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Official name: State of Viribus
Capital: Videri
Official language: English
Denonym: Viribian
Government form: executive dominance
Currency: Viribian dollar
Motto: "Per sęcula sęculorum"
Anthem: We, the Viribian People

The country is a member of the World Assembly since February 16 2017, and aims to have a market-based economy and a strong defense in military affairs, which takes in domestic operations in order to remove organized crime throughout the country. The culture of Viribus Videri is based on contemporaneous culture adjusted to current times, inheriting very little of its ancestors, because of the historical wealth of this nation being reduced by its age, being these the foundations of the national culture.

Viribus Videri, officially the State of Viribus Videri, or simply known as Viribus, possesses an effective control of 12 billion km² (4.6 billion sq mi) and a population of more than 8 billion. The sovereign state is subdivided into 10 states and one federal district, Videri.

There were several states that preceded Viribus as a current state, some of them geopolitically disappearing as a result of conflict and others contributing to found it. The first records mentioning Viribus as a nation were born as a result of the desire of forming a military led government by the current Special Military Forces and Armed Forces of Viribus Videri, which changed to a executive dominant form of government. These armed groups resulted as a dissolution of the first Pelkanese government and several protests, propiciating the rise of several groups claiming to be the legitimate leaders of the succeeding government or state, leading the international community to believe the now Viribian region was at this time of disputed sovereignity and a zone of conflict.

Viribus currently adopts a self-described-as executive dominant form of government, which translates into an elective dictatorship with the Viribian Parliament being the only legal legistative body with its powers limited to consultation only by the Administration, comprising the head of State and the secretaries of government, managing the national ministries.

The State of Viribus Videri