The Confederacy of
Left-wing Utopia

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A Land of 10,000 Gods & Less Than 10,000 Zealots

The Confederacy is known throughout the NationStates world as one that is almost bereft of any religious signature. However, there are over 10,000 registered religious sects, covering a good portion of all the religions known to NS.

There are a host of Christians, Muslims, Ardians, Hindu, Iridi, adherents of Kelanen & Moghdom & even a spattering of Jews & a death worshipping Diodist or two. The total number of offical followers of any of the religions acknowledged in The Confederacy number in the hundreds of millions but considering the overall population, this still makes The Confederacy one of the most "Godforsaken" lands in NS, according to the WA.

That being said the relative populations of the 10 major religions of The Confederacy bear some consideration as they number over 100 million. These ratios are according to the population of The Confederacy as of 7877FC:

Roman Catholicism 32003251
Orthodox Catholicism 31351471
Hindu 31143631
Arda 25989494
Muslim 25432131
Kelanen 23989636
Moghdom 22199966
Paganism 11818223
Bargoni 11018921
Mothran 9009002