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Religion in Valentian Elysium

In Valentian Elysium, one is free to practice their own religion, whether that be in their religious sites or at home, without any fear of being prosecuted. Despite this, Valentian Elysium acknowledges that religions may be more influential, and may be, if placed in the wrong hands, used for dictatorship. For these reasons, Valentian Elysium has no official religion. This is not to say that Valentian Elysium may have some sort of connections to religion in the future. If desired by the public, voters may elect a religious party, such as the Christian Democratic Union of Valentian Elysium for the National Council and Parliament. In addition, if the Holy Emperor, whether on the advice of the Prime Minister or not, sees that a large number of people, for example through demonstrations or petitions, desire to have Valentian Elysium have a connection with religion, the Holy Emperor may call a referendum.