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JSS Solidarity

The largest ship originally designed in Coldian, with 300km in length built with the best materials found in every part of the galaxy.

It is composed of 80,000 Antimatter laser batteries, 120,000 anti-projectile/small ship plasma/NeoKinetic turrets, 8,000 Antimatter cannons, 3,500 orbital bombardment plasma-Kinetic cannons, 50 main dark matter cannons, and 10 main Neon turrets. Hidden in the center of the ship lies a big laser, that in reality is at most more than 100,000 lasers joint together capable of destroying entire fleets in a blink of an eye, which makes it more effective against packs of fleets, since it uses a lot of power it recharges time varies from 7-8 hours to be at full strength.
Covered with 3 layers of a advanced and strong bouncing mineral to deflect the bullets to where they come from, of course it is also covered with 10 layers of ionium 2.0 armor which increases the ships reflective capabilities to a 85% (reflecting the shots to where they come from), it is covered with 6 layers of a very heavy and advanced antimatter and Electric shielding covering every part of the ship, and composed of 20 hangar bays that each can hold up to 5,000 fighters/bombers and with all of its weapons having auto-aiming and controlled by the AI of the ship, not only that but the AI can control the movement of the ship which is of course dependent on the leader's command (The AI is called Cooper) but needs help of the maintenance staff so the shop is as easy for a battle as possible, composed of 25,000 maintenance staff and crew (Since the guns and the movement of the ship is controlled by the AI there is no need for pilots to control them), there are 3,500 officers needed in management of the ship.
(Got rights of use from Coldian)