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The joint history of The 3rd German Republic and The Holy land of Germania (archived)

The year BCE 567 is the year when people say Germany began. A large polish empire called the rogue German tribes “Germanians” and could never invade because of the forests and mountains at the bottleneck to the area. 400 years later the Polish Empire collapsed and 2 very powerful tribal confederacies emerged. On was a non-religious nation while the other was a very traditional Lutheran one. These Nations warred for centuries and were called “The fighting Brothers”. A neighbor, the Grande of the French Imperium invaded. The tribes made peace and committed to guerrilla warfare to beat the Imperium. The two nations were then after five months of peace, thrown into a war with each other other The French Imperiums colonies and land. They came to a compromise in which The 3rd German Republic took Belgium and Alsace-Lorraine and The Holy Land of Germania took Holland. All of the other territories emerged into other unorganized nations.After 456 years of peace and prosperity the Colonial Age began. The 2 nations started colonizing territory. They became close allies. The the Renaissance began putting the nations against each other in the 100 years war. During this time colonies broke away to form separate nations. This war led to the victory of the 3rd German republic only leading to a revolution which freed the Holy Land of Germanians. After this the nations formed a great and powerful alliance which still lives to this day.

Credits to The 3rd German Republic for making the base of the history and The holy land of Germania for writing the history.