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Day of Salvation of Valentian Elysium // Holy Emperor Hugo the Conqueror

The Day of Salvation of Valentian Elysium is one of the most important holidays in the Valentian-Elysian calendar, involving Holy Emperor Hugo the Conqueror.
No one knows exactly what year the event took place, but they do know what took place.
It all took place long ago, in a gargantuan nation known as Darithia. The Supreme Emperor, Julius Mithras Hayes, ruled with an iron fist so hard, each winter brought along countless deaths and misery to the people, with the Supreme Emperor Julius not caring at all.
A young boy, known only by the name of Hugo, was unsatisfied with the current rule of Darithia, and so wished to change it. The only problem was, however, that the Supreme Emperor was incredibly secretive and rarely ever seen in public, if at all. In addition, there were as many guards surrounding the Ragnarok Palace as there were in the Darithian army. Some say that there were actually more than the army.
Hugo knew that it would be impossible to break the Ragnarok Palace's defence, if the Supreme Emperor was even there, and so he had to act smart. No neighbouring country was willing to overthrow the Supreme Emperor, let alone provide the army needed to overthrow the Supreme Emperor. And so, Hugo, without any notice, vanished into the forests of the east, not to be seen again for the foreseeable future. None of this was of any particular concern, elder children had a habit of vanishing in the forests, only to return several days later without anything dramatic happening to them. Yet, as Hugo's vanishment stretched out to weeks, months, and slowly years, the people who knew him started to worry about him.
With profound skill and swordsmanship, Hugo reappeared in the forests and started liberating Darithia. This date is still observed today, as the Marching of the Shades, on the 15th of August. Hugo started small, by liberating smaller villages and hamlets with what small handful of mercenaries he has presumably befriended along the way, or during his vanishment. Yet, as he slowly started taking on larger villages, people questioned how he could defeat a towns worth of well-trained soldiers. There are disputes as to how Hugo obtained his excellent swordsmanship, however tales do tell of a legendary sword, the Sword of Origin, wielded by Hugo. The sword was extremely powerful in the right hands, and could, as stories tell, make the wielder for, just a little while, gain invisibility.
Despite the Supreme Emperor Julius's power and reign of horror, he was not the most intelligent. Hamlet after hamlet, village after village, town by town, he gave away his land, as Hugo marched closer to the Ragnarok Palace. Eventually, on a date that is unconfirmed, Hugo stood outside of the Ragnarok Palace, knowing that the Supreme Emperor must be inside. But as he entered with the army he has built over his journey, rather than seeing the Supreme Emperor, he saw 3 pikes, with 3 heads on it. The first belonged to his mother, the second to his father, and the third to his sister.
Striken with grief and a longing for revenge, Hugo vanished once more without a trace. The Supreme Emperor was still alive, though his location, as always, was secluded in secrecy. With Hugo's Army now without a charismatic leader, they disbanded and settled in the vast regions of Darithia, which was now without a proper leader. This changed, however, 1 year after the storming of the Ragnarok Palace. On an unspecified date, Supreme Emperor Julius returned to the Ragnarok Palace, wielding what was assumed to be the head of Hugo. With absolute control and unquestioned authority, Ultimate High Emperor Julius regained control of Darithia, and ruled it with an iron fist like never before. With their hero gone, the people who long hoped for liberation were now subjugated, again, under the Ultimate High Emperor. Yet, the people held out for hope.
5 years later, caused by the Ultimate High Emperor's slopiness and disregard for safety, on the 8th of July, an enlightened Hugo reappeared before the Ragnarok Palace. The head that was shown 5 years before was revealed to be the head of a goat, molded into a shape resembling a human's. Knowing his time was near, the Ultimate High Emperor tried desperately to hold off Hugo. With the Sword of Origin by his side, Hugo defeated the Ultimate High Emperor, and along with him the tyranny that had prevailed until that day. Julius's body was promptly burnt in the city square at the time.
The people of Darithia rejoicing, they watched as on the 6th of December, Holy Emperor Hugo the Conqueror, was pronounced and coronated as the Holy Emperor of the newly established Valentian Elysium. The people, now not of Darithia, but of Valentian Elysium, celebrated, and quickly moved to create the 8th of July, as well as the 6th of December national holidays. As time passed, however, only the 8th of July remained a holiday, as more and more coronations would have brought the entire year into a holiday.
Valentian Elysium now resided over most parts of Darithia. Holy Emperor Hugo the Conqueror made a speech, and vowed to never again let war tear the country apart, and that he would rule with the gentlest hand, and with mercy to each and every Valento-Elysian. And for the rest of his life and reign, Holy Emperor Hugo the Conqueror ruled with mercy and greatfulness, happy to lend a hand to any person, whether it be from Valentian Elysium or not.

Some say that the Royal Family is descended from Holy Emperor Hugo the Conqueror