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>"It is not the Zorrisicans language or ethnicity by itself that defines The Maximilliat, it is the ideas within their head, their visions, their desires; Not just for a world where the vice of man has been extinguished and the only suffering that transpires is those that run head-first against the Maximilliat's Institutions, but of a world that is equal in all, where nationalism isn't just for the ethnostate, where strength guarantees peace." —Hernando C. Zaragoza, Father of Maximilliat Totalisocialism

>The Maximilliat's location on East Osea as of 2051

>The State known as simply "The Maximilliat" is a totalitarian-socialist dictatorship presided over by the 'Supreme Giracción Council of the Maximilliat' on the far-eastern edge of the East Osean subcontinent on North Osea. It is among the top in the world in terms of Authoritarian and despotic nature, with the Supreme Government and Supreme Giracción Council playing a part in almost everything in the native population's daily life with few true political and economic liberties as the nation bends the knee to whatever the Supreme Government desires. The Maximilliat's vision of a better world under Totalisocialism is one that can be achieved by its means and its means alone.

>Since the Revolution of 2018, the nation only delved deeper into absolutism, with the foundational principals that reside over the Maximilliat way of life of 'Conformity helps the Cause' and 'Dissent is sacrilegious' being abused to the highest degree. The Supreme Government has almost total control over its citizen's lives and wellbeing, from the job they've been chosen to work, the house they live in, to the food that they eat. But it doesn't stop there, the large and almost limitless funding of the Supreme Armed Forces of the Maximilliat is a mere tool for oppression outside of its creation-set goal of defense of the state; seemingly from itself. State surveillance on the population of irreligious 51.829(2050 Census) Million isn't a secret, with cameras in every building and every streetlight, and little remains hidden as people are encouraged to report other's misdeeds and crimes.

>The Nation's destituteness is reflected in its geography. The gulf stream brought northward by the emerald ocean pounds of mainland, turning soil into sand, with the resolute and expansive Gran Barrera desert encapsulating most of the country, the only temperate locations being placed near or along the coastline, where over 90% of the population resides. The harbor of everything Maximilliat, the Rojaguan Bay, is the locale of the Supreme Government and beacon of Totalisocialism with the capital of the nation, Rosatiago, being found in a northern gulf. A few rivers stretch inland from the Emerald Ocean, pocketing arable land and supplying the nation with just enough food and freshwater to bide by. It's peoples hardy nature caries forth with the inhospitable inland.

>The nation is split into 8 Absolute Directorates and 1 Special Absolute District that are absolute only in name. They have very little in terms of autonomy from the Supreme Government and are at the mercy of it. The Government is almost entirely incapsulated under the 'Supreme Giracción Council of the Maximilliat' and the Directories that function under it such as the Directory of Energy, Directory of Defense, and so on. The Supreme council consists of 8 people, voted upon by the top men and women of the Maximilliat National Totalisocialist Party (MNTP). All government positions are given out and approved upon by a majority of the Supreme Giracción Council. The Government has the available power to change anything in the nation at a whim, with rampant legislature-changes and the wiping of entire histories or peoples from the nation's strictly reviewed curriculum and 'online media'. What few news outlets exist within The Maximilliat are controlled by the government, with 'La voz del Pueblo' being the most popular.

>With The Maximilliat's unique nature and generally unilateralist policies, unconcerned with the rest of the world, The Maximilliat economy is in an odd place. Despite the nation's low abundance of resources, it has continued to persevere, importing a large selection of materials and goods from across Strangereal, whether that be agriculture or raw ore. The Maximilliat has a large technological development sector as well as a medium-sized arms manufacturing industry with constant innovation in both those fields. There are two things that the Maximilliat has is a crucial to keeping the nation afloat; sand and oil. Sand can be used to help make concrete, asphalt, glass, computer chips, paper, paint, plastics, while the offshore oil industry leads the way in the nation's GDP as well as oil fields in the interior in the Gran Barrera desert.