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International Cooperation Treaty Of Thalassian nations (I.C.T.T.N) (Archived)

Deal 1- all citizens of the nations in the pact have free visa into nations of the pact.

Deal 2-all nations in the pact get free trade between the other members.

Deal 3-all nations in the pact have to protect the members in case of war so if one gets attacked then itís means attacking all the members.

Deal 4-all nations have open borders.

Deal 5-nations in the pact get economic aid.

Deal 6-for the benefit of all members nations can share technology.

Deal 7-all nations have equal power and can join and leave at will.

Nations in I.C.T.T.N- The 3nd German Republic,Coalandia,Maxilains,
Greater New Briton, Kalderisara, and Nitra-Silesia.