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Maalemzyan Railway System

Maalemzya mainly uses electrified railways.
Track Gauge: 1,435 mm (Standard)
Total length of railway network: 8,192 km
Fastest speed on railway network: 441 km/h
Coupler(s) regularly used: Scharfenberg coupler (automatic)
Main railway company(ies): MHVS (MaalemisëHyerVolkugSosyetat)
First railway's opening date: September 9th, 2017
Amount of freight carried last year: 1.23 million tonnes
Amount of passengers carried last year: 94 million
System of railway electrification used: 3 kV DC, 25 kV AC 50 Hz overhead line
Structure of the fare system: Primarily based on service classes and distance
Different types of trains:
- KabrisVeliyTren (KVT): connect major cities together
- PeriCitiyKomutor (PCK): connect a major city to its suburban
- FiyisCitiyMetro (FCM): underground/overground service in metropolitan city
- Tramuntana: Tram service in city

Number of accidents happened on Maalemzya's railways: 0
Some pictures of Maalemzya's railway trains below: