Civil Rights Lovefest

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Goodbye to my comrades.

Comrades who left NS.

Stratarin - Left NS all of the sudden, shared a joke with me two days before. I framed it on my wall in sadness, but was too happy laughing at the joke to be actually sad.

The communist commonwealth - Never really left NS, but did get refounded. However, he did leave NS in one place: my heart.

Sarkis - Moved to TNP and explained later why he did, will visit sometime <3. Home was a smoldering hole in the ground with some Sarkish words written in ash for some reason. Translator currently being located.

Free syllvin - Moved to TRR after threatening to destroy the foreign imperialists romping around Gondwana. His legacy lives on in roleplay.

Mystic forest - Moved to TRR then TNP. I stole all his magic books and became a wizard.

Wonder woman - Was found to be a super sekrit spy. Now off being awesome somewhere else. Hopefully, they get the bad guys.

Merlovich - Decided being part of an empire wasn't for him and left. Later realized drawing fictional maps was a better career, and returned.

Antarritah - Decided to stop posting years ago. Penguin found at the scene. They do come visit sometimes, but they haven't taken custody of the penguin yet.

Osterreich und Ungarn - I robbed his house when he wasn't looking. He couldn't keep playing without a home. He does come back sometimes to oust me, though.

Greater Felter - I have no idea why she left, but I made sure to steal all of her knives when she left to the real estate broker to sell her house. She comes back every once in a while, but I like knives. I'm not giving them back.

Virgolia - Just went inactive one day. May we forever remember the moment they thought a diplomatic incident occurred with XKI and were about to disown TEP as a result. May we forever forget his scary profile picture.

Philevile2 - An awesome person while they were here; now just being awesome somewhere else.

Comrades who left TEP.

Xoriet - Moved to TP, became someone important there. I painted her house with hearts. Then I stole everything. Including the doors.

Varanius - Began developing time distortion powers before he left. Has only gotten stronger since. Scientists baffled. Further research needed. At present, avoid contact to prevent immediate vaporization or rapid aging.

Queen Yuno - Moved to TRR, then began making more friends. I covered her house with pink fluff. Accidently mixed in some yellow. Now kicking ass in the North Pacific.

Comrades who tried to leave NS and failed.

Great algerstonia - Clone of the former Algerstonia. Tried to leave NS after memeposting.exe failed, but his computer short-circuited, so he had to stay until it was fixed.

Militarized algerstonia - Moved to TNP without a word, and never looked back. Forgot his Lamborgini, I stole it. Now a smoking husk.

Free Algerstonia - Third time's the charm. Also stole his new Lamborgini when he wasn't looking.

Shavara - Mysterious graffiti found on his house's walls, unable to find who did it. Some of it was unwashable, poor Shav.

Fellon - Got burned out from NS but then found out what coffee was. Has never left since then.

Vultuca - Got banned from everything, left NS. Then got banned from having a life, so they returned to NS and got unbanned from everything. But then got banned again and went to chillax in the North Pacific.

Kilkire - Said goodbye, will visit at some point hopefully. House found filled with Irish Beer, but he recently came back... to find a soiled house with beer marks on the wall. What fun.

Danelaw Scandinavia - Went off to find greener pastures, I presume. Or at least something Scandinavian. Seems NationStates is the greenest there is.

Guess and Check - I have tried to leave NationStates multiple times. All my attempts lead to failure. I am this close to disowning myself for such incompetency.

Libertanny - Was found by the FBI agent hiding in a Polish mountain. In a hut. Had disowned NS in order to become a 3d blender guru and maybe make a game. When that failed, he returned. The FBI is now searching TEP for a parrot.