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(Outdated) Rules of Equestria at War

Roleplaying, as far as it goes on NationStates, is pretty simple, though there are things noteworthy:

* There would be two RP mods at a time, and it shall be randomly swapped to two other nations every week, depending on their activity.
* No Godmod, as it is unfair, for obvious reasons.
* All actions must be roleplayed, or atleast implied on a post on the region's message board.
* Map claims are roleplayed, if you want to annex unclaimed areas, you must RP it so it shows you establishing hegemony over it.
* Wars and battles between players must be determined by RP mods, which shall look into the preparations and battleplans prepared by the players.
* There are NPC nations on the map, which shall be controlled temporarily by some RP mods, to establish actions and make the world much more active.
* There will be more NPC nations added on the map later.
* You are NOT allowed to roleplay massively and actively against another player from a different timezone when he is offline, you must gove him a chance to
strike back.

This is an alternate past/universe of the official EaW mod, so things may not happen as it may have done in the mod.

* You are allowed to establish any lore for your nation, as long as it does not literally breach through the limits, basically, no overpowered stuff.