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Valentian Elysium Day

23rd June - Valentian Elysium Day
Valentian Elysium Day is celebrated across the nation each year on the 23rd of June.
The 23rd of June was chosen due to the legendary Holy Emperor Hugo the Conqueror having had his birthday on the 23rd of June.
During the day, all across Valentian Elysium people celebrate by going to parades and waving the flag of the nation. In the capital city, Holy Emperor Nino II the Good gives an annual speech to the people of Valentian Elysium from the Emperor's Palace, where he addresses the nation's issues and progress that has been accomplished throughout the year. Holy Empress Cynthia, Holy Prince Alfonse of Ystria and Holy Princess Regana of Istrol are beside him, waving at the people that had gathered for the Holy Emperor's speech. The Prime Minister also speaks to the people after the Holy Emperor has finished his speech.
When night falls, spectacular fireworks are displayed for all the people to see.