The Republic of
Left-wing Utopia

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Uroborosan Trivia

The national animal, the wolf, may be found freely roaming through the wilderness of our nation in its many variants (the snow wolf, the spotted forest wolf, the red plains wolf) and is also found in the many parks which wind through our cities. They are generally not hostile to humans unless provoked, and even wild wolves will enjoy a good belly rub. The lifespan of Uroborosan wolves is not known, and they continue to grow as they age, with the largest ever sighted measuring two metres at the shoulder, around the size of a horse.

Uroborosa gained a strong surfing culture in the 1980s along the coast, and now produces 1% of all surfboards in the world.

The native Uroborosan bumblebee is about the size of a human thumb and is not aggressive to humans, but extremely so to other pests like wasps, leading to the eradication of wasps in Uroborosa. It is illegal to import out of the country for fear of the damage it could do to other nations. Its honey tastes rich and sweet, and slightly spicy.

Uroborosans love sport, and as such the government ensures that there are courts and fields for all main-stream sports situated in each city in sufficient numbers.

Uroborosan myth holds that drawing a sword is an act which brings powerful luck, but which should only be done sparingly to avoid focusing the gaze of fate. Students are all given a sword upon high school graduation and draw them together in a ceremony, thought to give them luck in their futures.