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Flags of Zukchiva

Some of my Flags- Past and Present

Mock-up of the Original Flag of Zukchiva- No symbolism, just made to improve default flag. Six stars represent the six states, the circle is the central government, yellow is the unity, red the bloodshed comitted to reach where the states are today, and black the darkness of Zukchiva's past.

Canon flag of Zukchiva- made after someone on the Fourm 7 Flag Critisism Thread was nice enough to refix it up. Symbolism same as original flag, besides the removal of black. Colors are darkened.

Militarized Flag of Zukchiva- made when Zukchiva found it had faded from world politics, and decided to try and get stronger and become influential. The symbolism is the same besides the fist, which represents power, military, and strength.

Former war flag of Zukchiva- made for war. Style of Imperial Japan to show the lengths Zukchiva would go to secure its goals. 12 rays represent the six states, colors the same symbolism as past flags.

Different variation of former war flag- to make circle more visible.

Current War Flag of Zukchiva- Originally made for Police Coup story arc that was voided, now made into new war flag. Black represents the darkness and apathy of Zukchiva in war.

Zukchivan skull flag- made as an attempt for a new flag of war. Originally made by Zukchiva, remastered by Dreamersistan

Remastered version of the most common and canon Zukchivan flag, made by a former TEPer designer. Now flag of Zukchiva's puppet storage.

Remastered version of basic flag, made by Verisnaut.

Original Zukchivan-Anime flag. 'cause anime is awesome.

Remastered version of Zukchivan-Anime flag. Just copied and pasted another version of Taiga.

9/11 flag as a tribute. Colors share same symbolism with canon flag as well as the stars. Twin towers stand as tribute to all 9/11 victims.

Flag used by Zukchiva during animal rebellion. Colors same as other flags, stars share same symbolism as basic flag, Zukchivan viking warrior represents the supremacy of humans over animals (ICily).

NPO-flag used during Fedele. With Kratos!

Regionalistic Flag of Zukchiva- Red stands for the bloodshed Zukchiva has been through to unite, yellow represents unity of TEP and Zukchivan states, black represents the darkness Zukchiva and the region of the East Pacific has been through, the lily represents purity, and the checkers represent how Zukchiva is situated in a region where every nation and person is different from the other.

Flag for TEP Evolved Zukchiva.

Decided to rick-roll people for a while lol. Unfortunately, only one frame of the gif loaded as the flag, but still worked out well.

TEP goose flag! yayayayyaya!

Flag with Rick in it :p

Zukchiva went invader

When TEP went Windows Defender! My flag for that event.

Assassins' creed: goose

My delegacy was great

Walking goose! Really liked this flag ^_^

tagia flag, v. 2!

Insert jingoism here