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(outdated)Overview of the Duchy of Talouse


The Duchy of Talouse is in a dangerous situation, to the south, the ponies formed a treacherous nation, turning against their overlords, to the north, a rising Griffonian Empire defeated the Kings of Aquileia and Wingbardy, annexing the former and pillaging the later, before returning to their lands.

On one side of the spectrum, the nation is prospering, the military is among the strongest in the world despite the nation's size, and the economy is beyond formidable, thanks to the rule of Duchess Lionne and the pact of non-aggression that she signed with the Imperator of Griffenheim.

On the other side, civil rights and political freedom are declining, to ensure the good of the state, the nation is embroiled in a crisis and the Duchess in Talononte is preparing plans to ensure the survival of Talouse, no matter the price.

The army of Talouse (Talousian Armed Forces) are among the best in the world, well-trained, well-disciplined and more, they are a force to be reckoned with, and one of the reasons why it still stands today as a united, centralized duchy, and not simply a region under the Griffonian Claw.

The griffons of the Talousian Armed Forces are equipped with the latest musket technology, wearing black outfits, with golden trims on the edges, several leather pouches on the chest coming from the right shoulder, officers also wear black shakos on their heads.

The army is composed of over 80.000 griffons.

The navy of Talouse is relatively small, but effective enough to protect convoys from pirates and rogue ships, the government is currently working to increase spending on the navy, to combat New Mareland and force them to remove fees on trade.

The navy is composed of:
* 13 Frigates
* 22 Great Frigates
* 8 Ships of the Line