article and the exclusive release of these logs by The Miniluv Messenger serves as a fitting postscript to Consul Pergamon's warning to his operatives.

Please stay tuned for Part 2 in this Miniluv Messenger special feature, in which everything we have learned so far during this remarkable deluge of leaks related to the NPO will be summarized.