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The Socialist Republic of the Aveline Union (WIP)

The Socialist Republic of the Aveline Union

Motto: LreÔlar Ett Numetir (Union and Democracy)

Population: 642 Million

Capital: Caran LivnaŽth
Largest City: Orl LivnaŽth

Official Language: Neo-Avelinian
National Languages: Neo-Avelinian, Common

Demonym: Aveline

Government: Avelinian Government
President: Caranthir Tiyannis
State Secretary: Evania Stillette
Chief of Justice: Urgon Argolak

GDP (nominal): 4 Trillion Oros
GDP (nominal) per capita: 6000 Oros

The Socialist Republic of the Aveline Union is a federal one-party socialist state born during the Age of Brutality a time where the native peoples of Aveline were subjugated by the Vilgenthis Empire. It won its independence after defeating the New-Vilgen Imperial government in the Great Rebellions. It is currently home to 642 Million people and its size spans 20 Million Square Kilometers of land. Its mages accept two magic systems: Astral Magic and Surface Magic. Its population of elves, orcs, avians, cambions and humans lead by Ishka Terranova rebelled in the Great Rebellions of 1921 and successfully toppled the Dominion of New-Vilge in the 1943 Revolution. The position of President is its head of state. Its capital is located in the city of Caran LivnaŽth, formerly known in its colonial days as Vicovessa.

Since the Age of Prosperity, the Aveline Union boasts good universal education, universal healthcare, job and social security, full employment and high literacy among its citizens with little to no poverty. It also is a large contributor of foreign aid to third-world developing countries and is also a nuclear power with its own space station in orbit; the Unicorn IV. Its current President, Caranthir Tiyannis, leads the country in its efforts to combat the anomalies.

In spite of such strides, it is victim to monster attacks which beasts ranging from the size of horses all the way to skyscraper proportioned ones, particularly the Unholy War in 2009 and the Liberation of Basaltia in 1943. Dealing with these beasts is the task of the First Arcane Rearguard and to a lesser or equal extent, the Aveline Revolution's Defense.

The name came from the region's indigenous folklore of a ethereal woman named "Aveline" who sprouted trees and forests, her favorite grew hazelnuts. Aveline was chosen by the Triumvirate of the Revolution to name their rebellion, and eventually the brand new socialist state.

Population and Race

The Aveline lands are very and heavily racially diverse with the population being nearly even between most of the races. The most numerous are the elves (210.6 Million), followed by orcs (201.59 Million), humans (93.74 Million), avians (69.97 Million), cambions (32.74 Million), Furlings (18.61 Million) and others (14.24 Million). Before the Age of Brutality, it was only elves, orcs and avians that dominated the tribal lands. When the human Vilgen Imperials arrived the three other groups followed. Humans were the usually the members of the Vilgen Colonizers while the Cambions and other races were brought as trophies or beasts of entertainment.

In the present day, the Aveline Union since 1943 has desegregated and strongly pushed equal civil rights among its ethnic groups and to decrease ethnic tensions as much as possible.

Before the Age of Brutality, the Aveline Union had a diverse range of languages from the elves, orcs, humans avians there. After the arrival of the Demons, this language and its roots were obliterated and replaced with the common speech. After the 1943 Revolution, linguists sought to find missing pieces of the ancient languages and reonstruct it, resulting in Neo-Avelinian. Neo-Avelinian had been instituted as an official language next to common, however it has yet to formulate a vast lexicon.