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Google translate sings: “We don’t talk about Bruno” by Disney.

So, how this is going to work is that I’m going to translate the lyrics to many different languages and translate it back into English.

We're not talking about Bruno, no, no! We're not talking about Bruno... but it was my wedding day, and it was ours. Get ready. Not the clouds in the sky. There are no clouds in the sky." Bruno smiled. Lightning! Also, are you talking or me? Sorry for your life, Bruno: "It seems to be raining" Why tell us my heart Were full of umbrellas House in the storm with umbrellas, goodbye... But we're not talking about Bruno, no, no, no! We're not talking about Bruno! She heard it! When she was young I was afraid Bruno would stutter or fall so I always heard him yell at me I associated it with the sound of sand falling yea it was a heavy burden because Ibrahim and his family always admire such humble dacha They say, 'When the mouse behind the 7m frame calls your name, everything turns black and dreams of you and weeps happily ( Hey!) I'm not talking about Bruno, no, no! ( We're not talking about Bruno , no, no!) We're not talking about Bruno (We're not talking about Bruno!) Say my fish will die Day 2: Death! Like he said... (No, No!) He said all my hair would fall out, now look at my hair (No, no! Hey!) Your fate will be sealed when your prophecies are read He said that the life of my dreams would be compromised and one day my life would grow my strength like a vine If Mariano had been on the road he said the man of my dreams would be out of reach Hang on to someone else How can I hear you now Sister, I don't want to be noisy (as it sounds) I want to hear your voice now Bruno...Yes Bruno...I wonder about Bruno...Give me the truth and the truth , Brunos has a friend) in the evening! 7 meter frame (my wedding, our wedding) the rat behind her (ready) when she calls her name (there's no clouds in the sky) the darkest (there's no clouds in the sky!) yeah she your dreams ( Bruno comes in with a grin-) Enjoy her screams (Thunder!) Are you talking about me or me? Please forgive my life. (Mariano's on the way) "It looks like it's going to rain," says Bruno (a mouse on a 7-foot tire). My heart was filled with water while I was doing all this. Here he got married in a storm! Don't talk to Bruno, no! (Why am I talking about Bruno?) Not to mention Bruno, not to mention Bruno!