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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to The Leftist Assembly! We hope you enjoy your stay.

🔠 Acronyms

What are some useful acronyms I should get to know?

Here are some of the most common ones used in our region that you should get familiar with:

  • GA - General Assembly

  • GP - Gameplay

  • MGA - Member of the General Assembly

  • NS - NationStates

  • NSG - NS General (forum thread)

  • RMB - Regional Message Board

  • RP - Roleplay

  • SC - Security Council

  • TLA - The Leftist Assembly

  • WA - World Assembly

  • WFE - World Factbook Entry

💬 Communication

How can I join the regional Discord server?

You can join our Discord server Linkhere and then follow the instructions from our resident bot, Unity Machine, who will ask you to verify your nation.

I don't like Discord, can we use another chat service?

Most of us use Discord and we think it is a pretty great platform for our purposes. We have used it for years and have a full administration team and a customised bot, so it is unlikely that we’d change our chat service just to suit one nation. However, we may add another chat service in the future if there is sufficient widespread demand for it!

What’s the difference between the Discord server and the RMB?

We encourage you to use both platforms! However, we recommend that more general discussion happens on our Discord server, which has plenty of dedicated spaces for everything from gameplay and news to cats and nation roleplay. The RMB is typically used for more important matters like announcements, voting, or discussion of legislation, but it is still an open forum for you to participate how you wish.

📈 Gameplay

My economy is really bad, how can I improve it?

It is a well-known issue that left-wing nations tend to start out in NS with very poor economies. If you stick at it for a while, it should start to get better eventually! If you are really keen to get your nation exactly where you want it to be the fastest possible, you may want to check out the expected effects of each issue option Linkhere.

How do I get my population to grow faster?

Unfortunately, your population growth is outside of your control. After some time, your nation will grow by 5 to 7 million residents each day without doing anything, so the number is really more of a measurement of how long your nation has been around. Don't stress too much about it, and just enjoy the game! :)

How can I invade other nations?

Military gameplay was never an in-built feature of NS, but there has been an adaptation on a regional level that may interest you called raider/defence (R/D) gameplay. Read to your heart's content about it here!

How can I compare my nation to others in the region?

You can see how you rank in all World Census statistics here, or specific ones by clicking on whichever statistic interests you. We also run a fun regional ranking called the Comrade Index, which ranks nations based on an aggregate of a bunch of leftist statistics. If you are new, you might find yourself on the Young Comrade Index soon enough (follow the link inside the dispatch to find your ranking at any time!).

👩‍⚖️ Government

What is a regional government?

A regional government is not the same as a government that you might roleplay for your own nation. In TLA, we have a three-branch government system that is responsible for making the laws that govern how our region operates. For example, what other regions we build embassies with, the design of our regional flag, and what actions can get a nation banjected (ejected and banned).

How do elections work?

We have elections every three months to elect seven members of the General Assembly (the legislative branch) and the Secretary, which leads the Cabinet (the executive branch). Following the election, the Secretary will propose their Cabinet and the new Supreme Court (the judicial branch), where each nominee goes to a confirmation vote of the region. If your nation in TLA is a WA member, you are automatically eligible to vote in elections!

What does each government branch do?

The Cabinet, led by the Secretary, is responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the region, with Ministers responsible for foreign affairs (ambassadors and embassies) and recruitment (attracting new nations to the region), for example.

The General Assembly, led by the Speaker, makes and amends laws that govern the region. You should read our Constitution and Code of Laws to learn more!

The Supreme Court, consisting of three Justices, interprets the regional law where there are any disputes between nations and hands down legal rulings where there is ambiguity. Historically, the Supreme Court is the least busy branch of government!

How can I get involved in government?

There are plenty of ways to get involved in government, depending on your interests. Of course, you can run for Secretary or the General Assembly at our quarterly elections, but if you don't want that level of commitment, you can always volunteer to be an ambassador to one of our embassies (contact the Minister of Foreign Affairs as listed in the WFE) or write laws for an MGA to consider sponsoring (check out our Law Writing Guide).

🤝 World Assembly

What is the WA?

The WA is an in-built game feature akin to the real-world United Nations. It has two chambers - the General Assembly (not to be confused with our regional legislative branch) and the Security Council - each dealing with resolutions as presented by members.

For the General Assembly, this is international law that WA members are roleplay-bound to follow.

For the Security Council, this includes commending or condemning a region or nation for certain actions, as well as 'liberating' particular regions, which stop them from applying password protections.

Should I join the WA?

We highly recommend that you do! However, make sure you only have one nation in the WA at any one time, or you could get banned from being a member. Apart from being able to vote on WA resolutions, it also allows you to get involved in our fantastic Revolutionary Support Exchange (RoSE) program, boosting our collective influence in the game!

How can I join and participate in the WA?

It's great to see you are so keen! The RoSE program has some super easy-to-follow instructions on how to do both of these. Learn how to join the WA, and follow through to the next page to learn how you can exchange endorsements, including endorsing our Secretary to boost our collective vote on WA resolutions.

I want to join, but won't it restrict my issue options?

Not at all! General Assembly resolutions are only for international roleplay and have virtually no impact on your options or statistics. By joining, you can contribute to a more progressive, leftist voice in the World Assembly that pushes values of equality, solidarity, and fairness!

Can't find your question? Ask us on the RMB or the Discord server!