The Kingdom of
Iron Fist Consumerists

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The Kingdom of Urumpia is a country with rich politics. The country is ruled by Emperor Richard McGregor whose official title is the Emperor of the Kingdom of Urumpia. The Emperor has the complete power over the country and it's people. The Emperor is controlled by the Constitution. The Emperor can make laws only in accordance with the Constitution. The Constitution contains the bill of rights of its citizens and laws which should be followed by the Royal families. The people are required to obey the Emperor in all aspects of their lives. The kingdom also consists of the Supreme Court of Urumpia situated in the capital city of Montevideo. The supreme Court is administered by 10 judges whose duty is to review the laws and policies made by the Emperor and make sure that the laws and policies are in accordance with the Constitution of Urumpia. The people of Urumpia have the right to oppose the laws and policies only through a petition through the Supreme Court of Urumpia.